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" ... Margate races, and was very near being killed : I rode for a gentleman and won the heat so completely, that when I came into the starting-post, the other horses were near half a mile behind me, upon which near four hundred sailors, smugglers, fishermen,... "
George Morland: His Life and Works - Seite 16
von George Charles Williamson - 1907 - 199 Seiten
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George Morland: His Life and Works

Sir Walter Gilbey, Edward William Dirom Cuming - 1907 - 289 Seiten
...near four hundred sailors, smugglers, fishermen, etc., set upon me with sticks, stones, waggoner's whips, fists, etc., and one man, an innkeeper here,...could not defend myself : the sounds I heard all where ; Kill him ! Strip him ! Throw him in the sea ! Cut off his large tail ! and a hundred other sentences...
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Stories of the English Artists from Vandyck to Turner, 1600-1851

1908 - 288 Seiten
...smugglers, fishermen, &c.," he says, "set upon me with sticks, stones, waggoners' whips, fists, &c., and one man, an innkeeper here, took me by the thigh and pulled me ofFthe horse. I could not defend myself. The sounds I heard all round were : ' Kill him ! ' ' Strip...
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