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No ftores beneath it's humble thatch

Requir'd a mafter's care;
The wicket op'ning with a latch
Receiv'd the harmless pair.

And now when busy crowds retire
To take their evening reft,
The Hermit trimm'd his little fire,
And chear'd his penfive gueft ;-

And spread his vegetable store,
And gayly prefs'd, and fmil'd;

And, skill'd in legendary lore,
The ling'ring hours beguil❜d.

Around in fympathetick mirth
It's tricks the kitten tries,
The cricket chirrups in the hearth,
The crackling faggot flies.

But nothing could a charm impart,
To foothe the stranger's woe;
For grief was heavy at his heart,
And tears began to flow.

His rifing cares the Hermit fpy'd,
With answering care opprefs'd

And whence, unhappy youth,' he cry'd,
The forrows of thy breaft?

• From better habitations spurn'd, Reluctant doft thou rove?

Or grieve for friendship unreturn'd, • Or unregarded love?


Stothard del

Walker fculp

Plate V.

Pablifhd as the Act directs, by Harrikn&C, April 1,1781.

Page 355, line 5.

Alas! the joys that fortune brings

Are trifling, and decay;

And those who prize the paultry things • More trifling ftill than they.

And what is Friendship but a name,
• A charm that lulls to fleep;

A fhade that follows wealth or fame,
And leaves the wretch to weep?

And Love is ftill an emptier found,
The modern fair-one's jeft;
On earth unfeen, or only found

To warm the turtle's neft.

For fhame, fond youth! thy forrows hush,
And spurn the fex!' he said:
But while he spoke, a rising blush
His love-lorn guest betray'd.

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The dew, the bloffoms of the tree,

With charms inconftant fhine:

• Their charms were his; but, woe to me! • Their conftancy was mine."

! For

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