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Valpy's edition of Stephenis's Thesaurus, English Fruit with descriptions; coloured No. X.

plates, No I. II. 55. each. Nizolius, sive Lexicon Ciceronianum, cura Facciolati. 8vo. 3 tom. £2, 12s.6d. The Trial of Charles C. Delano and o. DRAMA.

thers, the Crew of the Brig William of Exchange no Robbery ; or, the Diamond Liverpool, for Piracy ; before Sir Thomas Ring ; a comedy. 3s. 6d.

Maitland, &c. with the written Confessions The Persian Heroine ; or, Downfall of of the Prisoners, 8vo. 3s. 6d. Tyranny ; by Bonnell Thornton, Esq. 2s.

MEDICINE. Andromache ; or, the Fall of Troy : a · A Chemical and Medical Report of the tragedy in five Acts; by Thomas Paine. Properties of the Mineral Waters of Bux. Ss.

ton, Matlock, Tunbridge Wells, Harrow. EDUCATion.

gate, Bath, Cheltenham, Leamington, Catechisms of Mythology, Roman, Gre. Malvern, and the Isle of Wight; by Chas. cian, and Jewish Antiquities ; a Geographi. Scudamore, M.D. 8vo. 10s. cal Catechism of England and Wales, and A Sketch of the History and Cure of of the British Constitution ; by C. Irving. Febrile Diseases, more particularly as they Is, each.

appear in the West Indies, among the Sol. A French Grammar, by W. S. Kenny. diers of the British Army; by Robert Jack12mo. 3s.

son, M.D. 8vo. 2 vols. French Exercises, by the same. 12mo.

A History of the High Operation for the

Stone, by incision above the Pubis, with A Grammatical Dictionary, by G. Picard. Observations on the advantages attending 25. 6d.

it; by T. C. Carpuer, F.R.S. 8s. 6d. English Stories, second series ; by Maria The Hunterian Oration, delivered before Hack 12mo. 7s.

the Royal College of Surgeons in London Howard's Latin Exercises. 12mo. 3s. 6d. on February 21st 1820; by A. Carlisle, A Key to the same. 12mo. 2s. 6d. 4to. 4s. FINE ARTS.

Le Dentiste de la Jeunesse, or the way Sketches representing the Native Tribes, to have sound and beautiful teeth ; by J. R. Animals, and Scenery of Southern Africa, Dewal, 8vo. 7s. from drawings made by the late Mr S. Da. An Essay on Mercury, with Formulæ niel, engraved by W. Daniel. Royal 4to. for some preparations of this metal ; by D. £3, 3s. or £4, 4s. on India paper.


2s. 6d. A Picturesque Tour from Geneva to Mi.

MISCELLANEOUS. lan, by way of the Simplon, 38 coloured Life in London ; or, the Day and Night plates and a map. £2, 12s. 6d.

Scenes of Jerry Hawthorn, Esq. and his Views in Savoy, Switzerland, and on the elegant friend Corinthian Tom, in their Rhine, No. I. ; by John Dennis. 16s. Rambles and Sprees through the Metropo.

The Cabinet of the Arts ; royal 8vo. No. lis; by Pierce Egan, No. 1. and 11. (six XXI. 3s.

coloured plates) 25. 6d. each No. To be A Picturesque Tour of the English Lakes, complete in 12 numbers. containing four coloured engravings. No V. The London Journal of Arts, No V. demy 4to. 6s. ; elephant 10s. 6d.

3s. 6d. Picturesque Illustrations of Monte Vi. Claims at the Coronation. Svo. 5s. deo ; elephant 4to. No. V. 14s.

The British Review, No XXXI. 6s. Select Fables, with cuts designed and en- The Quarterly Journal of Arts, No XIX. graved by Thomas and John Bewick, pre- 78 6d. viously to 1784; with a Memoir and de. The Quarterly Review, No XLVI. 6s. scriptive Catalogue of the works of Messrs Encyclopædia Londinensis, Vol. XXII.' Bewick. 8vo. 158. ; royal £1, ls. ; impe- Annals of Oriental Literature, No II. rial £1, 11s. 6d.

8vo. 55. GEOGRAPHY.

A View of the History, Literature, and Myers's new and comprehensive System mythology of the Hindoos ; by William of Modern Geography; 4to. Part VII. with Ward, of Serampore. Third edition, Vols plates and maps. 7s.

III. and IV. 8vo. £1, 2s.

The Naval and Military Exploits which Supreme Bon Ton. 3 vols 12mo.

18s. have distinguished the reign of George III. The Contested Election, or a Courtier's accurately described, and methodically ar- Promise ; by Am. Ennis, author of “ Ire. ranged; by John Aspin ; coloured plates. land, or the Montague Family." 3 vols 14s.

12mo. 18s. Recollections of the Reign of George III. ; Lovers and Friends ; or Modern Attachby John Nichols, 8vo. 12s.

ments; by Anne of Swansea. 5 vols 12mo. Lingard's History of England, Vol. IV. £1, 7s. 6á. comprising the reigns of Henry VIII. and Anastasius; third edition, 8vo. 3 vols. Edward VI. 4to. £1, 158.

£1, lls. 60. HORTICULTURE.

POETRY. Brookshaw's Horticultural Repository ; The Second Tour of Dr Syntax, (Acker being Delineations of the best varieties of mann), royal Hyo. £1, Is.



The Third Tour of Dr Syntax, in Search Memoirs of her Majesty Caroline, Queen of a Wife, (Ackermann), No I. 2s.6d Consort of Great Britain, with her Trial at To be completed in eight numbers. large ; by Robert Huish, Esq. In monthly The English Poets, Vol V. 59. 60.

parts, at 3s. each. The Tour of Dr Prosody, in Search of the Picturesque ; or a Tour to Scotland, its Rev. R. Stevenson's Scripture Portraits, Lakes and Isles; with three coloured en- Vols III. and IV. 12mo. 10s. gravings, Part I. royal 8vo. 2s. 6d.

Fleming's Manners and Customs of the POLITICAL ECONOMY.

Ancient Israelites; the fourth edition, great. Essays on Money, Exchanges, and Po- ly enlarged ; by Adam Clarke, LL. D. F. litical Economy; by Henry James. 3s. R.S. 8vo. 8s.

A Plan suggested in Lieu of Tithes, with Sketches of Sermons, Vol. I. 12mo. 4s. Observations; by William Coleman. ls. The History of Religious Liberty, from

the earliest Period to the Death of George A New Series of Hansard's Parliament. II. ; by Rev. R. Brook, 8vo. 2 vols. To ary Debates, Vol I. royal 8vo. £1, 11s. Subscribers £1, ls. 6d.

Lectures on the Holy Trinity ; by E. The Political Constitution of the Spanish Andrews. 78. Monarchy, translated into English. 3s. 6d.

TOPOGRAPHY. A Peep into W-r Castle, after the A Treatise on Topography, in which the Lost Mutton. ls.

Science and Practical Detail of Trigono. Types of the Times; by old Tom, of metrical Surveying are explained, together Oxford. 2s.

with their applications to Surveying in geReform at Rome, a Discourse; by Tekel. neral, 8vo. 2 vols. £1, 6s. 2s: 6d.

A Historical and Descriptive View of the An English woman's Letter to Mrs Han- Parishes of Monkwearmouth, and Bishopnah More, on the Present Crisis. ls. wearmouth, and the Port and Borough of

Non Mi Ricordo, or Cross-Examination Sunderland ; by George Garbutt. With Extraordinary. 6d.

Engravings and a Plan, 8vo. 46s. The Prerogatives of a Queen, Consort of


Travels through England, Wales, and The Queen, and the Thing that John Scotland, in the Year 1816; by Dr S. H. Signed. Is.

Spiker ; Translated from the German, The Queen's Case Stated; by Charles 12mo. 2 vols. 14s. Philips, Esq. ls.

Modern Voyages and Travels, No I. of Nero Vindicated. 6d.

Vol IV. containing Promenades in and The Hour of Trial; a few stanzas hastily near Constantinople ; with numerous En. written in the House of Lords. Is. 6d. gravings, 8vo. 3s. 6d.

The King's Treatment of the Queen, A Tour through a part of the Nether. shortly stated to the people of England. Is lands, France and Switzerland, in the Year

A Few Specimens of the Ars Logica 1819; by Thomas Heger, 8vo. 10s. 6d. Coplicana, or the Solicitor General's Logic; Account of a Tour in Normandy, underby F. Moceroni.

taken chiefly for the purpose of investiga. The New Pilgrim's Progress, or a Jour- ting the Architectural Antiquities of the ney to Jerusalem ; with 14 wood-cuts. ls. Duchy; with Observations on its History,

A Letter from the Ghost of Junius ; by on the Country, and on its Inhabitants ; by T. C. Hobhouse, Esq. M. P. charging Dawson Turner, Esq. A.M.F.R.S.L.S. &c. him with gross falsehood, and a scandalous Author of Historian Fucorum, royal 8vo. attack on the Emperor of Russia and his 2 vols. 50 Engravings. £2, 12s.6d. court.

With Plates on India Paper, £3, 13s. 6d.

EDINBURGH. Edinburgh Encyclopædia, or Dictionary Encyclopædia Edinensis, or Dictionary of of Arts, Sciences, and Miscellaneous Lite. Arts, Sciences, and Miscellaneous Litera. rature ; conducted by David Brewster, ture ; by James Millar, M.D. Vol. IV. LL.D. F.R.S. Lond. and Edin. &c. &c. &c. Part I. 4to. Ss. Vol. XIV. Part II. £1, 1s.

An Abridgment of the History of IreEdinburgh Christian Instructor, No. land, on the plan of Dr Goldsmith's HisCXXIII. for October.

tory of England. 12mo. 45. An Arabic Vocabulary, and Index for Modern Practical Cookery, Pastry, ConRichardson's Arabic Grammar ; by James fectionary, &c. ; by Mrs Nourse, EdinNoble. 4to. 10s. 6d.

burgh. 12mo. 6s. A Manual of Foreign Exchanges, Monies, The Steam Boat Companion, and StranWeights and Measures ; containing an ac- ger's Guide to the Western Islands and count of the exchanges, monies, weights Highlands of Scotland ; comprehending the and measures of the principal cities and land tour to Inverary and Oban ; a descripports in Europe ; with examples at length tion of the scenery of Loch Lomond, Staffa, of the calculations of exchange. 12mo. 45. Iona, and other places usually visited by

strangers ; and of the River and Frith of Letter to the Chancellor of the ExcheClyde; with the voyage to Liverpool and quer on the subject of oaths and affirma. Belfast, and land tour to the Giant's Cause- tions connected with the exportation of ex. way. 6s. 6d. neatly bound in roan. ciseable goods on drawback, &c. 1s. 6d.

Edinburgh Monthly Review, No. XXIII. Address to the People of Scotland on the 25. 6d.

nature, powers, and privileges of Juries; A new edition of the Sermons of Dr Isaac by William Smellie, P.R.S.E. & F.A.S. Barrow, 5 vols Svo. £2, 125, 60.

A new edition. ls. 6d.

New Foreign Works, imported by Treuttel and Wurtz, Soho Square, London. Jemini, Histoire critique et militaire des Labaume, Relation circumstanciée de la guerres de la Revolution, nouvelle édition, Campagne de Russie ; sixième edition. 8vo. rédigée sur de nouveaux documens, et aug. 10s. mentée d'un grand nombre de cartes et Euvres complètes du Chancelier d’Agues. plans ; 6 vol. 8vo. avec un Atlas in folio. seau. Nouvelle édition, augmentée de pieces £4, 14. 6d.

échappées aux premiers éditeurs et d'un Brunet, Manuel du Libraire et des Ama- discours préliminaire ; par M. Pardessus, teurs des livres, 3me édit. augmentée de 16 vol. 8vo. £8. plus que 2000 articles, 4 vol. 8vo. £3. Landon Salen de 1819. Recueil de Mor.

Mémoires de M. le Baron Pergami, chamceaux choisis parmi les ouvrages de peinbellan, Chevalier de Malte, &c. &c. Tra. ture et de sculpture exposés au Louvre. 2 duits d'apres le manuscrit Italien, par M** vol. 8vo. £2, 5s. 8vo. 3s.

Monumens de la Normandie, recueilles, Le Sac blanc, ou Extrait de différentes lithographiés, et decrits ; par F. T. de Jolicorrespondances d'Angleterre, d'Allemagne, mont; livraisons 1, 2, 3; in folio, 15s. d'Italie, &c. relatives au caractère, aux each. mours, et à la conduite publique et privée Galerie des Oiseaux du Cabinet d'histoire de la Reine d'Angleterre. 2 vol. in 12mo. naturelle des jardin du Roi ; par Paul OuSs.

dart ; livraison 1.; small 4to. with four co. Boué, Essai Geologique sur l'Ecosse. 8vo. loured plates. 6s. avec fig. 12s.

Nouveau Recueil des planches enlumines Le Pretre, par Madame S. P***. 4 vol. des Oiseaux (faisant suite à l'ouvrage de 12mo. 158.

Buffon) avec descriptions par Temminck : Karamsin, Histoire de l'empire de Rus livraison 1. ; royal 4to. with six coloured sie. Vol. VII. 8vo. 9s.

plates in each. 145.



Sugar.-Our remarks on this article must necessarily be confined. The market, which for some time continued to look favourable, became, to the close of last month, stationary and languid, and since then it has rather declined. Holders, however, remain firm, and little inclination is shewn to suffer any depression of price. The supply may now be considered as having arrived at the market for this year; and as the quantity on hand can readily be ascertained, therefore the market may be expected to improve, unless the consumpt of the country decline. The demand for Refined Goods continues lively. In Foreign Sugar there is little doing. ----Coffee.—The Coffee market has become very dull, and the prices are given way considerably. Sales cannot be effected but with great difficulty. The next advices from the Continent, however, may give a different turn to the Coffee market, as every thing depends upon the activity in, and demand from that that quarter.

-Cotton.— The Cotton market in London remains very heavy, but the prices have not giver way. In Liverpool there was some appearance of improvement some days ago, but subsequently the market has become dull; but, nevertheless, the prices quoted are maintained, as the holders are not inclined to push the stock on hand into the market. A general opinion prevails, that if any great quantity were brought for. ward into the market, the prices would give way considerably. The improvement in the manufactures of the country, will, however, in all probability, prevent any material decline.- Oil is declining in price. Tallow is also fallen in price, and the market is extremely dull. The sales of Tobacco are limited, and the prices a shade lower. The Rum market is become heavy. Brandy may be purchased a shade lower. In Geo neta there is no alteration. The prices of all kinds of Grain have declined since our last very considerably. The weather of late has been very favourable for inishing what remained of the late crops, and gathering these into the barn-yards.

We have the satisfaction to state, that the manufacturing trade is decidedly and generally improved throughout all the country; and we are informed, from good authority, that there is a prospect of sufficient work for six months to come. We fondly anticipate a progressive improvement in our internal situation, which nothing can obstruct or prévent, but throwing the country into confusion, mischief, and internal broils, which is at present evidently the object of a considerable portion of the Radical tribe, so generally scattered over the nation. The good sense of the community, however, and the firmness of the executive government, will, we hope, again completely frustrate the daring at. tempts and efforts of a set of fools and madmen, from plunging this nation into a state of anarchy and rebellion.

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3s Od 38 2d
4 0 4 6
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15 6s 10 7s Od 6 10 7 0

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5 15
6 0


SUGAR, Musc.

B. P. Dry Brown, . cwt.
Mid, good, and fine mid.

Fine and very fine,
Refined Doub. Loaves,

Powder ditto,
Single ditto,
Small Lumps
Large ditto,

Crushed Lumps,
COFFEE, Jamaica cwt.

Ord, good, and fine ord. Mid. good, and fine mid. Dutch, Triage and very ord.

Ord. good, and fine ord.

Mid good, and fine mid.
St Domingo,
PIMENTO (in Bond)

Jamn. llum, 16 0. P. gall.
Grain Whisky,
Claret, Ist Growths, hhd.
Portugal Red,
Spanish White, butt.

pipe. .
LOGWOOD, Jam. ton.


FUSTIC, Jamaica,

INDIGO, Caraccas fine, Ib.
TIMBER, Amer Pine, foot.

Ditto Oak,
Christiansand (dut. paid)
Honduras Mahogany

St Domingo, ditto
TAR, American,

PITCH, Foreign, cut.
TALLOW, Rus. Yel. Cand.

Home Nielted,
HEMP, Riga Rhine,

ton. l'etersburgh Clean, FLAX,

Riga Thies. & Druj. Rak.

MATS, archangel, : 105.

Petersburgh Firsta, cwt.
ASHES, Peters. Pearl,
Montreal ditto,

Pot, OIL, Whale,

• tun, Cod, TOBACCO, Virgin. finc, lb.


COTTON's, Bowed Georg.
Sea Island, fine,


Middling, Demerara and Berbice, West India, Pernambuco, Maranham,

6 5
7 0
7 1.5
7 10
8 15
8 0

7 10
9 10

7 0 8 0 ls 3d ls 6d 10 0 10 60

8 0 10 0 8 6

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9s 6d Ils 6d
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35 11

16 38

uncertain. 81 (p. brl.) 8

83 63

58s 41 10

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9$ 10
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Weekly Price of Stocks, from 1st to 220 Sept. 1820.,

1st. 8th. 15th.



21 22 pr.

20 pr.

3 pr.

4 pr.

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Bank stock,

2214. shut. shut. shut. 3 per cent. reduced,


shut. shut. shut.
3 per cent.

67 61

34 per cent. consols,canaan


77 4 per cent. consols,

87 63 shut. shut. shut. 5 per cent navy ann..

103 103)

1 103 21 | 1021 4
Imperial 3 per cent. ann... 674 671 66

2144 14
- bonds,

19 20 pr. 21 20 pr. Exchequer billsguamaranam

4 2 pr. 1


3 Consols for acc.


8} 68] 67 68 American 3 per cents.caron


70 694
French 5 per cents.awosom

174 fr. 15 c.
Course of Exchange, Oct. 10.-Amsterdam, 12 : 8. Antwerp, 12:9.

Hamburgh, 37: 8. Frankfort on the Maine, 156. Paris, 3 d sight, 25: 80. Bourdeaux, 26:10. Madrid, 341. Cadiz, 34. Lisbon, 484. Oporto, 484. Gibraltar, 30. Leg. horn, 46%. Genoa, 432. Malta, 45. Naples, 384. Rio Janeiro, 544. Dublin, 64 per cent. Cork, 7.

Prices of Gold and Silver, per oz.-Portugal gold, in coin, £0:0:0. New Doubloons, £0:0:0. Foreign gold, in bars, £3: 17 : 104. New dollars, £0:4 : 105. Silver in bars, stand. £0: 4:114.

ALPHABETICAL List of ENGLISH BANKRUPTCIES, announced between the 19th of

August and the 19th of September, 1820, extracted from the London Gazette. Alway, T. Tetherington, Gloucestershire, farmer Hullah, R. A. New Kent-road, victualler Aubusson, C. W.F. otherwise C. W. Feuillade, Hutton, G. Birmingham, dealer in pictures, &c. patent aidform maker, George-street, Hanover- Jones, W. Holywell, Flintshire, tobacconist square

Jones, R. A. Tottenham-court-road, linen-draper
Axe, G. Stamford, draper

Larlham, W. Great Yarmouth, coach-master
Bennet, J. Chester, druggist

Maymon, E. Blackburn, cotton-manufacturer
Birch, T. Broseley, iron-master

Miller, J. Norwich, chymist
Bishop, C. Leicester, hosier

Mills, J. Water-lane, Tower-street, wine-merchant
Bolt. J. & G. Jones, Bath, grocers

Page, W.F. High Holborn, linen-draper
Briggs, J. Lakenham, victualler

Packer, J. Little St Mary Axe, painter
Corfield, C. W. Norwich, currier

Payant, W. Manchester, wine-merchant
Coal, W. Larkhall, Cambridgeshire, dealer Peacopp, T. Liverpool, wine-merchant
Cowne, S. Barbican, pawnbroker

Rainey, E. Liverpool, merchant
Copp, W. & A. Exeter, linen-drapers

Ramsden, J. Querrihill, Aldmondbury, fancy-cloth
Cox, T. C. Gloucestershire, víctualler

manufacturer Cruickshank, W. London-street, merchant Reid, D. Prince's-street, Spitalfields, silk-manuCutler, J. Bath, woollen-draper

Diekenson, E. W. Liverpool, merchant

Russian, P. Bath, jeweller
Drummond, J. P. London-street, merchant Slater, J. Wolverhampton, maltster
Eddington, W. E. Birmingham, dealer

Stead, w. Querrihill,' Aldmondbury, fancy-cloth
Emet, h. Liverpool, paint and colour manufac- manufacturer

Stott, W. Liverpool, linen-draper
Evms, J. Bristol, hatter

Stubbs, J. Castle-street, Leicester-square, jeweller
Evans, T. Birmingham, builder

Summerland, T. Bristol, iron-founder
Eyes, E. Liverpool, dealer

Sykes, P. Manchester, cooper
Farlow, T. Manchester, builder

Thomas, J. Carpenter's Buildings, London Wall,
Gadsby, G. Snareston, maltster

Garland, M.M. Magnus, & B. Benjamin, Bunhill- Tollervey, E. Westbourne, miller
TOW, merchants

Trueman, T. Goldsmith-street, horse-dealer
Garlick, G. Westport, tanner

Wall, W. Oxford, carver
Glover, J. Walsall, iron-founder

Warner, S. Ashford, Kent, ship-owner
Greaves, J. Nottingham, grocer

Ward, T. Towcester, lace-dealer
Hair, d. Sun-strees, tobecconist

Warren, G. Bath, cheesefactor
Hadfield, J. Whitfield, Derbyshire, cotton-spinner Weaver, G. Abchurch, lace-merchant
Hall, C. B. & T. Aldridge, Barbican, linen-drapers Wilson, W.C. London-street, merchant
Hassel, J. Richard-street, Islington

Wood. J. Liverpool, porter-dealer
ALPHABETICAL List of Scotch BANKRUPTCIES, announced between the 1st and

31st September, 1820, extracted from the Edinburgh Gazette.
Alison, Joseph, merchant in Glasgow

M'Lellan, W. grocer and victualler, Glasgow
Brown, A. & Co. curriers, Glasgow

MʻLeod, J. cotton-spinner in Turreen-street, Cal-
Cullen, D. & Co, callenderers, Glasgow

ton, Glasgow
Donalds & Co. ship-chandlers in Glasgow

Murdoch, J. merchant, Stirling
Duncan, J. merchant, Dundee

Robertson, J. baker, Edinburgh
Ferrier, A. linen and woollen draper, Kirkcaldy Scrimger, W. jun. inerchant, Kirkaldy
Fraser, J. merchant, Inverness

Shirreit, R. merchant in Glasgow
Halley, D. & Co. distillers at Caldwells; near Crieff Towers, J. & Co. commission-agents and manu-
Humé, J. Late wine and spirit merchant in Edin- facturers in Glasgow

Whittct, J. jun. corn-merchant, Dundee
Vol. VIII.


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