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1. The monthly numbers usually contain two Sermons.

II. Price One Dollar, in advance, (or on receiving the first number) annually. Four copies, or volumes, for Three Dollars, in advance.

III. Such as do not pay up arrearages, and give the Proprietor notice of a desire to discontinue taking the work, are responsible for payment while it is sent,--and on commencing a new volume are responsible for its twelve numbers.

New Subscribers may commence with any number they choose,'on advancing payment for a year.

Postmasters are authorized to forward payments to the Proprietor, at his risk; to them receipts will be returned, to be shown to Subscribers. No mode of conveyance is found more safe than the mail.

L Correspondents will be careful inļnaming the individuals to whom credit is to be given, and the Post Office and State to which the work is to be sent. Letlers may be directed, post-paid, to the Proprietor, DARIUS MEAD,

S Office of the National Preacher,

150 Nassuu-street, Nero-York.

CONTRIBUTORS. Upwards of sixty Clergymen, of five Christian denominations, and belonging to sixteen different States, most of whom are well known to the public as authors, have allowed the Editor to expect from them Sermons for this work; among whom are the following:

Rev. Drs. Richards and Halsey, of the Theological Seminary at Auburn ; Rev. Drs. Tucker and Beman, Troy; Rev. Dr. Sprague, Albany; Rev. Drs. Milnor, Matthews, Spring, M'Auley, Skinner, Brownlee, and De Witt, New-York City; Rev. Drs. Alexander and Miller, Professors in Princeton Theological Seminary; Rev. Professor M'Clelland, Rutgers College, NewJersey; Rev. Drs. Green, M'Dowell, Tyng, and Cuyler, Philadelphia; Rev. Dr. Bishop, President of Miami University, Ohio; Rev. Dr. Fitch, Yale College ; Rev. Professors Tyler and Nettleton, East Windsor Theological Seminary; Rev. Dr. Wayland, President of Brown University; Right Rev. Bp. Griswold, Salem, Mass.; Right Rev. Bp. M'Ilvaine, Ohio; Rev. Dr. Humphrey, President of Amherst College, Mass.; Rev. Dr. Beecher, President of Lane Seminary, Cincinnati; Rev. Professors Woods, Stuart, and Emerson, of Andover Theological Seminary; Rev. Dr. Fisk, President of the Wesleyan University, Middletown, Ct.; Rev. Daniel A. Clark, Bennington, Vt.; Rev. Dr. Bates, President of Middlebury College ; Rev. Dr. Matthews, Hanover Theological Seminary, Indiana; Rev. Dr. Baxter, Union Theological Seminary, Va.; Rev. Dr. Lord, President of Dartmouth College ; Rev. Ďr. Church, Pelham, N. H.; Rev. Dr. Leland, Columbia, S.C.; Rev. Dr. Coffin, Greenville, Tennessee ; Rev. Drs. Perkins and Hawes, Hartford, Conn. ; Rev. President Wheeler, Vermont University; Rev. Professor Howe, Columbia, S. C.; Rev. Dr. Chapin, President of Columbian College, D. C.; Rev. Dr. Nott, President of l'nion College.

Mother's MAGAZINE. This Monthly PeriODICAL has been published five years. The number to be issued in January, 1838, will be the first of Vol. 6th. The object of the publication is to promote the early physical, moral, and religious education of children, through the instrumentality of MATERNAL INFloENCE. Terms-One Dollar a year, in advance. New York, Dec. 13, 1837.

150 Nassar-stret, S. WHITTLESEY, Publisher,

Now York,

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