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& son.

At Leith Mount, the lady of John Mackenzie, 7. At Dalry-house, Edinburgh, James Douglas, Esq. merchant, Leith, a son.

Esq. of Carers, to Emma, daughter of the late Sir 16. Mrs Henry Wood, Great King-street, Edin- David Carnegie of Southesk, Bart. burgh, a son.

11. At Irvine, Stewart Murray Fullarton, Esq. - At Buccleuch-place, Edinburgh, Mrs Folliott of Fullarton, to Isabella Buchanan, only daughter Baugh, a son.

of the late James Muir, Esq. surgeon in Glasgow, 11. At Briekfield, Mrs Wishart, Heriot-row, - At Aberdeen, Alexander Bell, Esq. Berwick, Edinburgh, a danghter.

to Mary, only daughter of John Ross, Esq. - At her house, York-place, London, the lady - At Leith, Mr Robert Laidlaw, to Margaret, of Joseph Hume, Esq. M.P. a son.

eldest daughter of Mr John Duff, Logiealinond. 18. At Dunnikeir-house, the lady of Lieutenant- 12. la Cochran-street of Glasgow, John BurnGeneral Sir John Oswald of Dunnikeir, K.C. B. side, Esq. Milburn-house, Lanarkshire, to Mary,

youngest daughter of the late Mr John Macarthur Melville-place, Stirling, Mrs Birch, a of Glasgow. daughter.

At Westerhall, Major Weyland, 16th Lan. - At Cullan-house, the lady of Colonel Grant cers, to Lady Johnstone, widow of the late Sir of Grant, M.P. a son.

John Lowther Johnstone, Bart. of Westerhall, in 19. At Edmonstone-house, Mrs Wauchope of the county of Dumfries. Edmonstone, a daughter.

- At Edinburgh, James Clark, M.D. to Barbara, - At Aberdeen, the lady of Dr Ogilvie, a son. only daughter of the late Rev. John Stephen, 20. At Manchester, the lady of Dr Hardie, a son. LL.D. rector of Christ Church, New Providence, 22. The Countess Delawart, a son.

Bahama Islands. - In George's-square, Edinburgh, the lady of - At Lochbuy-house, island of Mull, John GreCaptain Cubitt, a son.

gorson, Esq. of Ardtorinish, to Mary, daughter of 23. The lady of Capt. Mackay, 71st Regt. a son. the deceased Murdoch MacLaine, Esq. of Lochbuy.

- At Yester, the Marchioness of Tweeddale, a 15. At Edinburgh, Mr Robert Kemp, Castle daughter.

street, to Miss Margaret Dickinson. - At Milrig, Mrs Gordon of Milrig, a son.

18. At Perth, Glas Sandeman, Esq. younger of 26. At Edinburgh, Mrs Lockhart, Albany-street, Springland, to Margaret, daughter of Dr Stewart Edinburgh, a daughter.

of Bonskeid. 97. Mrs C. Campbell, Young-street, Edinburgh, 19. At Bernice, Lieutenant Archibald M'Tavish, a daughter.

H. P. 3d West India regiment, to Margaret, daugh28. At Graham-street, Edinburgh, the lady of ter of the late Donald Fletcher, Esq. Captain David Campbell, a son.

At Galashiels, Mr John Waldie, saddler in 30. At Gogar-house, the lady of James L'Amy, Kelso, to Miss Christian Jeffrey, eldest daughter of Esg. advocate, a daughter.

Mr George Jeffrey, New Kelso, Ross-shire. bet. 1. At Edinburgh, Mrs Greig of Hallgreig, a At Edinburgh, Captain W. Cunningham

Dalyell, royal navy, fifth son of the late Sir Robt. 3. Mrs Thomas Megget, Drummond-place, Edin- Dalyell, Bart. of Binns, to Maria, youngest daughburgh, a daughter.

ter of A. T. Sampayo, Esq. of Peterboro'-house, Latdy-At Ballygiblin, Ireland, the lady of Middlesex. William W. Beecher, Esq. M. P. (Miss O'Neil), a - At Edinburgh, James Brown, Esq. of London, son. The child only lived til next day.

to Miss Sarah Hamilton, eldest daughter of the late At Dover, the lady of Captain Scott, royal ar- John Hamilton, Esq. of Polmont Bank. tillery, a son.

20. At the manse of Crail, Charles Nairne, Esq. W. S. to Amelia Forbes, eldest daughter of the Rev. Andrew Bell of Kilnduncan, minister of Crail.

23. At St Paul's chapel, John Turner, Esq. of MARRIAGES.

Turner Hall, to Elizabeth Helen, youngest daugh

ter of the deceased Captain William Urqubart, Feb. 2. At Bengal, Lieutenant-General Hogg, to 30th regiment. Mary Ann, widow of Major Burton, and eldest - Ai Eglingham, William Hay, Esq. of Hopes, daughter of Dr John Borthwick Gilchrist, profes- East Lothian," to Frances Ann, third daughter of for of oriental languages, College of Fort William, the late Robert Ogle, Esq. of Eglingham, Northin the East Indies.

umberland. Aug. 22. At Hartfield house, James Macdonald, 23. At Dumfries, John Lizars, Esq. surgeon, Esq. of Balranald and younger of Lynedale, to Jane, Edinburgh, to Sarah Fleming M'Crakeri, daughter third daughter of the deceased Captain Mackenzie of the late William M'Craken, Esq. of Lochvale, of Hartfield,

Dumfries. 23. At La Columbriere, Jersey, Major William - At Carnwath, the Rev. William Goldie, CrawMackay, 68th light infantry, to Margaret, only fordjohn, to Anne, youngest daughter of the late child of Captain Robert Mackay of Hedgefield. Mr Middleton of Libberton.

- At Dalvey, Charles Gordon, Esq. of Forres, 27. At Glasgow, Niel M.Lachlan, Esq. Castle to Christina, second daughter of Norman Macleod, ton, Argyllshire, to Flora, daughter of Mr John Esq. of Drynoch.

MLaine, Lochgilphead, and niece of the late 21. In the Collegiate Church of Ripon, Charles Donald M.Laine, Esq. wine-merchant, Leith Walk, Oxley, Esg. to Miss Waddilove, eldest daughter of Edinburgh. the Very Rev. the Dean of Ripon.

Lately - At Paris, Earl Poulett, to Charlotte, 23. Át the manse of Lumphanan, Harry La- daughter of the Hon. Mrs Portman, and niece of mond, Esq. of Pitmurchie, to Margaret, youngest Lord Dormer. daughter of the Rev. William Shand, Lumphanan.

31. At Kenton, Devonshire, Michael Francis, second son of David Gordon, Esq.of Dulwich Hill, Surrey, and Abergeldie, to Caroline, fifth daughter of the Rev. John Swete, of Oxton House. Sept. 4. At Edinburgh, James Austin, Esq. M.D.

DEATHS. of the island of Barbadoes, to Elisabeth Mary, only daughter of the late William Pieree, Esq. of Jamaica.

April 12. At Calcutta, in the 27th year of his - At London, Rear-Admiral Sir Charles Ogle age, Lieutenant James Steuart, of the royal navy, of Worthy, Bart. to Letitia, daughter of Sir William son of David Steuart, Esq. late Lord Provost of Burroughs, Bart.

Edinburgh. This gallant and estimable young man, - At Linlithgow, James Tod, Esq. merchant in after serving as an officer on board his Majesty's Borrowstoupness, to Henrietta, eldest daughter of ships Weasle and Tremendous, with much reputaAlexander Napier, Esq. merchant in Linlithgow. tion, finished his career in the royal navy, as one

5. At St Margaret's Hill, the Rev. Robert Bal- of the lieutenants of the Hebrus frigate, Captain four Graham, minister of Stenton, to Christina Palmer, sharing in the concluding triumphs of the Wilson, second daughter of the Rev. Archibald British navy at the memorable and bloody battle Lawrie, D.D. of Hillhouse, minister of Loudown. of Algiers. Placed upon half-pay, he repaired to

- Ai Leyton, Essex, Thomas Flower Ellis, jun. the East Indies in search of employment, in the Esq. A.B. Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge, Company's service, and had just obtained the comto Susan, only daughter of the late John N'Tag- mand of the Exmouth, country ship, of 690 tons, gart, Esq. of Ardwal.

when he was suddenly cut off from his family and 5

fair expectations of his friends by an attack of spas- men had seen more service, or have displayed more modic cholera, after a short illness of twelve hours.

talent. 28. At Wurnoo Tank, in Wagur, Captain James 12. At 2, Howard-place, Edinburgh, Thomas, Macmurdo, the Honourable East India Company's the son of William Auld, Esq. Resident at Cutch.

- At Leith, Mrs Jean Comb, spouse of Mr May 21. On his passage from the island of Cey- Thomas Barker, brewer there. lon to his native land, Captain John Ritchie, of - At Dingwall, John Simson, Esq. writer there. the 73d regiment, eldest son of Mr James Ritchie, 13. Mr Robert Blair, late assistant surgeon in Rhynd.

the Honourable East India Company's service, Aug. 25. At Stirling, Lieutenant W. I. Devon- Bengal establishment, eldest son of the late Mr shire, royal navy; and also, at the same place, on Francis Blair. the 1st September, Captain Thomas Wingate, his - At Pentland, Mr John Allan, farmer there. brother-in-law.

- At Perth, Mr Alexander Porteous, merchant 26. At Clova, Lady Niven Lumsden of Auchin- there, in the 78th year of his age. doir.

14. At Dover, Lieutenant-Colonel Sir Alexander 27. At Montague-square, London, Francis Gray Allan, Bart. of Baker-street, Portman-square, LonPaterson, only son of Captain John Paterson, of don, aged 56, one of the directors of the East India the Hou. East India Company's service.

Company, and late member of parliament for Ber. - At Glendaruel house, Mrs Campbell of Glen- wick-upon-Tweed. daruel.

- At his house, No 2, Prince's-street, Edinburgh, 28. At Edinburgh, aged 37, of a fall from his Mr Duncan Robertson, perfumer. horse, Mr Mungo Paton, Main Point.

15. Al Kilmarnock, Mrs Hamilton, wife of the 30. At his house in Duke-street, Edinburgh, Rev. Andrew Hamilton. Mr Thomas Morison, builder.

At Edinburgh, Mrs Mary Cameron, wife of - At Green-street, Enfield Highway, Middlesex, Mr Archibald Fletcher, writer. Mrs Mary Ann Burgess, wife of John Keir, Esq.; - At Linlithgow, Maria, eldest daughter of the and same day, John William, their infant son. Rev. David Watson, Linlithgow, aged 20.

31. At Killin, Perthshire, the Rev. Dr Bushby, - At Campbelton, aged 86, and the 57th of his Dean of Rochester,

He was travelling with his ministry, the Rev. Dr George Robertson, one of friend, Dr Thackery, Provost of King's College, the ministers of the Collegiate Church there. Cambridge, and died after three days' illness.

16. At Woodside, Mrs Russell of Woodside. - At Kentish Town, Major Edward Watkins, 17. At Whim, John Henderson, student. of his Majesty's 65th regiment, of a fever contract. At his house, Buccleuch-place, Mr George ed in the late severe and harassing campaign & Watson, jeweller. gainst the Mahrattas.

- At Manse of Rathven, Mrs Masson, wife of Sept. 1. At Edinburgh, Robert Buchanan, Esq. J. Masson, Esq. S.S.C. Edinburgh. late of the Stock Exchange, London.

Mrs Margaret Wilson, wife of John Hay, 4. At Port-Glasgow, John Dunlop, Esq. collect- writer, Edinburgh. or of the customis there.

At Ashintully, William Rutherford, Esq. of 5. At Muirfield-house, Major Spencer Cochrane. Ashintully.

- At Paisley, after a short illness, Hugh Thom- 18. At Bath, the Hon. Mrs Sotheby. SOD, Esq. a gentleman of piety and benevolence, - At Cheltenham, John Haig, Esq. merchant in and characterized by Christian meekness and hu- London. mility: Among other bequests he has left L. 1000 - At Brunsfield, Lieutenant Robert Horsman for public benevolent purposes, viz. : To the Bri- Scott, 1st regiment, or Royal Scots. tish and Foreign Bible Society, L.200; to the Lon- 19. At Plymouth, R. A. Nelson, Esq. Secretary don Missionary Society, L.200; to Hutcheson's of the Naval Board, brother to the immortal Nelcharity school, Paisley. L.200; to the Paisley Sab- son. bath School Society, L.200; and to the Paisley 20. At Edinburgh, in the 24th year of his age, Dispensary and House of Recovery, L.200.

Patrick Lyon, M.D. youngest son of the late Hugh 6. At Baylis, near Windsor, in her 70th year, the Lyon, Esq. of Wester Ogil, captain of artillery, in Dowager Marchioness of Thomond. Her ladyship the service of the honourable East India Company. was the nicce of the late celebrated Sir Joshua 22. At Musselburgh, Mr Archibald Hope TayReynolds.

lor, merchant, Leith, youngest son of the late Mr - At his house in St James's Place, London, Taylor, rector of the grammar-school, Musselaged 85, James Ferguson of Pitfour, Esq. M.P. for burgh. Aberdeenshire.

23. At Edinburgh, Mr James Simpson, stationer, - At Ward End House, Birmingham, Thomas Royal Exchange. Astbury, Esq. much and deservedly regretted. 24. At Portobello, the Right Hon. Alexr. Lord

7. At Garscube House, Mrs Anne Cainpbell, wi- Elibank. dow of the late Francis Sitwell, Esq. of Barmoor. - At her house in Gayfield-square, Mrs Marjory

8. At Stevenson, Ayrshire, after two days' ill- Smith, in the 85th year of her age. ness, the Rev. Thomas Blair, late minister of the 25. At Edinburgh, Sarah Ann Milne, daughter gospel, Cairneyhill.

of the late Mr John Milne, Mill of Stonehaven. In George-square, Mrs Elizabeth Ponton, wife LatelyAt Bath, Fletcher Paris, Esq. He has of Mr Archibald Campbell, brewer.

Lequeathed L 40,000, and a field, for the purpose - At London, aged 39, Mr Rae, late of Drury. of erecting thirty cottages, for the residence (with lane Theatre.

endowments) of the widows or daughters of ten 9. At Plymouth, Samuel Hood Linzee, Esq. Vice- poor clergymen, of ten reduced professional men, Admiral of the Blue. He fell from his horse in a and of ten decayed merchants. fit of apoplexy on Thursday afternoon, and never - At his house, Woodcot, in the county of Hadspoke afterwards.

dington, George Home Falconer, Esq. captain of - At Harrogate, Mrs Dundas, St Andrew-square, the 2d dragoons (Scots Grey's). Edinburgh.

- At Twyford Lodge, Sussex, Lady Sewell, wi- At Greenlaw Manse, the Rev. James Luke. dow of the Right Hon. Sir Thoinas Sewell, for

At Glenearn Cottage, Elizabeth Margaret, merly Master of the Rolls, and one of his Majesty's second daughter of Charles Husband, Esq. of Glen- most honourable Privy Council. earu.

At the island of Ceylon, Captain George 10. At his house in Upper Baker-street, London, Rivers Maltby, of the 16th foot. His death was Alexander Ross of Cromarty, Esq.

occasioned by his horse running away with him ; 11. Al Swinton-house, John Swinton, Esq. of the animal in his course passing under a tree, a Swinton,

bough of which came in contact with Mr Maltby's At Hampstead, Helen, the infant daughter head, and unfortunately killed him on the spot. of John Spottiswoode, Esq. of Spottiswoode. - in Hamilton-place, London, the Countess of

- At Cheltenham, Rear-Admiral Sir Home Shannon, shortly after the birth of her 13th child. Paphim, K.C.B. &c. He had but recently retum- - At the Church House, Leatherhead, the Hon. ed from his command on the Jamaica station, Charlotte Beauclerk, fourth daughter of the late where he lost his daughter and his health. Few Lord Henry Beauclerk.

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Horæ Cantabrigienses. No VI.

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185 Eclogue

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.143 topher North, Esq.....sorocamaronero... 207 Daniel O'Rourke; an Epic Poem, in Six The Queen's Trial....macrocoranaw.cor. 209 Cantos ; by Fogarty O'Fogarty, Esq. Mr Haydon's Picture

219 of Blarney.

Remarks on Captain Parry's Expedition ib. Private Letter from a Member of

the Cork Literary and Philoso- LITERARY AND SCIENTIFIC phical Society.


INTELLIGENCE...mamoon 224 Canto III. The Eagle Flight come 156 Maturin's Melmoth the Wanderer, &c. 161



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Commercial Report.

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By the Author of


A voice in the Heaven sta sound in the Earth
And omens and prodigies herald the birth ;-
But the deeds that shall be to the sins that were done,
Are darker than shadows to forms in the Sun.

Printed for William Blackwood, Edinburgh ; and T. CADELL and

W. Davies, Strand, London.

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No VI.

Benet College, Cambridge, 25th October, 1820. DEAR MR NORTH, Why does not the Ensign come up to Cambridge, as he promised ? I have been looking for hiin, in his under graduate's gown, about the middle of every term these two years. However, I see he still keeps his name on the College boards, so there are some hopes of him yet. I am confident he would turn out a wrangler-among the first ten, for a dozen. He is already as well trained as most freshmen. He measures distances to a nicety; describes a circle (or, as he would call it in his unmathematical way, a ring) to adiniration; and for squaring, and bringing out the fluent, he is, I verily believe, unrivalled. Here is food for his fancy, in all her forms and figures ; and mathematics would, I am confident, give the last finishing touch to him. A mathematician is never knocked down but he can tell the reason, which is more than the primest swell at the Castle-Tavern can say at all times. If he knows the force and direction of the blow, which a man of quick parts and feeling can always discover, he can calculate how long he will be in tumbling from a stage twenty feet high, which is a great satisfaction, besides being a great help in coming to time. And should his neck, by any awkward accident, be dislocated, he is perfectly acquainted with the law by which said accident befell him.

We are rather flat here at present, but I enclose you a squiblet, which was written when Sir J. E. Smith, that knight of the gillyflower, made his grand charge on our Botanical Chair.


A Botany Bay Eclogue.

O GALLANT Sir James is come out of the North,
Through all that wild region his fame had gone forth;
Yet, save the Vice-Chancellor, friend he had none;
He came all unask'd, and he came all alone.
So daring in heart, and so dauntless in pith,
There ne'er was Professor like President Smith.
He staid not for frown, and he stopp'd not for groan ;
He put in his clamour where claim he had none;
But e'er he arriv'd at a Lecturer's state,

The tutors conspir'd-and the lectures came late.


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