The Querist: Containing Several Queries, Proposed to the Consideration of the Public ... To which is Added, by the Same Author, A Word to the Wise: of An Extortation to the Roman Catholic Clergy of Ireland

printed, 1760 - 160 Seiten

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Seite 9 - Whether the terms crown, livre, pound sterling, &c., are not to be considered as exponents or denominations of such proportion? And whether gold, silver, and paper, are not tickets or counters for reckoning, recording, and transferring thereof ? 26.
Seite 33 - Whether, if there was a wall of brass a thousand cubits high round this kingdom, our natives might not nevertheless live cleanly and comfortably, till the land, and reap the fruits of it...
Seite 11 - Whether power to command the industry of others be not real wealth ? And whether money be not in truth tickets or tokens for conveying and recording such power, and whether it be of great consequence what materials the tickets are made of?
Seite 132 - And it may be affirmed with truth, that the very savages of America are better clad and better lodged than the Irish cottagers throughout the fine fertile counties of Limerick and Tipperary. Having long observed and bewailed this wretched state of my countrymen, and the insufficiency of several methods set on foot to reclaim them, I have recourse to your Reverences, as the dernier ressort.
Seite 129 - In every road the ragged ensigns of poverty are displayed ; you often meet caravans of poor, whole families in a drove, without clothes to cover, or bread to feed them, both which might be easily procured by moderate labour.
Seite 39 - If it be resolved that we cannot do without foreign trade, whether, at least, it may not be worth while to consider what branches thereof deserve to be entertained, and how far we may be able to carry it on under our present limitations...
Seite 7 - Freedom than thofe which are unreafonable ? 15. Whether a general good Tafte in a People would not greatly conduce to their thriving ? And whether an uneducated Gentry be not the greateft of national Evils?

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