Dorothy's venture, Band 2


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Seite 262 - It's wiser being good than bad; It's safer being meek than fierce : It's fitter being sane than mad. My own hope is, a sun will pierce The thickest cloud earth ever stretched ; That, after Last, returns the First, Though a wide compass round be fetched ; That what began best, can't end worst, Nor what God blessed once, prove accurst.
Seite 192 - There was a little man, And he had a little gun, And his bullets were made of lead, lead, lead ; He went to the brook, And saw a little duck, And shot it through the head, head, head.
Seite 14 - Tell me one thing, tell me truly, Tell me why you scorn me so, Tell me why, when asked a question You will always answer no. No sir, no sir, no sir!
Seite 216 - So one day more am I deified. Who knows but the world may end to-night...
Seite 297 - ... youth, Seeking in vain, in all my store, One feeling based on truth; Amid the maze of petty life A clue whereby to move, A spot whereon in toil and strife To dare to rest and love. So constant as my heart would be, So fickle as it must, 'Twere well for others as for me 'Twere dry as summer dust.
Seite 154 - A man's a fool who strives by force or skill, To stem the torrent of a woman's will ; For if she will, she will, you may depend on't, And if she won't, she won't — and there's an end on't.
Seite 14 - My father was a Spanish merchant, And before he went to sea, He told me to be sure and answer No to all you said to me.
Seite 185 - ... recess. The careless smile, like a gay banner borne, The laugh of merriment, the lip of scorn, — And, for a cloak, what is there that can be So difficult to pierce as gaiety...
Seite 250 - IN ANSWER TO A QUESTION Why should I hate you, love, or why despise For that last proof of tenderness you gave ? The battle is not always to the brave, Nor life's sublimest wisdom to the wise. True courage often is in frightened eyes, And reason in sweet lips that only rave. There is a weakness stronger than the grave, And blood poured out has overcome the skies, — Nay, love, I honour you the more for this, That you have rent the veil, and ushered in A fellow soul to your soul's holy place. And...
Seite 19 - He doeth well who doeth good To those of his own brotherhood; He doeth better who doth bless The stranger in his wretchedness; Yet best, Oh!

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