The autiobiography of Thomas Platter, tr. by the translator of Lavater's Original maxims [E.A. McCaul].


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Seite 6 - The Englishman's Greek Concordance of the New Testament : Being an Attempt at a Verbal Connexion between the Greek and the English Texts ; including a Concordance to the Proper Names, with Indexes, GreekEnglish and English-Greek. New Edition, with a new Index. Royal 8vo. price 42s. The Englishman's Hebrew and Chaldee Concordance...
Seite 11 - PAPAL POWER ; or, an Historical Essay on the Temporal Power of the Popes, the Abuse of their Spiritual Authority, and the Wars they have Declared against Sovereigns ; containing very Extraordinary Documents of the Roman Court, never before published. Translated from the French. 2 vols.
Seite 6 - An English and Hebrew Lexicon : to which is added a Selection of Proper Names occurring in Scripture and in the Rabbinical Writings.
Seite 106 - Old Paths;" or, a Comparison of the Principles and Doctrines of Modern Judaism with the Religion of Moses and the Prophets.
Seite 50 - For of real piety I understood, at that time, nothing ; all rested merely on outward ceremonies. When, however, Ulrich Zuinglius preached severely against it, my scruples increased more and more in course of time. Otherwise, I had prayed much, and fasted rather more than was agreeable to me ; had also my saints and patrons, to whom I prayed ; our Lady, the Virgin Mary, that she would be my intercessor with her Son ; St. Catherine, that I might become learned; St. Barbara, that I might not die without...
Seite 52 - That is not so, for they still celebrate mass there ; they have also pictures: why are they then heretics?' 'For this reason,' he replied, ' because they do not consider the Pope as the head of the Christian Church, and do not call upon the saints.' I went on, 'Why is the Pope the head of the Christian Church ?' He said, ' Therefore, because St. Peter was Pope at Rome, and has given the popedom there to his successors.
Seite 62 - They said that he was the rudest master on the whole length of the Rhine, on which account the rope-making journeymen did not like to be with him ; and I found a place open the sooner. When he first employed me, I could scarcely hang up the hemp, and twist it very little. Then the master shewed me his manners, began to fight and to curse, and said, ' Go stick out the eyes of the master that taught you ; and what shall I do with you ? you can do nothing yet.
Seite 106 - THIS is an epitome of moral duties for children, drawn up with considerable ability by the original author ; and the translation is calculated to do great credit to the daughter of a clergyman, who has translated it.
Seite 23 - I and my fellow fags ran off, and the feet of the goose hung out from under my little coat. The peasants came out of their houses with halberds, and followed us. When I now saw that I could not escape with the goose, I let it fall. Before the village I jumped aside into a thicket ; but my two comrades ran along the road and were overtaken by two peasants.
Seite 47 - ... little word in a whole comedy. He used often to deal with me until my shirt was wet with perspiration through fear, and my eyes grew dim ; and yet he never gave me a blow, except on one single occasion with the lefthand on my cheek. He also read lectures upon the Holy Scriptures, which were visited...

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