Satirical Songs and Poems on Costume: From the 13th to the 19th Century, Band 27

Percy Society, 1849 - 267 Seiten

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Seite 101 - twixt thee and me, Because thou lov'st the one, and I the other. Dowland to thee is dear, whose heavenly touch Upon the lute doth ravish human sense; Spenser to me, whose deep conceit is such As, passing all conceit, needs no defence. Thou lov'st to hear the sweet melodious sound That Phoebus...
Seite 96 - Greensleeves? Alas, my love, ye do me wrong To cast me off discourteously; And I have loved you so long, Delighting in your company.
Seite 260 - Ten yards of gay ribbon to deck her sweet skull, And gauze to encompass it round.
Seite 140 - I am an Englishman, and naked I stand here, Musinge in my mynde, what rayment I shall were, For now I will were this, and now I will were that, Now I will were I cannot tell what.
Seite 170 - What creature's this ? with his short hairs, His little band, and huge long ears, That this new faith has founded ? The Puritans were never such, The saints themselves had ns'er so much, — Oh such a knave's a Roundhead...
Seite 80 - She works religious petticoats,^) for flowers She'll make church-histories. Her needle doth So sanctify my cushionets: besides My smock-sleeves have such holy embroideries And are so learned, that I fear in time All my apparel will be quoted by Some pure instructor.
Seite 99 - My gayest gelding I thee gave, To ride wherever liked thee ; No lady ever was so brave, And yet thou wouldst not love me.
Seite 260 - Let her flags fly behind for a yard at the least, • Let her curls meet just under her chin, Let these curls be supported, to keep up the jest, With an hundred — instead of one pin. Let her gown be tuck'd up to the hip on each side, Shoes too high for to walk or to jump, And to deck the sweet creature complete for a bride Let the cork cutter make her a rump.
Seite 100 - Thou couldst desire no earthly thing But still thou hadst it readily; Thy music still to play and sing, And yet thou wouldst not love me. Greensleeves was all my joy, &c.
Seite 60 - Hir sark suld be hir body nixt, Of chestetie so quhyt, With schame and dreid togidder mixt, The same suld be perfyt. Hir kirtill suld be of clene constance, Lasit with lesum1 lufe, The mailyheis 2 of continuance For nevir to remufe.

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