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Or plung'd in grief profound. Oh ! all ye Powers !!

• ' Amyntor, startling, cry'd, and fhot his soul In rapid glance before him on her face : • Illusion ! no, it cannot be. My blood • Runs chill; my feet are rooted here ! and, fee! To mock my hopes, it wears her gracious form! • The spirits who this ocean waste and wild • Still hover round, or walk these isles unseen, • Presenting oft in pictur'd vision strange • The dead or absent, have yon shape adorn'd • So like my love, of unsubstantial air,

Embody'd, featur'd it with all her charms! • And, lo! behold, it's eyes are fix'd on mine • With gaze transported !-Ha! fhe faints! the falls !" He ran, he flew ! his clasping arms receiv'd Her finking weight : ' earth, and air, and fea! < 'Tis she ! 'tis Theodora ! Pow'r Divine, • Whose goodness kuows no bound, thy hand is here, • Omnipotent in mercy! As he spoke, Adown his cheek, thro' fhiv'ring joy and doubt, The tear fakt-falling stream'd. My love! my life! • Soul of iny wishes ! fav'd beyond all faith! • Return’d to life and me!-O fy, my friends ;

Fly, and froin yon translucent fountain bring • The living strearn !--Thou dearer to my soul • Than all the sumless wealth this sea entombs, • My Theodora! yet awake ; 'tis I, • 'Tis poor Amyntor calls thee!' That potent name, her fpirit from the verge Of death recall’d, she, trembling, rais'd her eyes ; Trembling, his neck with eager grasp entwin'd, And murmur'd out his name, then sunk again ; Then swoon'd upon his bocom, thro' excess Of bliss unhop'd, too mighty for her frame. The rose-bud thus, that to the bcams ferene

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At that name,

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Of morning glad unfolds her tender charms,

425 Shrinks and expires beneath the noon-day blaze.

Moments of dread suspense—but soon to cease!
For now, while on her face these men unknown
The stream, with cool afperfion, busy cast,
eyes beheld, with wonder and amaze,

Beheld in them, his friends! th' advent'rous few,
Who bore her to the skiff! whose daring skill
Had sav'd her from the deep! As o'er her cheek
Rekindling life, like morn, it's light diffus'd
In dawning purple, from their lips he learn’d

How to yon isle, yon round of moss-clad hills,
Borera nam'd, before the tempest borne,
These islanders, thrice three, then prison'd there,
(So Heav'n ordain'd) with utmost peril run,
With toil invincible, from shelve and rock

Their boat preferv'd, and to this happy coast

directed safe. He heard no more ;
The rest already known, his ev'ry sense,
His full-collected soul, on her alone
Was fix'd, was hung enraptur’d, while these founds, 445
This voice, as of an angel, pierc'd his ear.

• Amyntor! O my life's recover'd hope !
My soul's despair and rapture!-Can this be!
«Am I on earth; and do these arms indeed

Thy real form infold !--Thou dreadful deep!
• Ye shores unknown! ye wild-impending hills !
• Dare I

sense! O


'tis he!
« 'Tis he himself! My eyes, my bounding heart,
• Confess their living lord! What shall I fay!
How vent the boundless transport that expands

455 . My lab'ring thought! th' unutterable bliss,

Joy, wonder, gratitude, that pain to death

The breast they charm!-Amyntor! O support
• This swimming brain ; I would not now be torn
Again from life and thee, nor cause thy heart

460 • A second

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yet trust

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• A second pang! At this dilated high
The swell of joy, most fatal where it's force
Is felt most exquifite, a timely vent
Now found, and broke in tender dews

Of heart-relieving tears.
As o'er it's charge,

465 With fhelt'ring wing, solicitously good, The guardian Genius hovers; fo the youth, On her lov'd face assiduous and alarm'd, In silent fondness dwelt, while all his soul With trembling tenderness of hope and fear

470 Pleasingly pain’d, was all employ'd for her ; The rous'd emotions warring in her breast, Attemp'ring, to compofe, and gradual fit For farther joy her soft impressive frame. . O happy,! tho'as yet thou know'st not half

475 « The bliss that waits thee! But, thou gentle mind, • Whose sigh is pity, and whose smile is love, . For all who joy or sorrow, arm thy breast • With that best temp’rance, which from fond excess, • When rapture lifts to dang'rous height it's pow’rs, • Reflective guards.' Know then-and let calm thought

On wonder wait---safe refug'd in this ifle,

Thy godlike father lives! and, lo!--but curb, • Repress the transport that o’erheaves thy heart; « 'Tis he--look yonder-he, whose rev'rend steps 485 - The mountain's side descend!' Abrupt from his Her hand she drew; and, as on wings upborne, Shot o'er the space between. He faw, he knew, Alonifli'd knew, before hiin, on her knce, His Theodora! To his arms he rais'd

490 The lot, lov'd fair, and in his bosom press'd.

My father!- my child!' at once they cry'd;
Nor more: the reit extatick silence spoke ;
And Nature from her inmost feat of sense
Beyond all utt'rance mov'd. On this bless'd scene,

495 Where emulous in either bosomn strove





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Adoring gratitude, earth, ocean, air,
Around with soft'ning aspect seem'd to smile,
And Heav'n, approving, look'd delighted down.

Nor theirs alone this blissful hour; the joy,
With instant flow, from shore to shore along
Diffufive ran, and all th' exulting isle
About the new-arriv'd was pour'd abroad,
To hope long lost! by miracle regain'd!
In each plain bosom Love and Nature wept;
While each a fire, a husband, or a friend,
Embracing, held and kiss'd.
Now, while the song,
The choral hymn, in wildly-warbled notes,
What Nature dictates when the full heart prompts,
Best harmony, their grateful fouls effus'd
Aloud to Heav'n, Montano, rey’rend seer !
(Whose eye prophetick, far thro' Time’s abyss,
Could shoot it's beam, and there the births of Fate,
Yet immature, and in their causes hid,
Illumin'd see) a space abstracted stood ;
His frame with fhiv'ry horror stirr'd, his eyes
From outward vision held, and all the man
Entranc'd in wonder at th' unfolding scene,
On fluid air, as in a mirror seen,
And glowing radiant to his mental fight.

• They Ay !' he cry'd; they melt in air away,
• The clouds that long fair Albion's heav'n o'ercaft!
• With tempest delug'd, or with flame devour'd,
• Her drooping plains; while dawning rosy round
• A parer morning lights up all her skies!
• He comes ! behold, the Great Deliv'rer comes !
« Immortal William ! borne triumphant on,

From yonder orient, o'er propitious seas,
• White with the fails of his unnumber'd fleet,
A floating forest, stretch'd from shore to shore !
· See! with spread wing Britannia's Genius flies

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• Before his prow, commands the speeding gales
• To waft him on, and o'er the hero's head,
« Inwreath'd with olive, bears the laurel crown ;
• Bless'd emblem, peace with liberty restor'd!
« And, hark! from either ftrand, which nations hide,
« To welcome in true Freedom's day renew'd,
What thunders of acclaim!

-Aurelius ! man
• By Heav'n belov'd, thou, too, that facred sun
• Shalt live to hail ; Talt warm thee in his shine!
• I see thee on the flow'ry lap diffus'd
• Of thy lov'd vale, amid a smiling race
« From this bless'd pair to spring; whom equal faith,
• And equal fondness, in soft league shall hold
• From youth to rev'rend age, the calmer hours
• Of thy last day to sweeten and adorn,
· Thro' life thy comfort, and in death thy crown !'

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Y , ,

E groves, with venerable moss array'd,

That o'er yon caverns stretch your pendent shade,
Where sacred Silence lulls the rural vale,
And Love in whispers tells his tender tale;:
Ye lonely rocks ; ye streams that ever flow,
Ştill as my tears, and constant as my woe ;
To you, behold, the wretched Laura Aies,
And haunts those feats from whence her sorrows rise



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