Julius Caesar (Hardcover Library Edition)

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First published in 1599, 'Julius Caesar' was a tragedy and Roman history play by William Shakespeare, an English playwright, poet, and actor. He is widely considered the most splendid writer in the English language and the world's most remarkable dramatist. Based on Plutarch's narrative of the lives of Brutus, Julius Caesar, and Mark Antony, it reveals the great dramatist's consummate ability to explore and express the most profound human emotions and instincts. So clearly and urgently it impacts its insights into the history and human behavior. It is traditionally among the first of Shakespeare's plays to be studied at the secondary-school level.

After Caesar is assassinated, Mark Antony cleverly turns the crowd against the conspirators in one of the most famous speeches in literature. In the civil war that follows, the forces of Mark Antony and Octavius Caesar eventually win out over the armies of Cassius and Brutus. Humiliated and desperate, both conspirators choose to end their lives. These tragic events unfold in a riveting dramatic spectacle that also raises profound questions about power, government, ethics, and loyalty.

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