How Then Should We Reason: Made in the Image of God

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Frank Dragash is a servant of Christ with an incredible passion to make an impact on the world  for Christ’s kingdom. His ministry in multiple cultures gives him a unique perspective, and he takes a creative approach to every project he undertakes. This book is no exception. He shows clearly that the family is intended to reflect the image of God, and argues that modern culture has gone astray because they have overlooked this truth. An important message that our society desperately needs to hear.”

-Dr. John Bechtle, Director, The Telos Institute International


The word person is aptly described in Webster's Dictionary in the following explanation:  A figure of speech in which an imaginary or absent person is represented as speaking or acting.  In this description we can see the reality of being made in the image of someone else.  This is the theme of this book.

In the ancient Greek theater, an actor would heave a mask over his face in order to more truly represent his character, who was supposed to be present at that moment in that spot, but was actually absent.  Because of the character's inability to be present in person on stage, the actor put a particular form over his own face, to identify himself with the character he was representing.  This clearly illustrates the concept of personhood with its entire array of traits.

In this sense, the entire life known to us is not ours; it is loaned to us.  We are truly acting it out.  The only question to be answered is:  Will we acknowledge it or deny it?  Find out the answer in this book! 

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How Then Should We Reason..

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Frank has a keen insight into things of God as a hand full of people has today. This book is a proof of God's gift to Frank in explaining the concepts of creation and family for the benefit of the ... Vollständige Rezension lesen

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Über den Autor (2007)

Frank Dragash is a missionary of 30 years standing.  His education includes Vienna University in Austria, All Nations Christian College in England, and Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, USA.

He has a rich experience of dealing with people in all walks of life.  Frank and his wife Anna, together with their two sons Philip and Jacob, have traveled extensively and lived in numerous countries.  They are polyglots, speaking several languages fluently, and have planted two churches in Vienna, Austria.  Burdened by the urgency of the need to bring about positive change in the cultural fabric of society, Frank founded the Croatian Institute for Cultural Renewal, of which he is a director.

Hoping to contribute to an improvement of human relationships and, above all, to point decisively to the God who revealed Himself in Christ Jesus as the Savior of the entire world, especially those who accept Him into their lives, Frank Dragash presents this book as a valuable tool.  It is childishly simple.  Anyone can put its principles  into practice, and all who call themselves Christians should practice it!

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