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3. When ministers are full of faith and the people are engaged in prayer, we may expect a divine efficacy to accompany the word.

· Ministers and people exert a mutual influence upon each other, for good or for evil. What if the apostle, in his visit to Rome, had turned aside to see the various objects of interest the city presented; what if he had associated with the gay, or engaged in political strife; how would the church, who had been praying for him, been humbled ; her energy would have heen paralyzed; or had he, coming in ardent hope of winning souls to Christ, found the church divided, or encumbered with worldly care, given to pleasure, or ambitious of worldly distinction, how would he have wept in secret places — his confidence had died away. The zeal and consistency of a minister encourage a church, while the sincerity and prayerfulness of a church greatly inspirit a pastor, arm him with courage. When a people expect a blessing, and are united in prayer, when they have a hearing ear, the preacher feels that he shall not labor in vain. But if the church is cold and formal; if meetings for prayer are neglected; if family worship is given up, and the children are left without instruction and are not restrained, sinners are confirmed in their errors, the word preached will not profit, and the minister, dejected and sad, returns to his closet to weep. It is doubtless true, the state of the minister and church decide the prospects of sinners — if they are formal, those without are hardened. But, brethren, notwithstanding all my discouragements, arising from myself and from others, relying upon divine grace, in some humble sense I can adopt the language of the apostle in the text — I have strong confidence that we shall yet see great things - this extensive field of death will yet be animated - this valley of vision yet be visited by the breath of the Almighty-I see it — Gird thy sword upon thy thigh, O most Mighty, and ride forth, prosperously because of truth and meekness, and let thy right hand teach thee terrible things. Let thine arrows be sharp in the heart of the King's enemics.

Conie Lord Jesus, in the power of grace, conquering and to conquer. Behold, the vision shall come, it shall not tarry; wait for it, in the attitude of prayer and activity.

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1. The monthly numbers usually contain two Sei mons. II. Price One Dollar, in advance, (or on receiving the first number) annually, Four copies, or volumes, for Three Dollars, in advance.

III. Such as do not pay up arrearages, and give the Proprietor notice of a desire to discontinue taking ihe work, are responsible for payment while it is sent,-and on commencing a new volume are responsible for its twelve numbers.

New Subscribers may commence with any number they choose, on advancing payment for a year. An elegant Portrait of President Day accompanies the January Number.

Postmasters are authorized to forward payments to the Proprietor, at his risk ; to them receipts will be returned, to be shown to Subscribers. No mode of conveyance is found more safe than the mail.

L Correspondents will be careful in naming the individuals to whom credit is lo be given, and the Post Office and State to which the work is to be sent. Letters may be directed, post-paid, to the Proprietor,

Office of the National Preacher, 150 Nassau-street, Nero-York.



The following persons will receive subscriptions for this publication, and will transmit to the publisher the names and payments of the subscribers. Agents are not expected to assume any responsibility in the distribution of the numbers. The National Preacher will, in all cases, be forwarded to subscribers by mail, unless special directions are given to the contrary. Albany, N. Y., G. J. LOOMIS.

New-Orleans, La. E. A. FOLLANSEE,
Albany, N. Y., E. H. Pease.

Charleston, S. C., D. W. HARRISON.
Pillsb gh, Pa. PATTERSON, INGRAM & Co. Richmond, Va.. YALE & WYATT.
Hartford, Conn. SPAULDING & STORRS, Newark, N. J. Eseck GRAVES.

Middlelowon, Conn. E. Hunt & Ca.
New Haven, Conn. A. H. MALTBY.

Cincinnati, Ohio, HENRY STARR. Bangor, Me. E. F. Duren.

Greenwich, Conn. ESBON HUSTED. Providence, R. I. IBAAC Wilcox.

Lyme, Conn. O. J. LAY. Salem, Mass. HENRY Whipple.

Greenfield, Mass. A. PHELPS. Newburyport, Mass. CHARLES WIPPLE, Boston, Mass. WEERS, JORDAN & Co. Portland, Me. WILLIAM HYDE.

Ulica, N. Y., E. VERNON, Amherst College, ROBERT T. Conant. Rochester, N. Y. Louis Chapis. Sag Harbor, L. I., 0. O. WICKHAM.

Baltimore, Md. J. J. HARROD. Philadelphia, Pa. A. Flint, 13 North Seventh- Norwich City, Conn. SAMUEL C. STARR. street.

Detroit, Mich. ALEXANDER M'FARREN. Troy, N. Y. ROBERT Wasson.

Moorfield, Va. Pailie W. Peck. Springfield, Mass. G.& C. MERRIAM.

Individuals not named in the above list, who have voluntarily acted as Agents 10 procure subscribers in their immediate neighborhoods, are respectfully requested to continue their agency as their convenience may permit.

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