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Forbid it, Heaven!' the Hermit cry'd,.
And clasp'd her to his breast:

The wond'ring fair-one turn'd to chide,

'Twas Edwin's felf that prefs'd.

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'Twas ere the blooming fweets of May

Had loft their fresheft hues ;

When every flower on every hill,

In every vale, had drank it's fill
Of funshine and of dews.

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And now beneath delighted pass,

Where winding thro' the deep-green grafs

A full-brimm'd river flow'd.

I stop, I gaze; in accents rude,
To thee, ferenest Solitude,

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Burft forth th' unbidden lay:

Be gone, vile world! the learn'd, the wife,
The great, the bufy I defpife,

And pity e'en the gay.

These, these are joys alone,' I cry; 'Tis here, divine Philofophy,

• Thou deign'ft to fix thy throne! • Here Contemplation points the road, Thro' Nature's charms, to Nature's God! These, these are joys alone!

Adieu, ye vain low-thoughted cares,
• Ye human hopės, and human fears,
Ye pleasures and ye pains !'
While thus I fpake, o'er all my foul
A philofophick calmnefs ftole,
A ftoick ftillness reigns.

The tyrant paffions all fubfide,
Fear, anger, pity, fhame and pride,

No more my bosom move;
Yet ftill I felt, or feem'd to feel,
A kind of vifionary zeal

Of univerfal love.

When, lo! a voice, a voice I hear !

'Twas Reason whifper'd in my ear

These monitory strains:

• What

• What mean'ft thou, man? would'st thou unbind • The ties which conftitute thy kind,

The pleafures and the pains?

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• Shall light and fhade, and warmth and air, • With those exalted joys compare

• Which active Virtue feels!

< When on she drags, as lawful prize,

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Contempt, and Indolence, and Vice,

At her triumphant wheels.

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ENGEANCE, arise from thy infernal bed,
And pour thy tempest on his guilty head!'
Thus Heaven's decree, in thunder's found,

Shook the dark abyfs profound.

The unchain'd Furies come!

Pale Melancholy ftalks from hell:

Th' abortive offspring of her womb,
Defpair and Anguish, round her yell.

By fleepless terror Saul poffefs'd,

Deep feels the fiend within his tortur'd breaft.

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