Portraits, memoirs, and characters of remarkable persons from the reign of Edward the Third to the Revolution: collected from the most authentic accounts extant, Band 2

Printed for R.S. Kirby, 1813

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Seite 156 - Wherefore, if meat make my brother to offend, I will eat no ^ flesh while the world standeth, * lest I make my brother to offend.
Seite 123 - The trial by the stool was another method used for the discovery of witches; it was thus managed : having taken the suspected witch, she is placed in the middle of a room, upon a stool or table, cross-legged, or in some other uneasy posture; to which if she submits not, she is then bound with cords; there is she watched, and kept without meat or sleep for the space of twenty-four hours, (for, they say, within that time they shall see her imp come and suck).
Seite 129 - Jeffrcidos, on a battle between him and a turkey-cock ; and in 1638 was published a very small book, called The New Year's Gift, presented at court from the Lady Parvula to the Lord Minimus (commonly called Little Jeffery), her Majesty's servant, &c., written by Microphilus, with a little print of Jeffery prefixed.
Seite 130 - At last, being provoked by Mr. Crofts, a young gentleman of family, a challenge ensued: and Mr. Crofts coming to the rendezvous armed only with a squirt, the little creature was so enraged, that a real duel ensued ; and the appointment being on horseback, with pistols, to put them more on a level, Jeffery, at the first fire, shot his antagonist dead.
Seite 98 - And when they shall have finished their testimony, the beast that ascendeth out of the bottomless pit shall make war against them, and shall overcome them, and kill them.
Seite 137 - Brian was in doubt he should bring his charge no further, so greedy are the vulgar to hearken to, or gaze after novelties. The trouble being over, the next day they passed to Daventry, to...
Seite 128 - Soon after the marriage of Charles I., the king and queen being entertained at Burleigh, little Jeffery was served up to table in a cold pie, and presented by the duchess to the queen, who kept him as her dwarf.
Seite 142 - When he was about an hundred and fifty-two years of age, he was brought up to London, by Thomas, Earl of Arundel, and carried to court. The king (Charles I.) said to him, "you have lived longer than other men, what have you done more than other men ?" He replied, " I did penance when I was an hundred years old.
Seite 111 - He promised so to do : the time came, and they were all in the body of the circle, when lo, upon a sudden, after some time of invocation, Evans was taken from out the room, and carried into the field near Battersea Causeway, close to the Thames. Next morning a countryman going by to his labour, and espying a man...
Seite 142 - So this old man, his limbs their strength have left, His teeth all gone but one, his sight bereft, His sinews shrunk, his blood most chill and cold, Small solace, imperfections manifold : Yet still his...

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