The works of the English poets. With prefaces, biographical and critical, by S. Johnson, Band 37


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Seite 117 - She next the stately Bull implored; And thus replied the mighty lord. "Since every beast alive can tell That I sincerely wish you well, I may, without offence, pretend, To take the freedom of a friend; Love calls me hence; a...
Seite 83 - My name, perhaps, hath reach'd your ear ; Attend, and be advis'd by Care. Nor love, nor honour, wealth, nor power, Can give the heart a cheerful hour, When health is lost. Be timely wise : With health all taste of pleasure flies.
Seite 95 - Birds ! (the mother cries) This hill delicious fare supplies ; Behold the busy negro race, See millions blacken all the place ! Fear not ; like me with freedom eat ; An Ant is most delightful meat. How bless'd, how envied, were our life, Could we but 'scape the poulterer's knife!
Seite 68 - Lin'd with red rags, to look like blood, Did well his threefold trade explain, Who shav'd, drew teeth, and breath'da vein.
Seite 18 - Father ask'd her where and when ? How many ? and what sort of men ? By what degrees her blood was heated ? How oft...
Seite 116 - And from the deep-mouthed thunder flies : She starts, she stops, she pants for breath ; She hears the near advance of death ; She doubles, to mislead the hound, And...
Seite 102 - This magic looking-glass," she cries, (" There, hand it round) will charm your eyes " : Each eager eye the sight desired, And ev'ry man himself admired.
Seite 105 - My latter life is rest and peace. I grant, to man we lend our pains, And aid him to correct the plains; But doth not he divide the care, Through all the labours of the year?
Seite 36 - The Lion crav'd the Fox's art ; The Fox, the Lion's force and heart. The Cock implor'd the Pigeon's flight, Whose wings were rapid, strong, and light : The Pigeon strength of wing...
Seite 58 - Tis done. The Dog the parley thus begun. How can that...

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