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{ Amazement all! my grief to filence charm’d,
• Is lost in wonder. But, thou good unknown!
. If woes for ever wedded to despair;
! That with no cure, are

behold in me
* A meet companion: one whom earth and Heav'n
• Combine to curse ; whom never future morn
• Shall light to joy, nor ev’ning with repose
• Descending fade-, son of this wild world!
« From social converse the’ for ever barr'd,
• Tho'chill'd with endless winter from the pole,
" Yet warm’d by goodnefs, form’d to tender sense
• Of human woes beyond what milder climes,

By fairer suns attemper'd, courtly boalt;
• O say, did e'er thy breast, in youthful life,
• Touch'd by a beam from beauty all-divine,
• Did e'er thy bofom her sweet influence own,
• In pleasing tumult pour'd thro' ev'ry vein,

And panting at the heart, when first our eye
• Receives impression ? then, as passion grew,
• Did Heav'n, consenting to thy with, indulge
· That bliss no wealth can bribe, no pow'r bestow,
That bliss of angels, love by love repaid?

Heart streaming full to heart in mutual flow
. Of faith and friendship, tenderness and truth!--
• If these thy fate distinguish'd, thou wilt then,

My joys conceiving, image my despair,
• How total ! how extreme! for this, all this,
• Late my fair fortune, wreck'd on yonder flood,
• Lies loft and bury'd there !0, awful Heav'n!
• Who to the wind and to the whelming wave
• Her blameless head devoted, thou alone

Canft tell what I have lost!-0, ill-starr'd maid !
• 0, moft undone Amyntor!'--Sighs and tears,
And heart-heav'd groans, at this his voice suppress’d:
The rest was agony and dumb despair.

Now o'er their heads damp night her storiny gloom







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Spread, ere the glimm'ring twilight was expir'd,
With huge and heavy horror closing round
In doubling clouds on clouds. The mournful scene,
The moving tale, Aurelius deeply felt;
And thus reply'd, as one in nature skill'd,
With soft-affenting forrow in his look,
And words to foothe, not combat hopeless love.

• Amyntor! by that Heav'n who sees thy tears,
• By faith and friendship's sympathy divine,
« Could I the sorrows heal I more than share,
• This bofom, trust me, should from thine transfer

It's sharpest grief. Such grief, alas ! how juft! • How long in silent anguish to defcend, « When reason and when fondness o'er the tomb « Are fellow-mourners! He who can resign, • Has never lov'd; and wert thou to the sense, · The sacred feeling of a loss like thine,

Cold and insensible, thy breast were then • No manfion for humanity, or thought • Of noble aim. Their dwelling is with love ? And tender pity, whose kind tear adorns • The clouded cheek, and fanctifies the soul

They soften, not subdue. We both will mix, • For her thy virtue lov'd, thy truth laments, • Our social fighs; and, fiill as morn unveils • The brightning hill, or ev'ning's misty fhade

It's brow obscures, her gracefulness of form, “Her mind all lovely, each ennobling each, • Shall be our frequent theme : then shalt thou hear ! From me, in sad return, a tale of woes

So terrible--Amyntor, thy pain'd heart, : Amid it's own, will fhudder at the ills

That mine has bled with !-But, behold! the dark ! And drowsy hoạr steals fast ? Here break we off; and thou, fad mourner ! try

Thy weary limbs, thy wounded mind, to balm





upon our talk:

• With 430 30

• With timely fleep: each gracious wing from heav'n,
« Of those that minister to erring man,
• Near-hov'ring, hush thy passions into calm ;
• Serene thy slumbers with presented scenes
• Of brightest vision; whifper to thy heart
• That holy peace which goodness ever shares;
• And to us both be friendly as we need !!!


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TOW midnight rose, and o'er the gen’ral scene,

Air, ocean, earth, drew broad her blackest veil,
Vapour and cloud. Around th’ unsleeping ifle
Yet howl'd the whirlwind, yet the billow groan'd,
And in mix'd horror to Amyntor's ear
Borne thro' the gloom, his fhrinking sense appall’d.
Shook by each blast, and swept by ev'ry wave,
Again pale mem'ry labours in the storm;
Again from her is torn whom more than life
His fondness lov’d. And now another show'r
Of sorrow o'er the dear unhappy maid
Effufive stream’d, till late, thro' ev'ry pow'r
The soul subdu'd funk sad to flow repose ;
And all her dark’ning scenes, by dim degrees,
Were quench'd in total night: a pause from pain
Not long to last; for Fancy, oft awake
While Reason sleeps, from her illusive cell
Call'd up wild shapes of visionary fear,
Of visionary bliss, the hour of reft
To mock with mimick Mews. And, lo! the deeps
In airy tumult swell: beneath a hill,
Amyntor heaves off overwhelming seas,
Or rides, with dizzy dread, from cloud to cloud,
The billow's back: anon, the shadowy world
Shifts to some boundless continent unknown,
Where folitary, o'er the starless void,

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Dumb Silence broods. Thro' heaths of dreary length,
Slow on he drags his stagg’ring step infirm
With breathless toil; hears torrent foods afar
Roar thro' the wild; and, plung'd in central caves,
Falls headlong many a fathom into night.
Yet there, at once, in all her living charms,
And brightning with their glow the brown abyss,
Rose Theodora. Smiling, in her eye
Sate, without cloud, the soft-consenting soul,
That, guilt unknowing, had no wish to hide ;
A spring of sudden myrtles Aow'ring round
Their walk embower'd; while nightingales beneath
Sung fpoufals, as along th' enamellid turf
They seem'd to fly, and interchang'd their fouls,
Melting in mutual softness. Thrice his arms
The fair encircled; thrice she fled his grasp,
And fading into darkness mix'd with air-

O, turn! O, stay thy flight !'- so loud he cry'd,
Sleep and it's train of humid


He groan'd, he gaz'd around ; his inward sense
Yet glowing with the vision's vivid beam,
Still on his eye the hov'ring shadow blaz'd;
Her voice still murmur'd in his tinkling ear,
Grateful deception ! till returning thought
Left broad awake, amid th' incumbent lour
Of mute and mournful night, again he felt
His grief inflam'd throb fresh in ev'ry vein.
To frenzy ftung, upstarting from his couch,
T'he vale, the shore, with darkling step he roam’d,
Like some drear spectre from the grave unbound;
Then scaling yonder cliff, prone o’er it's brow
He hung, in act to plunge amid the flood,
Scarce from that height difcern’d. Nor Reason's voice,
Nor ow'd submission to the will of Heav'n,
Restrains him ; but as paffion whirls his thought,
Fond expectation, that perchance escap'd,

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Tho' palling all belief, the frailer skiff,
To which himself had borne th' unhappy fair,
May yet be seen. Around o'er sea and shore
He rollid his ardent eye, but nought around
On land or wave within his ken appears,
Nor kiff, nor floating corse, on which to Med
The last fad tear, and lay the cov'ring mold !

And now, wide open'd by the wakeful hours
Heav'n's orient gate, forth on her progress comes
Aurora smiling, and her purple lamp
Lifts high o’er earth and fea; while, all unveild,
The vast horizon on Amyntor's eye
Pours full it's scenes of wonder, wildly great,
Magnificently various. From this steep
Diffus'd immense, in rolling prospect lay
The northern deep : amidst, from space to space,
Her num'rous isles, rich gems of Albion's crown,
As flow th' ascending mists disperse in air,
Shoot gradual from her bosom; and beyond,
Like diftant clouds blue-floating on the verge
Of ev'ning skies, break forth the dawning hills.
A thousand landscapes, barren some and bare,
Rock pil'd on rock, amazing, up to heav'n,
Of horrid grandeur : fome with founding ash,
Or oak broad shadowing, or the spiry growth
Of waving pine high-plum'd; and all beheld
More lovely in the sun's adorning beam,
Who now, fair rising o'er yon eastern cliff,
The vernal verdure tinctures gay with gold.

Meanwhile Aurelius, wak'd from sweet repose,
Repose that Temp’rance sheds in timely dews
On all who live to her, his mournful guest
Came forth to hail, as hospitable rites
And virtue's rule enjoin ; but first to Him,
Spring of all charity, who gave the heart
With kindly sense to glow, his matin song,




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