The Cheltenham improvement act, 1852, with notes by S. Pruen


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Seite 300 - If any party shall be entitled to any compensation in respect of any lands, or of any interest therein, which shall have been taken for, or injuriously affected by, the execution of the works...
Seite 180 - An Act for the more effectual Abolition of Oaths and Affirmations taken and made in various Departments of the State, and to substitute Declarations in lieu thereof, and for the more entire suppression of voluntary and extra-judicial Oaths, and affidavits;' and to make other Provisions for the abolition of unnecessary Oaths.
Seite 326 - Action ; and if no such Tender shall have been made it shall be lawful for the Defendant, by Leave of the Court where such Action shall...
Seite 291 - ... shall have been served by the one party on the other party, to appoint an arbitrator, such last-mentioned party fail to appoint such arbitrator, then upon such failure the party making the request, and having himself appointed an arbitrator, may appoint such arbitrator to act on behalf of both parties, and such arbitrator may proceed to hear and determine the matters which shall be in dispute, and in such case the award or determination of such single arbitrator shall be final.
Seite 291 - When any question of disputed compensation by this or the special Act, or any Act incorporated therewith, authorised or required to be settled by arbitration, shall have arisen, then, unless both parties shall concur in the appointment of a single arbitrator, each party, on the...
Seite 263 - Justice he shall issue a Summons requiring the Party complained against to appear before Two Justices at a Time and...
Seite 308 - ... together with interest thereon, at the rate of five pounds per centum per annum, from the time of entering on such lands, until such purchase-money or compensation shall be paid...
Seite 239 - ... shall be liable to a penalty not exceeding five pounds for every day during which such default continues...
Seite 40 - ... byelaws imposing any penalty shall be so framed as to allow of the recovery of any sum less than the full amount of the penalty.
Seite 160 - Correction,'] amounting to the further sum of , shall be sooner paid unto you the said keeper ; and for your so doing this shall be your sufficient warrant.

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