The Gledstones and the Siege of Coklaw

Edmonston, 1878 - 80 Seiten

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Seite 59 - Ten of them were sheathed in steel, With belted sword, and spur on heel : They quitted not their harness bright, Neither by day, nor yet by night : They lay down to rest With...
Seite 51 - And planted down palliones, 3 there to bide, We looked down the other side, And saw come breasting ower the brae, Wi' Sir John Forster for their guyde, * Full fifteen hundred men and mae.
Seite 56 - ... epitaphs on the same prelate, of no higher delicacy, and certainly not less virulent, are recorded. Spotswood, who ran perhaps as high on the opposite side, though doubtless somewhat more tempered, characterises the archbishop as " a man of good learning, ready utterance, and great invention ; but of an easy nature, and induced by those he trusted, to do many things hurtful to the see.
Seite 52 - And shot amang them as we might. With help of God the game gaed right, Frae time the foremost of them fell; Then ower the know without goodnight, They ran, with mony a shout and yell.

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