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reparations of the churche of Newporte xij d. To Syr Henry Key, chauntry prest at Newporte, xijd. To Thomas Sampson, parisshe clerke of Newporte, viij d. To Thomas Williamson and to Elisabethe his wif, which be my ost and ostes at this tyme, for theire labours and esement of theire chambers now in my sekenes, xiij s. iijd. To every childe and servaunt of the said Thomas Williamson nowe within his house viijd. To John Yarom, osteler and servaunte to the said Thomas, ijs. To James Jenkenson my servaunt, which is present with me at this tyme, x li. of money. All such dettes as be betwene James Long of Leconbussard and me, if I fortune to departe at this tyme I do forgyve hym them, and if I fortune to lyfe the said James to pay them to me. The residue I gyf to Sybell Walker my wif, myn executrix, to fulfill this my last will and to dispose as she thynkes best for my soule and all Cristen soules as my oder testament which my wif lately had playnly shewith and declareth.

[Proved 18 Nov., 1519.]



[Ayloffe, 32.) 8 Dec., 1519. Brian Andrew, chapman, Kendall, dwelling in Kendall towne. My body to be buryed within the churche of Henston.* To the said churche vjs. viij d., for my grave. To every aulter xij d. To John Andrewe, my sune, xxvj li. xiijs. iiijd., my wife to have the said money to fynde sufficient surtie to pay my sune when he is able to occupy it. I bequeth Alis Andrew, my brothers doughter, xx nobles that her father bequethed her, also a close called Ellerbanke for the space of my termes of xj yeres. To Agnes Docray xj li. of her owne goodes, redy money. To Kendall Churche, toward a newe vestement, xx s. 'To Mathew Nicholson my newe chamlet jacket. To John Michell, my prentise, xls. and an horse. The residue of my goodes to Johan Andrew my wife, and to Richard Andrew my brother, and make theym myne executours and overseers, Robert Waller and Mathew Nicholson. In witnesse, Thomas Draper, preste, Richard Wekes, Thomas Heyward, John Allwod, et multis aliis. Item, I bequeth to John Allwod a satteyn dublet clothe.

[Proved 25 August, 1520.]


[Ayloffe, 32.] 3 Apr., 1520. Robert Herryson of Kingiston upon Hull, merchaunt. If it please God my body to be buryed in the Trinitie Churche of Hull in the north ile at the feete of maister Laught, and to be rongin for with the greate bell, havyng dirige and masse with note for my soule with all the freers. To the reparacons of the Trinitie Churche xli. To the chapell churche xx s. To the vicar xls. To eyther of the freres in Hull xl s., they doing vij yeres after my disceas ones a yere dirige and masse with note for my soule, my frendis soules, and for all those that I have fared the better for. To every massendewe in Hull iij s. iiijd. I charge Katheryn my wife, whome I make myn executrix, that I have a preste to singe for my soule, my freyndes soules and all those soules that I have fared the better for the space of x yeres, and he to have yerelye vij markes, and I geve to her full power to dispose my goodes after her wisdom. Also I make supervisor John Cole, the vicar of Barton upon Humber, and he to have x markes. To the reparacon of Saint Botolphe Churche in Skirbroke in Lincolnshire there I was borne v li. To Saint Katherin Chapell in Saltflete haven xx s.

* Helsington.

To the crosse of the saide chapell xxvjs. viij d. in the same towne. To the causey that gothe from Salteflete haven to the churche xl s. To every oon of my wives children vli. Also I will have delt for my soule by peny mele iiij li. vjs. viijd. To Corpes Christi Aulter a table of overse worke, price the same xxx li., and the story to be of Corpus Christi. Also I will have a copp bought for the Trinitie Churche, price the same xl li. To Richard Browne of Skidbroke xx s. and a gowne.

To the Staple Chapell within our Lady Churche at Caleis x li. to a vestement. To John Rowse, to Agnes Rowse, to Isabell Rowse, to Margarete Rowse my suster children, every oon of theyme x li. To Edward Dalton ij of my beste saltes with oon cover, also my beste nutte, my beste gilted pece. To John, Robert, Katheryn, Agnes Nedall and Jenet, to every oon of theyme

To John, Robert, Thomas and Edward Dalton, sunnes to Thomas Dalton, to every of theym xs. To my wife ij tenementes in Salthouse lane, she doing an obyt for my soule and all Christian soules iiij s. by yere for ever more. wife my tenementes in Salteflete haven the tyme of her lyfe, and after her descese they to goo to John Rowse and his heires. Also to my wyf during her life a crofte called Sedyke crofte, and after her disceas it to goo unto our Lady gilde in Skyrbroke, they dooing an obbet yerely of iij s. iiij d. for ever

To Syr William Jackson xx s. and oon of my gownes. To Richard Meyklay my sangyn gowne furred. To John Hamound a gowne lyned or furred. To Edward Dalton my best cremisen gowne furred. To John Chapman xls. To Richard Sall xs. To Walter Treme xx s. Witnes, Thomas


Also to my


Poen, parishe preste of Hull, John Coole, vicar of Barton upon Humber, William Jackson, preeste, and John Greffith, preeste.

[Proved 24 Sept., 1520.]



[Ayloffe, 18.] 24 Feb., 1518-19. Thomas Babyngton, of Dethyke. To be buryed in my parish church of Ashover, near my wif Edith, but I will not that the tombe which I have made in the church of Ashover be broken or hurt for my carkas, but that it be leyde nere the same, and over that place that I shall lye in a stone with a scripture after myn executors myndes to be leyde. The residue of all my goodes not bequethed I will that myne executors dispose amonges poore people to pray for me, and in exbibicion and fyndyng of poore scolers in both universities of Oxenford and Cambryge after this maner, that every scoler of xv scolers, besydes other scolers that I kepte before tyme, have yerely xxvj s. viij d., chargyng them to praye for the soules of Sir John Babyngton, of Chilwell, knyght, Henry Babyngton, doctor in divinitie, my soule, Thomas Babyngton, Edith and Margery my wifes, John Urmond soule, Syr Robert Gregory, prest, & all Christian soules, and Maister Henry Bullock to have the nominacion of the same scolers, and to have for his labor xls. I make myne executors Antonye Babyngton, my sonne and heire apparaunte, Maister Rauff Babyngton, clerke, George Chaworthe, esquier, Roger Grenehall, and my sonne, Syr John Babyngton, supervisour.

[Proved 20 June, 1519.]



[Hogen, 39.] 18 Feb., 1536-7. Anthony Babyngton, knight. Whereas I covenanted to leve my sonne Thomas suche landes I

gave in joynter to hym and Katheryn his wife, the doughter of Syr Henry Sacheverell, knight, landes to the valew of c li., wherof Dethoke and Lutchurche to be parcell, saving xlli. for joynter


* The Babington family seem to have sprung from Northumberland, and to have settled in Nottinghamshire, and afterwards in Derbyshire through the marriage with the heiress of Dethick. Thomas Babington was Sheriff of Derbyshire and Notts. 1498. He married Editha, daughter of Ralph Fitzherbert, of Norbury, and died 13 March, 1518, being buried at Ashover. From his fifth son Humphrey descended the Babingtons of Rothley Temple, Lord Macaulay's female ancestors.

+ Son of Thomas Babington, whose will has been already given.

of Dame Katherin my wyfe, and x li, for every yonger sonne for the terme of their lyffes, I will my saide wife have my manor of Kynston & al my landes in Kynston and Thropley, in the countie of Nott., for her life. I will my sonne George have for his lyffe x li. out of the manors of Lutchurche and Ashover, and v li. for terme of lyffe of John Babyngton his brother, and all my landes in Sutton Bonyngton in the countie of Nott. and Kegworth in the countie of Lecestre. And to my sonne Barnard I bequethe x li. owt of Lutchurche or Ashover for life, and xli. for the terme of the lyfe of John his brother, and all my landes in Puxley in the countie of Derbye. And to John my sonne I give all my landes that I purchased of Richard Stanhop, his fader in lawe, in Teyswell and Rampton. To my sonne Thomas all my landes not before bequethed and the reversion of landes appoynted to my wife, & my yonger sonnes George & Barnard à basyn and ewer of silver, a cupp, a goblett, ij saltes with a cover gilte as my father left unto me. And wheare I hadd but iij beddes left me I will he have vj fether beddes, vj mattresses, and to every fetherbedd ij blankettes and a coverlett and covering, and to the other beddes ij coverlettes, and all the formes, bordes, trestles, cofers, presses at Dethek, and the carpet of turkey warke, with other buttry & ketchin stuffe, and xij oxen, xij kye, one hundreth of wedder sheepe and as many of ewe sheepe, and my bull at Ribar and Ashover, saving to me & myn executors the oore leade and black warke at the same, and I give my saide sonne all my woodes, and the ring that was my mothers wedding ring, and the ring that was my fathers signet, whiche my father bad me leve to my heire for so moche it was old Thomas Babyngton his ring, that maried the heire of Dethek, and so desier my sonne to leve the ring to suche as pleas God to be his heire. The residew of my goodes, except my oore leade, too boles of browne egge, and barrell egge, I

geve to my entierly belovyd wife, dame Katheryn. And as for oore leade, too boles and my dettes, I will shalbe employed in workes of marcy, and specially in amending high wayes & bridges, and that the bridge called Ages bridge in Kynston be made of stone, and a cawsey or bridge to be made in the medow of Kynston towardes Kegworth bridge ende in suche maner that traveling men may passe at a floodd there withowt damages. Wyfe and sonne John executours and my sonne Perpoint and sonne Markam supervisors.

[Proved 2 Sept., 1536.]



[Dyngeley, 14.] 24 Sept., 1537. Dame Kateryn Babyngton, widowe, late wife of Sir Anthony Babyngton, knyght, decessed. I will my body be buried in the newe chapell of the churche of Kyngeston in the countie of Notingham as nygh unto my husbonde as may be. And that I be brought unto my grave and buried as shortly an in as convenient tyme as may be after my deceas, and that my executor dispoase unto poure people for me at my buriall as he shall thinke convenient. Also I will that my executor do fynyshe the chapell which I have begonne, and that he cause to be made our tombe of aleblaster stone over my husbonde and me in the arche betwene the chauncell and the said chapell, and do fynde one preest to singe for my soule and my husbonde in the church of Kyngeston by the space of one yere next after my decesse. I geve unto my doughter Merkham my rynge with the saffure in it and my rynge of the fyve woundes, and half a doseyn silver spones with the maidon hede on them, and one of the henginges in the parlour; and unto her doughter Anne Markham my small cheyn with a tabelett of golde, perle and stone to henge at it; and unto my doughter Elizabeth Perpoynt one of the hanginges in the parlour; unto my sonne John two velvet gownes of my husbondes, the on ffurryd and the other lyned, and twoo jakettes velvet, one with sleves and the other without sleves, and my best goblett of silver with the cover to it, and twoo silver saltes doble gilt and one cover to them, and one gilted spone and my husbondes cheyne golde and the henging at the benche in the hall; and unto my doughter Seuche his wife

blak velvet



my crosse of golde that henges at my cheyn, and unto her doughter Mary my flowere with the baleys in it; unto my sonne George my secunde best goblett of silver, one gilted spone and half a doseyn silver sponys with the lyons on them, and viij oxen and vj kye, and one of the hanginges in the parloure, and twoo hundreth shepe to goo at his ferme at Bygging for him; and unto my doughter Elyn his wife the edge on my paast of goldsmythes werke and perle and my peare of beades of moder of perle, and the rynge that she was maryed with and the rynge of beedes in recompence of a ringe I toke from hur; unto my sonne Barnarde

my thirde best goblett of silver, one gilted spone, one of the henginges in the parlour and my lease for twoo bollys in Belper warde, and yf he be contented with


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Daughter of Sir John Ferrers. Second wife of Sir Anthony Babington.

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