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a yonge horse if he contented with his barnes part. To Alison my su'nt ij kye. DEBTS. To Joan dau. of Willm. Sayer xxj'. vjs. viiij. To Hew Westrop uppon certen cond'n of marridge goods of Jean Saire his wyfe x'. To Laurence Gower of London for c'tain stuffe boght of him v1. x. Will. Allan of Yarome XXXV. To Pers Akuge of Bedell for v q'ters of blake veluet xv3. To th' Abbot of Ryvall for a quarter ferme of a fishgarth iiij. x. To my Lorde Conyers for teith come of Carleton xxx3. To Henry Yvers, Will Tonge, & Ric Bellaces for Sr Will Yvers Knt. To my lade Conyers for ye som of vj marcs for certen yerly paym'ts yet not done & whedder yr will be any s'cu'yte for it is not as yet knowen. To Lady Conyers of Horneby a yonge filley x3. EXPENS FUNERAL. For penny daill vj'. xiijs. iiij. To Priests & Clarks iiij'. For certen blakks boght vj. To ye Pror of Yarome & his conv't xjs. For a diner at the beryall v marcs. For his burall in ye friers Kyrke of Yarom vj3. viijd. To wax at day of his burall x. For making of ye said wax xxd. For wax upon his hearse to burne a yeare at ev'y messe tyme v searghs viij. For v yeards of blakke cloth to his hearse ijs. For laying of his thrugh stone & makyng of it xijd. For his tvelmonth day To the Kyrke of Horneby xxvj. viijd. To th' p'or of Yarome for his labor comyng & goyng to Worsall iijs. iiij. Item I bequest to Sir John Hunton of Laton in making dyv's writinges iijs. iiijd.


[Extract by Mr. Surtees, from the Will proved at York.]

Sir William Bulmer the elder in the Church of Lethome if I die churches of Lethome and Wilton

to be buried to the

6 Oct. 1531
within the parish

to the house of Guisburne

to the College of Staindrop and the Priests there x3 — Hartlepool, &c. for the soules of my father and mother and for my wyfs saull and for all the saulls I am bound to pray for — To my son Sir John Bulmer my best chain of gould wh is in weight £100 and desire him to leave it to his son and heir to my son S Rauff Bulmer3 my second gold chain which is in weight 100

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1 Of Wilton, in Cleveland, and husband of Margery, daughter of Sir John Conyers.

2 Of whom particulars have been given above, under the will of Robert Bulmer, in 1528.

3 Sir Ralph Bulmer, second son, married Anne, daughter and co-heir of Roger Aske, of Aske, and left an only daughter, married to John Sayer, of Worsall, Esq.

my son

markes and desire him to leave it to his son and heyr if he have any my son William Bulmer to have one chain of gold worth 100 markes and to leave it to Francis Bulmer his sonSir John Bulmer, my best gowne and doublet and to his wife £20 to do what she will with - my son George Salvyn my best tawney gown and to his wife £20 my son Sr Rauff to have to his eldest daughter's marriage 100 markes to every gentleman that is my servant taking wages or no wages 203. every yeoman 13o. 4a. every groom 103.

I wheras I had of

my uncle William Bulmer of Hertilpoole 40 markes to pay to Jeyne Robynson bastard daughter of my said uncle


In dei nomine, Amen. In the year of our lorde god a thousand ffyve hundrethe Thrittye and thre the twentye and one Daye of Marche I John Sherwode of Hawghton of holl mynde and good of remembrance make mye testamente and last wyll in maner and forme as folowithe ffyrste I bequithe my sowl too god almightye to our blessed lady sancte marye and all the holye companye of heven and my bodye to be buryed in the qwhere of hawghton Item I bequithe to the hyghe altare for forgetten tethys iij. iiijd Also I bequithe to Sir Robert Cotisforthe to praye for me vj. viij. Also I bequithe to the church works xxd. Also I will that syr leonarde hall shall synge for and he to have to his wages sowll my one holl yere iiij1. vjs. viijā. Also I bequithe to margaret Thornton a yonge whye. Also I bequithe to Isabell mye wyfe my yeres and tacks that I have of and in Morton felde durynge the term of hyr naturall life. And the terme of mye said wyfes lyffe I wyll that Will'm Sherwode mye sone shall have all my hole yeres and tacks that is than vn rown and expyred of and in the said morton felde without anye interruption. Also I bequithe to Isabell my wyfe a graye mayr and a stagge withe there folowers. Also I bequithe to mye sone Raiphe Sherwode tene poundes. The resydue of my goodes not legate nor bequest mye debtes paide I geve vnto Isabell my wyfe and to my son Willm' Sherwode whom I make myne executores and theye to dispose it for the healthe of my sowll as theye shall seme good Witnes herof mye said laste will Roberte Staynfurthe Richard Dixson hare Sympson Leonarde Hall Prest withe other moo.


In dei nomine, Amen. The xxiijth day of Januarij in the yere of our lorde god one thousand fyve hundrethe & xxxiijie I John hedworth esquier of haverton within the p'ishinge of the Colledge Kyrke of Chester in the strett beinge of good mynd and holl memorie thoffe I be seke in my bodye seinge the perell of deaith apperinge vnto me maiks my testament in this maner ffyrst I com'end my soll to god almightie and to the blessyde v'gine mare and to all the saincts of heven and my body to be buried within the colledge churche of chest' in the streite in oure ladies porche with my mortuarij after the custome of the lawe Also I bequethe to prestes and clarkes being at my daridge in the daye of my obyde xx Also I wyll that on prest singe messe iij yers for the well of my sowll and all Christen Sowlls and to haue messe and diridge songe at chester for well of my sowll yeirlie for euer more and ther fo' to take x of my landes in Sonderland to do it withe all Also I bequeth to my ladie hedworthe two rialls of gold and sir thomas tempesse Kn'ght maist' Robr't beuys esquyre John lampton esquire Rob'rt myllot nicholas tempese Thomas lawson Richard hedworthe Jane and Elizabethe my dowghtors to euerye on of them on Ryall of gold to a tokene. Also I bequethe to Raufe hardinge one gryssell stage & xij nowte of eu'y sort for Also I bequeth to Thomas Jackson xl. and to eu'y one of my sarvants boith men and women iij3. iiija. and to John Cawson xl3. and will'm his brother xl3. and to besse stote xxa. ottevell fenwycke iijs. iiijd. sir Robr't dawsone a noble and to Sir Richarte dunsfurthe iijd. iiijd. Also I bequeth to sir Raufe my sone and his heirs mayll my chyne of gold and all my siluer plaite and spoons except my wyfe parte And that plaite or spowns that my executors shall gyve to Antene my sone as they thinke good be the sight and consell of my sup'visors and faillinge his heirs mayll than to remaine to Anthone my sone and his heirs mayll and faillinge the heires mayll of them boith then to be geven to on prest to synge meysses and to pray for my sowll And I bequethe to my sonne Sir Raufe iij draughts of oxen Also I bequethe to Ant'onye my sonne one draught of oxen Also I well that Antone my sonne and betress my dowghter have their barne partes of

1 Of Harraton, in the parish of Chester-le-Street: V. Surtees, II., 184, for a pedigree of the family. Mr. Surtees had apparently not seen the above valuable will.

Also I

my goodes after the Lawe and custome of the cuntre ordaine and maks s' thomas hylton Knight aud will'm lawson gentleman supvisors to my executors to gyve them good counsell and helpe and defende them that non may do them wronge as far as they maye and for their labor I gyve ether of them on Ryell of golde and ther costs to be borne be my executors The Resedewe of all my goods afor not be quethede my detts payd I bequithe and gyve to heleyne my wyffe and sir Raufe hedworth my sonn whom I ordein and maiks my executors they to despose and do that thing yt shalbe seyme vnto them best to p'feit for well of my sowll and to please Almightie god In Witnesse hereof I have called theyr witnesses will'm lawsone, Antonye hedworth st Richarte dunsfurthe my curate, s Rob'rt dawsone Raufe hardinge and thomas Jackson wth other geven the day of monethe and the yeire of our lorde god be foresaide.*


In the nayme of gode: Amen: the tweyntye Day of Julij the yere of god Athousande fyve hund fowrty and fyve yeres and the xxxvijth yere of the Reigne of our Šoueraigne lorde Kynge Henrye th'eighte be the graice of gode Kynge of England fraunce and Irelande Defensor of the faythe and in Earthe suprem' heade of this Churche of Englande & Irelande. I John Hymers of Holy Ilande in goode and p'fytt remembrance makethe my testament and last Wyll in this maner folloy'g, ffyrst I gyve & bequethe my soull to Almyghtye our blessede lady saynet Mary and all the holy saynctes in hewn my Corps to be burrede in the churche garthe of Holy Ilaund wythe the mortuaries dewe to the saide Church accordynge to the kynges Maiesties actes statutes and Iniu'ctionns. Also I gyve and bequethes to prestes and clerkes to pray for my soull and the soulle of my Vyffe and vaxe to burne on my funerall xiij. iiijd. I gyv to Syr John Jonson to pray for the soules of my father and mother and all my benefactours vjs. viijd. Item I gyve my lande in Haneldayll to John Hymers my brother son & his heyres maylle [&c.] Item I gyve to Agnes Neylson for kepyng of me v3. a Jakett and a syluer qwystelle or xvj. The Resydewe of all my goodes moveable and vnmoveable I gyv to my son Jarat Nycholson qwhom I mayke my executoure to dyspone and ordane all thynges for the healthe of my soulle and my Wifes soull as he schalle thynke most best and expediente for the helthe of my soulle thers Wytnesses Richarde Ylderton George Dyners Syr John Jonson wythe Dyvers other.


The INVENTORYE of all my gooddes moveable and



fyrste two kye the walloure off xx". INSYGHT. iiij coverletts thre payr of schettes two braysse pottes x povder vessell two candell stykkes wythe other imprymentes apane to ye vallo' of XX. DETTES owyng to my lorde and master my lorde suffragane for the teythe corne of Holy Ilande wythe certane other cowntes xx3. DETTES Owynge me In p'mis Richarde Ilderton vijs. ix. Edward Reyfley for the burd of John Reyfley viij. Robt Reyfley for hys sones burd vj. Hec est vera Voluntas Joan'is Hymmers per me Johannem Jonson Curatum Insulæ sacræ licet indignum.

LXXXV. BELL (Isabel) ogle, of Bothal.3

IH'U. In nomine Dei Amen. the xxivte. day off Januarij, the yere off owr Lord God a м.ccccc & xxxix I Bell Ogle off botthall Parych holl in mynd and Remembrance I mayk my Testament and Last well ass folueth friust I bequieth my soull to Almighty god and to owr Ladi & to all the holy Saynets in heven. And my body to be beryed the Chyrch of Saynt Androw befor the rudloyft: Also I maik my elds. son Georg Ogle my full exequitor for to disspon my guds & cattle mouiable & immoviable for the helth of my soull ass here aft fol'ueth. Witnes her off Antonius Wak Cvrat & the Clark wt oths.

off my goods

Itim fruist xj ky & iiij quyes iiij yer olds iiij iij yere olds & iij two yere olds

Item I gyff to my son georg Ogle a conter & cheyst a cont'pont & payr lenyng shetts a feth' beyd a boust' & pelow & two kossyngs & brassyng mort' & longspeyt & two selv spoons & bordcloth & towell. Itim to my son Jhon & Vswyn every on off thaym a selv spon. It'm to my douth An a Mantell & Beyll Horsle a payr ef seluer crucks. It'm to my douth' Margat my

1 Thomas Spark, a monk of Durham, was constituted Suffragan Bishop of Berwick by Bishop Tunstall, under the Act 26. Henr. VIII., having previously been Prior of Holy Island. See his will hereafter.

2 These notices are valuable. Here is a will, accompanied by an inventory, both acknowledgedly in the hand-writing of the Curate of the parish. Hymers was a Durham man, and his inventory goes far to prove that he was a schoolmaster upon the island. The Reveleys were men of considerable property at Ancroft, &c., upon the main land, but within the parish.

3 The widow of a junior branch of Ogle, of Ogle and Bothal Castle, living in the parish of Bothal.

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