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Than tug with sweating toil the flavish oar

Of unredeem'd affliction, and sustain
The fey'rous


of fierce diseases fore
Unnumber'd, that in sympathetick chain
Hang ever thro' the thick circumfluous air,
All from the drizzly verge of yonder star-girt fphere.

Thick in the many-beaten road of life,

A thousand maladies are posted round,
With wretched man to wage eternal ftrife

Unseen, like ambush'd Indians, till they wound. There the fwoln Hydrop ftands, the wat'ry Rheum,

The Northern Scurvy, Blotch with lep'rous scale ; And moping ever in the cloister'd gloom

Of learned Sloth, the bookish Afthma pale : And the shunn’d Hag unsightly, that ordain'd

On Europe's sons to wreak the faithless sword
Of Cortez, with the blood of millions ftain's,

O'er dog-ey'd luft the tort'ring scourge abhor'd
Shakes threat'ning; fince the while fhe wing'd her flight
From Amazon's broad wave, and Andes' snow-clad height.

Where the wan daughter of the yellow year,

The chatt'ring Ague chill, the writhing Stone,
And he of ghastly feature, on whose ear

Unheeded croaks the death-bird's warning moan, Marasmus; knotty Gout; and the dead life

Of nerveless Palsy; there, on purpose fell Dark brooding, whets his interdicted knife,

Grim Suicide, the damned fiend of hell. There, too, is the stunn'd Apoplexy pight *,

The bloated child of gorg'd Intemperance foul ; Self-wafting Melancholy, black as night

Louring, and foaming fierce with hideous howl

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The dog Hydrophoby, and near allied
Scar'd Madness, with her moon-ftruck eye-balls staring wide.

There, stretch'd one huge, beneath the rocky mine

With boiling fulphur fraught, and smouldering fires;
He, the dread delegate of Wrath Divine,

E’er while that stood o'er Taio's hundred spires
Vindictive; thrice he wav'd th' earth-shaking wand,

Powerful as that the son of Amram bore,
And thrice he rais'd, and thrice he check'd his hand.

He struck, the rocking ground with thund'rous roar
Yawn'd! Here from street to street hurries, and there

Now runs, now stops, then shrieks and scours amain,
Staring Distraction : many a palace fair,

With millions finks ingulph'd, and pillar'd fane ;
Old Ocean's farthest waves, confess the shock;
E'en Albion trembled, conscious, on his stedfast rock,

The meagre Famine there ; and, drunk with blood,

Stern War ; and the loath?d monster, whom of yore
The slimy Naïad of the Memphian food

Engend'ring, to the bright-hair'd Phæbus bore, Foul Pestilence, that on the wide-stretch'd wings

Of Commerce speeds from Cairo's swarthy bay His westering flight, and thro' the sick air flings

Spotted Contagion ; at his heels Dismay And Desolation urge their fire-wheeld yoke

Terrible ; as long of old, when from the height Of Paran came unwrath'd the Mightiest, look

Earth's firm fix'd base tottering; thro' the black night Glanc'd the flash'd lightnings ; , heaven?s rent roof abroad Thunder'd; and universal nature felt it's God.

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Allading to the earthquake at Lisbon.

XVI, Who

Who on that scene of terror, on that hour

Of rouzed indignation, shall withstand
Th’ Almighty, when he meditates to shower

The bursting vengeance o'er a guilty land !
Canft thou, fecure in Reason's vaunted pride,

Tongue-doughty miscreant, who but now didit gore
With more than Hebrew rage th' innocent fide

Of agonizing mercy, bleeding fore ;
Canst thou confront, with stedfalt eye unaw'd,

The sworded judgment stalking far and near ?
Well may'st thou tremble, when an injur'd God

Disclaims thee-guilt is ever quick of fear
Loud whirlwinds howl in Zephyr's softest breath ;
And every glancing meteor glares imagin’d death,

The good alone are fearless, they alone

Firm and collected in their virtue, brave
The wreck of worlds, and look unshrinking down

On the dread yawnings of the rav’nous grave :
Thrice happy! who the blameless road along

Of honest praise hath reach'd the vale of death
Around him, like ministrant cherubs, throng

His better actions; to the parting breath
Singing their blessed requiems; he the while

Gently repofing on some friendly breaft,
Breathes out his benizons; then with a smile

Of soft complacence, lays him down to rest,
Calm as the slumbering infant: from the goal
Free and unbounded flies the disembody'd soul,

Whether fome delegated charge below,

Some much-lov'd friend it's hovering care may claim,
Whether it heaven-ward foars, again to know

That long-forgotten country whence it came ;

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Conjecture ever, the misfeatur'd child

Of letter'd arrogance, delights to run
Thro' Speculation's puzzling mazes wild,

And all to end at last where it begun.
Fain would we trace, with Reason's erring clue,

The darksome paths of destiny aright:
In vain; the task were easier to pursue

The trackless wheelings of the swallow's flight, From mortal ken himself th' Almighty throuds, Pavilion'd in thick night and circumambient clouds.

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T once to raise our reverence and delight,

To elevate the mind, and please the fight,

in virtue at th' attentive eye,
And waft the foul on wings of extasy ;
For this the painter's art with nature vies,
And bids the visionary faint arise ;
Who views the sacred forms in thought aspires,
Catches pure zeal, and, as he

zeal, and, as he gazes, fires ; Feels the fame ardour to his breast convey'd, Is what he sees, and emulates the flade.

Thy strokes, great Artist, fo fublime appear,
They check our pleasure with an awful fear;
While, thro' the mortal line, the God you trace,
Author himself, and Heir of Jeffe's race;
In raptures we admire thy bold design,
And, as the subject, own the hand divine.
While thro’ thy work the rising day thall ftrcam;
So long shall last thy honour, praise, and name.


And may thy labours to the Muse impart
Some emanation from her sister art,
To animate the verle, and bid it shine
In colours easy, bright, and itrong, as thine.

Supine on earth an awful figure lies,
While softest slumbers seem to seal his eyes;
The hoary fire Heaven's guardian care demands,
And at his feet the watchful angel stands.
The form august and large, the mien divine,
Betray the founder of Meffiah's line *
Lo! from his loins the promis'd stem ascends,
And high to Heaven it's facred boughs extends :
Each limb productive of some hero springs
And blooms luxuriant with a race of kings.
Th'eternal plant wide spreads it's arms around,
And with the mighty Branch the mystick top is crown'd,

And lo! the glories of th' illustrious line,
At their first dawn with ripen'd splendours shine,
In David all express’d ; the good, the great,
The king, the hero, and the man compleat.
Serene he fits, and sweeps the golden lyre,
And blends the prophet's with the poet's fire.
See! with what art he strikes the vocal strings,
The God, his theme, inspiring what he sings !
Hark! or our ears delude us; from his tongue
Sweet flows, or seems to flow, some heavenly fong.
O! could thine art arrest the fleeting found,
And paint the voice in magick numbers bound;
Could the warm fun, as erst when Memnon play'd,
Wake with his rising beam the vocal hade :
Then might he draw th' attentive angels down,
Bending to hear the lay, so sweet, so like their own.
On either side the monarch's offspring shine,
And some adorn, and some disgrace, their line.

* Jeffe.


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