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and our responsibility upon us. We have the very scheme of mercy which the world needs, and without which the world must perish. And this dearest gift of heaven was put into our hands, not that we should imprison or chain it, but that we should, to the very last stretch of our power, give to it “the wings of the morning,” and bid it fly to the uttermost parts of the earth. The wants of our dying world, the nature of the Gospel, the command of heaven, the principle of benevolence, the pledge of success, the seal of God upon all past efforts, and the cheering aspect of this heaven-born enterprise of missions, all—all urge us to stand up like men upon whom the vows of God rest, to whom the eyes of perishing millions are directed, and whose hearts have taken hold on the interests of eternity, and then do as Christ and conscience would have us. God has opened wide the door of the world before us. The unevangelized millions of the earth feel, at this moment, more deeply than they ever felt

, their need of the Gospel and its attending institutions, and its consequent moral, literary, social, and political blessings. And can we go back, or even stand still, when we contemplate what God has already permitted us to do, or has kindly done by us, in the work of making the world what he would have it? Let the American Board and American christians look at things as they are—at their eighty missionary stations, which appear as so many cultivated spots scattered here and there through the deep and dense wilderness of paganism--at their 478 foreign and native Jaborers, whose toils have already beautified these gardens of God -at their 10,810 reclaimed wanderers who have taken shelter in the bosom of the church the last year—at their 24 boarding-schools, with their 807 pupils—at their 415 free-schools, with their 21,606 little inmates praying for instruction,-and then ask, shall this work cease? Shall another midnight succeed this dawning day? This is the time and this the place to settle this question. Oh, let us lift our streaming eyes and bleeding hearts to heaven, and, with a simple reliance on God, say this work must not ccase.

We, my christian friends, are engaged in an enterprise that honors God and blesses men; an enterprise in which the angels might wish to bear even an humble part—the progress of which is intensely engaged upon by all the good on earth and all the perfected in glory, and the completion of which will fill the world with songs of blessedness, and heaven with shouts of endless triumph.

May God inspire us for this work, and take the glory to himself: AMEN AND AMEN.


Subscribers are reminded that payment for the present Volume was due on the receipt of the January Number. Our books show a large number who are in arrears two or three years. It would greatly accommodate us, if such persons would remit the amount as soon as possible.

In order to facilitate the transmission of money for the NationAL PREACHER, we publish the following notice from the Postmaster-General:

Remittances by Mail.—"A Postmaster may enclose the money in a letter to the publisher of a newspaper to. pay the subscription of a third person, and frank the letter, is written by himself; but if the letter be written by any other person, the Postmaster cannot frank it."



I. The monthly numbers usually contain two Sermons.

II. Price One Dollar, in advance, (or on receiving the first number) annually Four copies, or volumes, for Three Dollars, in advance.

III. Such as do not pay up arrearages, and give the Proprietor notice of a desire to discontinue taking the work, are responsible for payınent while it is sent,—and on commencing a new volume are responsible for its twelve numbers:

New Subscribers may commence with any number they choose, on advancing payment for a year. An elegant Portrait of Dr. Porter, of Andover, accompanies the January Number.

Postmasters are authorized to forward payments 10 the Proprietor, at his risk; to them receipts will be returned, to be shown to Subscribers. No mode of conveyance is found more sase than the mail.

I Correspondents will be careful in naming the individuals to whom credit is to be given, and the Post Office and State to which the work is to be seni.

Lelters may be directed, post-paid, to the Proprielor,

DARIUS MEAD, { Britice of the National Preacher;


The following persons will receive subscriptions for this publication, and will transmit to the publisher the names and payments of the subscribers." Agents are not espected to assume any responsibility in the distribution of the numbers. The National Preacher will

, in all cases, be forwarded to subscribers by mail, unless special directions are given to the contrary. Albany, N. Y., G. J. Loomis.

New-Orleans, La. E. A. FOLLANSBE. Albany, N. Y., E, H. PEASE.

Charleston, S. C., D. W. HARRISON.
Pittsburgh, Pa. PATTERSON, INGRAN & Co. Marietta, Ohio, Douglas PUTNAM.
Hartford, Conn. HENRY Benton.

New Haven, Conn. A. H. MALTBY. Middlelown, Conn. E. HUNT & Co.
Bangor, Me. E. F. Duren.

Cincinnati, Ohio, HENRY STARR.
Providence, R. I, Isaac Wilcox.

Greenwich, Conn. EsBox HUSTED. Salem, Mass. HENRY WHIPPLE.

Lyme, Conn. O. J. LAY.
Newburyport, Mass. CHARLES WAIPPLE. Greenfield, Mass. A. PHELPS.
Portland, Me. WILLIAM HYPE.

Boslon, Mass. Weeks, JORDAN & Co.
Amherst College, ROBERT T. CONANT. Ulica, N. Y., E. VERNON.
Sag Harbor, L. I., O. O. WICKHAM. Rochester, N. Y. Louis CHAPIN.
Philadelphia, Pa. A. Flint, 13 North Seventh- Baltimore, Md. J. I. HARROD.

Norwich City, Conn. SAMUEL C. STARR. roy, N. Y. ROBERT Wasson.

Detroit, Mich. ALEXANDER M'FARREN. Springfield, Mass. G. & C. MERRIAM. Moorfield, Va. Philip W. Peck.

LONDON : Wiley & Putnam, 35 Paternoster Row. Individuals not named in the above list, who have voluntarily acted as Agents to pru. cure subscribers in their immediate neighborhoods, are respectfully requested to continae their agency as their convenience may permit.










Opposite the Tract House.

D. Fanshaw, Printeri

Postage-For 100 miles, 1f cents; over 100 miles, 24 cents.

The 14th volume of the NATIONAL PREACHER commences with the January number.

While several periodicals, similar in design but denominational in character, have been commenced during the existence of the National Preacher, not a single one, it is believed, is published at the present time. This being national and catholic, still continues its hold upon the public estimation, and is receiving, as it has done, the patronage of individuals belonging to several of the most respectable denominations of christians in the Union. Ministers of all evangelical denominations have contributed to its pages, and their co-operation is still invited.

The work in future, in character, spirit, and execution, will be as in previous years; with such improvements, however, as the present Editor may, by an increase of patronage, find himself able to introduce.

The price of the work is so moderate, as to render it accessible to almost every family. The piety and talent of contributors enlisted ensure to patrons, in scriptural truth, and in the style and force of ils exhibition, the full value of their yearly subscriptions. The work has been found, and will continue to be found eminently useful to the younger portion of the ministry, as presenting models of pulpit eloquence on a great variety of subjects and occasions; while few works, it is believed, can be introduced into families with greater propriety, as furnishing lessons and directions adapted to almost every class, in respect "to the life that now is, and that which is to come.” It will be found especially useful to individuals and families on the Sabbath, when deprived of the privilege of listening to a discourse in the house of God.

No efforts will be omitted to obtain sermons from distinguished divinessuch as are of a practical character—such as speak to the conscience, and whose object and tendency are to convert men l0 God, and prepare them for his kingdom above.

The terms of the work are $1 a year, in advance. It is expected that those who, from peculiar circumstances, do not pay in advance, will remit their subscriptions the first convenient opportunity. Subscribers already in arrears will confer an obvious favor, by forwarding, at an early day, the amount due at the commencement of the present year.

BACK VOLUMES: The frequent calls for the back volumes of the National Preacher have induced the Proprietor to reprint such numbers as were out of print, so that the entire set can now be furnished (twelve vols. neatly bound) to those who may deaire to purchase the work. Price $12 the set.

The usual discount will be made to booksellers and others who take several sets.

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