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*liwenlliant implies, a beautiful Fair; or more literally, White as the torrent foam. I presume that this Lady, was the Daughter of Prince Rhồs ab Griffith, of South Wales, and wife of Ednyfed Vychan; who is mentioned in Powel's History of Wales, to have exceeded all other Women of her time, both in beauty and accomplishments, and died greatly lamented, in the year 1190 - The title of the Tune seems to imply it to be, the Lullaby, that was played to sooth this Princess to sleep; which was not an unusual custom among the oid Britons, See the first Volume of the Welsh Bards, fuge 27, &c.

Hem Rogero Bengocht

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* Query, who her this was Roger of ('onway, the Franciscan fryer, who was renowned for learning and Author of several Rooky,in the reign or Edward the Third, or, Roger Nightingale, a clergyman and a distinguished Singer, who was patroni. -sordby Irohbashop Williams, and flourished in the time of Charles the first, and siiard.

Hafod y Wraig lawen: _The merry Womanis Dairy House

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Oh! how charming is the bliss
Of thy aromatic kiss!
Happy he, who twice a day,
Thus can taste his life away;
Who with each returning morn,
After walking o'er the lawn,
And at night again can sip
India's fragrance from thy lip.
Purer joys by far he knows,
Than from frantic "Bacchus flows:
Fit for who's a flame of mine,
Fit for Bronwen, maid divine.

The words which are set to this Air are modern.
8. Tea was first brought into Europe in the beginning of the 17th Century;and sold for 60°.per pound.

10 Caingc Dafydd Brophwyd._The Tune of David the Prophet.,

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The above Subject, was taken from a curious musical Manuscririt of the 11. Century: and probably the Tune is of a much morn

ancient dater"

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