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This small volume is one of the number, that almost simultaneously appeared among the Dissenters in Great Britain during 1828 and 1829, pertaining to the subject of Revivals of Religion. Much interest has been excited there on the subject, and several of the most eminent clergymen, particularly among the Independents or Congregationalists, have earnestly examined, and written upon it. The Sermons of Mr. Wardlaw are peculiarly valuable, among the number, for their admirable and perspicuous arrangement of the truth, on the subjects of which they treat. The remarks on the Prayer of Faith, for instance, are the most lucid and satisfactory, without passing into extravagance on the one hand, or into indifference on the other, that we recollect to have met with. 0, that the members of all our churches would study them with earnest diligence.

There is a nearer approximation to what are called Revivals of Religion, in some of the Congregational churches in England, than is usually thought in this

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country, or even in Great Britain itself. They are not, however, found as the general characteristic of religious prosperity. The admission of two hundred members, by profession, in one year, to a single church, as at Manchester, would be thought a Revival in this country, yet it was not spoken of as such, in the religious circles in England.

To correct any impression of this kind, that might be erroneous, the American Editor has taken the liberty to insert a letter, in the conclusion, on the state of religion in the Independent churches in Wales. The letter is taken from a small volume by Rev. H. F. Burder, entitled Pastoral Discourses on Revivals of Religion, with Facts and Documents.

The Editor has also added two notes, which he thought might not be inappropriate to the matter of the sermons.

March 30th, 1830.

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