...Messages of the President of the United States: Communicating, in Compliance with Resolutions of the Senate, Information Relative to the Compulsory Enlistment of American Citizens in the Army of Prussia, &c

G. W. Bowman, printer, 1860 - 247 Seiten

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Seite 241 - ... There shall be between the territories of the high contracting parties a reciprocal liberty of commerce and navigation. The inhabitants of their respective States shall mutually have liberty to enter the ports, places, and rivers of the territories of each party wherever foreign commerce is permitted. They shall be at liberty to sojourn and reside in all parts whatsoever of said territories, in order to attend to their affairs; and they shall enjoy, to that effect, the same security and protection...
Seite 21 - SIR: I have the honor to inclose to you a copy of a resolve* of the legislature of this State in favor of Ebenezer S.
Seite 167 - SIR, I have received the letter, which you did me the honor to write to me on the...
Seite 158 - On the contrary, every nation has an exclusive right to regulate persons and things within its own territory, according to its sovereign will and public polity.
Seite 157 - The undersigned, her Majesty's principal secretary of state for foreign affairs, has the honor to acknowledge the receipt of the note which Mr.
Seite 44 - The Prussian Government requires of all its subjects a certain amount of military service. However onerous this requirement may be, it is purely a matter of domestic policy, in which no foreign government has a right to interfere. It appears that there is no exemption from the obligation to render this service in favor of persons wishing to leave the country, unless they apply for and receive from the proper authorities* what is termed 'a certificate of emigration.
Seite 44 - which alone can discharge him from the obligation of military service, he takes that step at his own risk. He elects to go abroad under the burden of a duty which he owes to his Government. His departure is of the nature of an escape from her laws, and if, at any subsequent period, he is indiscreet enough to return to his native country, he can not complain if those laws are executed to his disadvantage.
Seite 205 - that property in slaves shall be entitled to the same protection from the Government of the United States, in all of its departments, everywhere, which the Constitution confers the power upon it to extend to any other property, provided nothing herein contained shall be construed to limit or restrain the right now belonging to every State to prohibit, abolish, or establish and protect slavery within its...
Seite 45 - ... certificate of emigration/ comes to the United States and is naturalized, and afterwards, for any purposes whatever, goes back to Prussia, it is not competent for the United States to protect him from the operation of the Prussian law.

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