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" I have commenced a new business of jockey to the races. I was sent for to Mount Pleasant, by a gentleman of the Turf, to ride a race for the Silver Cup, as I am thought to be the best horseman here. I went there and was weighed, and was afterwards dressed... "
George Morland: His Life and Works - Seite 16
von George Charles Williamson - 1907 - 199 Seiten
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George Morland: A Biographical Essay

James Thomas Herbert Baily - 1906 - 139 Seiten
...and roughness of sporting life in the eighteenth century. " You must know," he wrote to Dawe, " that I have commenced a new business of jockey to the races....the cup, etc. Then the drums beat, and we started ; it was a four-mile heat, and the first three miles I could not keep the horse behind them, being...
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