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by them, bringing plenty of good sal- nearly half a mile from a sandy beach. mon and berries. After we left the It consists of about 50 houses of one river in November, 1814, the natives story, built in a square, surrounded by had been very troublesome. A black- a stone wall, about 18 feet high ; on smith and two men were sent a short the south side of the square stands the distance into the woods to burn char- church ; on the west the governor's coal, where they commenced building house ; and on the east side, the lieua hut ; several Indians gathered round tenant governor's house and king's them, apparently in a friendly manner, stores ; on the north side is the grand but the moment an opportunity offered and principal entrance, gaol and guard they took the axes belonging to the house, and in the middle are two field party, and made a furious attack, cut- pieces, six-pounders. There are mating and mangling them most barbar- ny farm houses scattered over the ously. They then made off, taking the plain, with large herds of cattle and axes with them; and the bodies were sheep; on the north side of the bay is found next morning by some of the the river Carmel, which is full of expeople. A strict inquiry was set on cellent salmon and other fish. The foot for the authors of this outrage, fort stands on a hill, about one mile to king Comley offering his services to the westward of the town; and just find them; and at length, by the help above the landing-place, it is quite open of many valuable presents and some on the land side, and embrazures threats, two of them were discovered. thrown up on the sea-side, mounting One of the others was recognized by ten brass 12-pounders, with a good the Americans ; he had, on a former supply of copper shot. At the landoccasion been kicked from the fort for ing place, close to Captain Vancouver's theft, and belonged to a tribe in the in- Observatory, is a battery of two long terior, denominated Soosoonies; and 9-pounders, manned by about thirty it was to revenge his disgrace that he soldiers. The governor and a few pursuaded some of his nation to join others are old Spaniards; the remainhim and murder the men. The pris- ing inhabitants are creoles of the counoners were confined in the bastion, and try. They keep the Indians under next morning led out, blindfolded, to great subjection, making them work be shot. They were placed opposite very hard, chained two and two: the a six-pounder, while a party of rifle. whole population of Monterey does men were in the bastion ready to fire not exceed 400 souls. About four through the loop-holes, which manoeu- miles to the southward stands the Misvre was made use of in order to make sion of Carmel; and about twelve the Indians believe that they were shot miles to the northward is the Mission of by the great gun. Their dead bodies Santa Cruz. The bay is sheltered were taken down to the wharf in cof- from east to west, lying open to the fins, and exposed for some days, till northerly winds; the best anchorage their friends were allowed to carry is in 7 fathoms, the fort bearing west,

half a mile from the shore. The counThe Columbia now took another try is well wooded with pine and oak, trip to Monterey, where we recovered but badly watered. There are many all our people who deserted from the bears, wolves, foxes, deer, beaver, &c. Isaac Todd. We found the cooper and in the winter the ducks and geese had not been idle ; he had cured plen- are very plentiful. The bullocks are ty of beef, and collected flour, beans, sold at four dollars each, and the sheep corn, tallow, &c. the farmers bringing at one; two ships touch here annually these provisions in daily. The town for tallow, and to bring supplies for the of Monterey is most pleasantly situated establishments on California. on a beautiful and extensive plain, and

them away.



THE career of vice is not without a certain grandeur about it

, and deits moral lesson ; and, in this res- mands abhorrent vengeance, while lespect the memoirs of the wretched Hag- ser villanies obtain only contemptuous gart, who has expiated his offences on stripes. Yet he committed at least one the gallows, is unquestionably calculat- murder, that of Morrin, the turnkey of ed to do more good than the adventures Dumfries gaol, for which he suffered, of Juans and other heroes of the mo- and never appears to have wanted dern school, tricked out with all the courage in any of the dangers to which gay colouring of genius, and painted he was exposed. as happy revellers in every indulgence He was born at Edinburgh, and comand change of sin ; lust, robbery, mur- menced thief at the early age of ten der, have their true proportions here. years. Being however apprenticed to The youth of the miserable criminal a millwright, he was afterwards somealone excites our pity, and we are not what reclaimed ; but he saysled by delusive reasoning and dazzling “ Although, during my service, I fancies to lose our hatred of guilt in ad- acted with fidelity towards my masters, miration of its perpetrator, in doubt as yet in the latter part of it, I had conto his motives, and in sorrow for ap- tracted an intimacy with several loose parently inevitable circumstances which characters, and had various adventures control his destiny. Here the Hai- in the streets at night: but these were dees are the Blones of slang depravity; very limited, owing to the early hours the goblets of wine, in lascivious inebri- which my parents forced me to keep, ety, sink into Budge or Lush (drink); and also owing to my want of knowlthe dearest associate in depredation is edge of the flash kanes, where I might but a Pall, and the high-spirited cor- fence my snib'd lays ; therefore my sair is no better than a Snib, or a Geach, attentions were entirely confined to whose pluck carries him through his blunt. I was very fond of company, brief span, and finally surrenders him and I now had greater opportunities to the Bulkies and Toping Cove (con- of gratifying my propensities. I was stables and hangman.)

never given to drink, or, indeed, to the The subject of this little volume was company of men, but principally frehanged at Edinburgh, on the 18th of quented dances and raffles, where I July last, at the age of 21. His mingled in the society of both sexes of life, though short, was full of infa- the most dissolute character. my; and his story unfolds as undevi. thrown idle about the month of April, ating a course of wickedness as, per- 1817, and in less than three months Í haps, ever disgraced humanity. He found myself plunged into such a state tells it himself, while under sentence of of vice and wickedness, that my

mind death, and thus the evil he has done could not suffer reflection. lives after him—there was, unfortunate- whole nights in the streets, or in worse ly, little of good to be interred with his places. Every thing I saw, or heard, bones. His adventures are far from br did, was wicked; my nights and my partaking of those entertaining inci- days were evil; I could not bear to dents which amuse the reader of Bar- look at my relations; and growing at rington and Vaux. He is rather a Jon- last impatient of the restraint of living athan Wild of a lower order, that is in my father's house, I formed the resoto say, without the atrocity which has lution of shifting my scene of action. : Alias John Wilson, alias John Morrison, alias Barney McCoul, alias John McColgan, alias Daniel O'Brien, alias The Switcher. Written by himself, while under sentence of death. 0


I was

I spent

“ Among my associates, I had form Unhappy qualification ! yet it might ed a great intimacy with Barnard Mc- have been the reverse in a teacher of Guire, an Irishman, a darling of a boy. the piano-forte or player on the violin, He was brought up to the trade of a and was once the distinction of an tailor, in Dumfries. He was consid- Egyptian king. But we proceed with erably older than myself. He was of our hints to the bearers of purses or a bold enterprising spirit, of great bodi- pocket-books. ly strength, and a most skilful pick “ Picking the suckş is sometimes a pocket. He was good at every thing kittle job. If the coat is buttoned, it in his profession, and always gave me must be opened by slipping past. fair play ; but we sometimes did our Then bring the lil down between the comrades, even Barney's own brother.” flap of the coat and the body, keeping

From this we gather, that among your spare arm across a man's breast, thieves there is not that honour which and so slip it to a comrade, then abuse has, not very beneficially for society, the fellow for jostling you. When we passed into a proverb; and our atten- foregathered with Barney, he showed tion is further pointed to that grand us the dumbie stuffed with cambric-pasource of all these dishonest practices, per, and he quizzed his brother for havnamely, the existence of flash kanes, ing given us so much trouble about or houses for the reception of stolen luke. But when Barney and I got by goods, which hold out encouragement ourselves, he showed me the blunt, and security to pickpockets and burg- which consisted of 1001. in ten-pound lars. With his experienced compan- notes, and 101l. in twenty-shilling ion, Haggart resorted to races and fairs, notes, making in all 2011. I never was levying contributions wherever oppor- happier in my life than when I finger. tunity offered. His accounts of the ed all this money: but I thought sore mode of picking pockets may furnish about it afterwards when I was ill, hints for caution in carrying money and like to die.” about the person. Speaking of one Edinburgh, Carlisle, Montrose, &c. theft he says :

&c. &c. were all visited and revisited “ The other £11 was taken by my- . with effect, by this accomplished scounself from a gentleman whom we had ob- drel, who run through every kind of served, in the early part of the day, villany,—from picking pockets and with a very large bundle of notes, but shop-lifting to highway-robbery and it was five o'clock at night before I house-breaking. He was often apprecould get a touch of him, when, to my hended and occasionally imprisoned ; disappointment, I only got £11. I but his assurance and dexterity, as think I got all he had, as it was wrap- well as a powerful arm, and apparentped in a parchment wrapper, where the ly great speed of foot, has frequently large quantity had been. I took it out saved his carcase, either in avoiding of his breeches pocket in the usual way. being taken, or in escaping from gaol. He was talking to a gentleman when I In January, 1819, we find him releasslipped past and did him. The keek- ed from the House of Correction, or cloy* is easily picked. If the notes Planting,and, as soon as his health and are in the long fold, just tip them the strength were restored, returning to his forkst; but if there is a purse or open old ways. At length he was appremoney in the case you must link it."I hended for his many depredations, and

With regard to this forking, the au- committed to Dumfries prison, where thor tells us in another part, that his he consummated his heinous race by abilities were consummate :

the murder of the turnkey, with a stone “ I had,” says he, “the ill-luck to tied in a bag. He thus describes this be born left-handed, and with thieves' dreadful event :fingers, for my forks are equally long, "I

concealed myself in the closet and never failed me.”

at the head of the stair, where I had

* Breeches pockct.
§ Breast pocket.

+ Fore and middle fingers.
|| Pocket-Book or Dumbie.

Turn it out.

I then got

previously placed the bag with the ten yards, and I had the mortification stone. They were not in my hat when to see my fellow adventurer secured. I left the cage, as was supposed on I once thought of bolting among them my trial. Dunbart then called Morrin to rescue him; but the mob was too to come up and let out the ministers. great for me. I went up through the He came up the stairs accordingly yard of the King's Arms, crossed the with a plate of potatoe-soup for Mc- High street, and ran down the Vennel Grory." When he got to the top, he to the Nith. I kept along the watershut the cage-door. I then came out side till I got away to the east of Cumupon him from the closet, and the lungan Wood, having run nearly ten pushing open of the door knocked the miles in less than an hour. plate out of his hand. I struck him upon the high road to Annan, when I one blow with the stone, dashed him saw a post chaise at full gallop, almost down stairs, and, without the loss of a within 20 yards of me.

Upon this I moment, pulled the dubỹ of the other dub'd my tuig, i and leapt a hedge into jiger from his suck. I gave only one a field, where some coves were roustblow with the stone, and immediately ing ronnies. They all joined the threw it down. Dunbar picked it up, bulkies, who had got out of the chaise, but I believe no more blows were give in the pursuit of me. I crossed the field en, so that Morrin must have received at a slapping pace, and made for Cumhis other wounds in falling. I observ- lungan wood. I bolted over a very ed Dunbar on the top of him rifling his deep ditch, covered with briers and ran breast for the key, I suppose, which I a few steps along the side of the hedge, had got. Simpson had hold of Mor-, for the purpose of making the bulkies rin's shoulders, and was beating his think I was going into the wood. I back on the steps of the stair. I then wheeled round, louted, and, when rushed past them, crossed the yard as they went up the one side of the ditch, I could, pulled the dub from my cloy,| I shirried |||| down the other : little did where I had concealed it, and opened they know I was so near them-I the outer jiger. It was sworn upon my could have breathed upon John Richpatter, ** that I had the dub in my ardsons11 as he passed me. In this way famit when I passed through the yard, I came to the cross road which leads but this neither is, nor could be true, from the Nith to the public road, and for it would let all the debtors see what never did a fox double the hounds in I was about. Besides, I well remem- better style. ber, that upon getting to the top of the “ I then made for Aman, and got outer stair, I sunk into my cloys with through it before the town rose, and both fams, not being sure in my hurry, getting on a mile or two upon the Carinto which of them I had put the key. lisle road, I went into a belt of plantSome of the witnesses also said that I ing, close to a small farm town. was bare-headed, but this was not the Watching an opportunity, I dived into a case, for I had Dunbar's toperft upon haystack, and lay there all night, and me.

next day till two in the afternoon, when On getting out at the jiger, I ran I heard a woman ask a boy if that round the east corner of the jail-wall, lad was taken that had broken out from and then walked rapidly along the back Dumfries jail, the boy answered No, street, and round a great part of the but the jailor died last night at ten voil, till I came to the back of the o'clock.'' His words struck me to the King's Arms Inn. Dunbar made up soul; my heart died within me, and I to me, and at that very moment we saw was insensible for a good while : on a bulkie coming right up to meet us. coming to myself I could scarcely beOn this we wheeled about and shirried; lieve I had heard them, for the possibut Dunbar was pulled|III before he ran bility of poor Morrin’s death had never

Other prisoners. s Key. ** Trial.

it Hand. Il Caught. t Coat, or clothing,

ll Door.
1 Hat, tile.
TT Ran.


$$ Town. $!| An officer.

entered my mind. The woman and “ One day, another lad named boy passed on. I came out of the Fleming, alias Yorkshire Bill, with stack, and resolved to proceed, what- whom I had formerly been acquainted, ever should be the consequence.

I went with me to the market, and seeing advanced upon the road, and would an old conish cove with a rum lil in his have given the world for a change of suck, we determined to have it. Bill clothes. Seeing a scare-crow in a field, crossed him and undubbed his tuig, I I went up, undressed him, and march- followed and touched his lil with my ed on in the dress of a potatoe-bogle. forks, which Bill raised from the bot

“ On the Wednesday night I slept in tom, brought it with me, and proceeded a hay-loft. In the morning a man through the market. We got twentycame up to fill the horses' racks, and two screavest by this adventure, which was within a foot of me; but I was

we whacked.”+ nicely plank’tıl among the hay, and I In bringing the notice of this biograheard all his conversation with a cove phy to a conclusion, we are rather indown in the stable, without being ob- clined to copy what may interest our served. They had been talking about readers as a tale, than what we might me before they came to the stable, for chuse to place before them for the sake the first thing I heard was, “ He maun of moral influence. After all, a thief be a terrible fallow.'— The other said, is but a thief, and little good can be • Ou, he's the awfu’st cheild ever was; drawn from depravity, which to know he has broken a’ the jails in Scotland is almost a vice ; and yet, which to but Dumfries, and he's broken hit at know may be useful. After Haggart's last. ’Am sure I wish he may keep murder at Dumfries, from his quick awa'-it will no bring back the man's lapse into crime, his remorse and relife, and I ken his father.'

pentance, he was again involved in the “ About 8 o'clock in the morning I full swing of crime. After performing started from my place of concealment, many feats in England and Scotland, without being noticed, and proceeded he went to Ireland with one Edgy, and on my weary way. I got to Carlisle he gives an alluring account of the sison the Thursday evening, and went to ter isle for persons of his profession. Mrs. Stubbs's in Riccargate ; being “ Edgy (he says) was well known told there that the whole voil was in an in Belfast, and was pulled for some old uproar about me, I said she was quite offence. Being left by myself, I went mistaken to suppose that my name was to attend Lisburne market, and comHaggart, and assured her that my name menced my first operations upon Irish was Barney McCoul, by which name ground. I had not been long in the she formerly knew me. At length she market till I could observe how freely prevailed on me to go out of the house the Irish boys dashed about their blunt, along with her to a friend of her's, as I although they are the worst in the was in danger to remain with her. world at parting with it upon my

“She conducted me accordingly to terms; for when a snib is caught in a very snug crib, where I got some vic- the attempt, they practise his own protuals which was the first time I had fession upon him. They strip him of all broken my fast since I left Dumfries. his blunt, and even his clothes, and Next day I got a fresh dress, and also batter his brains like a pigeon-house procured blones tuigs, in which, deter- door, and trouble themselves no furmined to prosecute the rest of my ther about him. But for all this, Padjourney, I travelled through night and dyland is the land for pick-pockets ; lurked about plantings and wild places lots of money, oceans of drink, and in the day time; I took care to pro- knocking down pellmell even on ;vide myself with a good parcel of grub then is the time to work away at the before I left Carlisle. In Newcas:le I business. England is too much huntremained twelve days, and was dressed ed, and there is no money in Scotin coves tuigs* all the time.


Il Concealed.

# Man's clothes.


+ Shared.

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