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best govng & my kertle & it plesse John And to Margat my best belt a cheyst & Avmere & cavdern & two blanketts & ij payr off shetts & ij cov'latts & ij happy'gs & bordcloth & ij candelstycks & towell & old fethr beyd & bress pott & iiij pudr vessell & lytle brassy'ng mort' & old bassy'ng & it pless my son Georg It' I gyff to Wyll'm Cramlyngton douth' iij ky It'm I gyff to Bayll Dixson a qwy It' to dame Mawyng a qwy It' to Beyll Horsle a qwy It' I gyff to my douth Margatt viij yows & vij hoks It' gyff to my Son John & Vswyn my part off teths for ther money pament savyng the half off thronton teth to Wyll'm Cramlynton for x yer paying yerly the ferm & it pless my son George. It' to my forth brennyng to be taykyg off my holl guds moveable & vnmovyable wt a ryall gold yt I have It' the rest off my guds to my sone Georg. [Pr. 1549.]


In no'ï'e dei Amen: the zeir off or Lord god a thovsand fyve hwnd and xl the xiiij day off Febrwary I Syr Rog Gray Knyght: off p'fett mynd & hole, thoft I be seke in my body maks my last Wyll irrecou❜able & testament in man' and form' folowyng: first I gyve my sowll vnto God Almyghty: my body to be burryede in the qweir off the parysche church off belford be syds the bod of my child wt the dwets to be done to the churche; Alsso I bequyeth to dame Isabell my Wyff all my corn wt in my corne in ys zaird and barne of Dychen: the seid to furnech the grond reserued she and my huset s*uands to lyue on yt to the next terme day cawled Vytsonday: Also I bequyeth to my said Vyff all the store of flesch & fysch wt in my Hwss for my s'uands and hyr as ys afor sayd to the terme aboue named: Also I gyue & bequeth to my son Petr the corne off Awten felds both in zard and barne; the seeds to saw the lands wt: Also I gyue my said son' Peter xxx yowes xx hoggs aud vj kye wt their cawffs: Also I bequyth to Jhon Gray of Dychaunt fowre off the best oxen: Also I gyue & bequyth to Wyll'm Stod, of Newton viij oxen at Dychn't and ij kye at Awten huss or ells xx nobles in mon'y: Also I beqwyeth to Sandrson the Smythe of lowyck xx". Also I beqwyeth to dame Bednell off Hetto' vj. viij. The resydew of all my goods vnbeqwyeth I pwt the' hoil

1 Sir Roger Grey, of Horton, Knight, married (according to the Visitations) Jane, daughter of Sir William Darcy, Knt., and sister of Thomas Lord Darcy, who was beheaded upon Tower Hill, in 1538, for having joined in the Pilgrimage of Grace. Isabel, mentioned in his will, was probably a second wife.

Peter Grey married a daughter of ... Haggerston, of Haggerston, Esq.

in the hands off my son Thomas Gray and in the hands off me browther Lyon'ell Gray whom' I awmyt & ordane my full executors to dyspone & ord' the same for the be awght off my sowle the brying forth and burying of my body wt the fun'all exequyes & exspenc's to be done for the same and the paying off my debts: Also I will and com'ands yt my sad Son Thomas & my browther Lyonell see this Will abou' said be kepyd and fullfylled: thes Witneses Ihon' Gray off Horto' Ihon Gray off

1 Thomas Grey, afterwards Sir Thomas Grey, of Horton, Knight, married Dorothy, daughter of Ralph Lord Ogle, and dying at his house, in Bethnal Green, London, on the 7th, was buried at St. Botolph's, Aldgate, on the 10th Aug, 1590, leaving ten daughters and coheiresses, of whom Isabel, the eldest, married Sir Ralph Grey, of Chillingham, Knt., whose third son, Sir Edward Grey, was the founder of the family of Grey of Howick.

2 Lionel Grey was Gentleman Porter of Berwick. His name frequently occurs in the proceedings of the Borders.

An unpublished marriage settlement of the family of Grey, of Horton, dated in 1493, is not devoid of interest, not only as a specimen of the English language of the period, but as informing us of the marriage portion of a young lady of rank at that time, [she was of the great family of Swinhoe, of Rock Castle,] and of the means taken to secure it. The testator was, in all probability, the eldest son of this marriage.

Thys Endentur maide the xviijth day of maye In the viijth yer of the Reigne of Kynge Herry the vijth be twixte St Thomas Grey of horton knyt Thomas Grey his sone Squyer and Thomas Gray his sone ye yonger on the oon p'ty and herry Swynhowe Squyer on the oyr partye wittnessithe yt ye forsaid Thomas Grey ye yonger Sone to ye forsaid Thomas Grey Squyer shall be the gace of gode wede and take to wyff Essabell doghter to ye forsaid henr' Swynhowe at Syke day and tyme as shall lawefully be bothe ye forsaid p'tiez be apoynted for ye whilk mariage the forsaid henr' Swynhowe bynds hyme his heires & execut'z to pay to ye forsaid Sr Thomas knyt Thomas Grey his sone Squyer And Thomas Grey his sone the yonger a hundrethe pounde of lawefull money of yngland În maner and forme as ensewez that is to say to the forsaid St Thomas Grey Knyt iiijxx marks of the whilk iiijxx marks the forsaid herre Swynhowe bynds hym his heires & his execut z to pay vnto ye forsaid Sr Thomas Grey Knyt his heires & his execut'z x marks at ye feste of Seynt Myghell ye archangell next after ye date of yis p'sence And at ye feste of Seynt Martyn in wynt' yane nexte followyng x marke and at ye feste of Wytsonday yane nexte followyng oyer x marke and so furthe at ye forsaid festez of Seynt Martyne In wynt and wyttsonday ylke terme x m ke be evyn porc'ons vnto syke tyme as the holl Some of iiijxx marks be fully content and paid wythin for yer foluyng next eft' ye dayt heroff And also ye forsaid herre Swynhowe bynds hym his heires & his executorz vnto ye above rehersed Thomas Grey Squyer his heires & his execut z to pay xlvj'. xiijs. iiijd, of lawefull money of yngland of the whilk xlvj xiijs, iiijd. xx. to be paid at Crystynmes nexte after ye date of yis p'sence And xl marks within ye yer followynge ye forsaid date for the whilk payment the forsaid Sr Thomas Grey Knyt and Thomas Grey his sone Squyer sall lawefully geve vnto ye forsaid Thomas Grey ye yonger and vnto Essabell his wyff and vnto ye heires of the forsaid Thomas Grey ye yonger lawefully gettyn a full gyste & estate of all yer lands & tenyments within ye Townez & felds of Nesbett Edderston Bamburghe grey Sheill & Eworthe wtin ye Counte of Northumbrland with all maner co'moditez & p'ffettz vnto yame belanginge and for the more Suerty of the p'myssez aither party afore rehersed to ye p'tiez of yes endent'z ent’chaungeably hathe Setto yer Scalz ye day & yer above rehersid [Original at Streatlam Castle.]

Dychend George Ellyson: S Jams Fenkyll my co'fessour wt oy' off my tenands.

It' I chearge my executors yt they gyfe to a honest p'st for to syng for my soull & all cristen soulls one yere iiij'. xiij. iiij.[Prob. 1545.]


the v day of

in the yere of of lord god м.CCCCC. xlj that I Sir Richard Towgall Priest within the beschipbrik of Dunelme hoile in mynde and good of remembrance last will & Testament vnto god Almightye and to our blessyd ladie his mother and celestiall companye of hewyne and my bodie to be buryed within the churche of gatyshead where my father and mother doithe lye And will the sayme daye of my buryall a dirige to be songe the brether of the queir It'm I gyve vnto Sir Jhoane huchinson my sistors soone my best govne And another govne that was Sir Will'm govlands my best tippett the best bonet a rachytt a hanghar a mesbooke a man'uell a dovsen aum' beids with a gyemis Ring And all my books with my bedde that is to know a ffedour bedde a bowst' two codds blanketts two coverletts two scheyts It'm I gyve vnto robert huchinson my tennament and all his children lawfullye begotten fayling apone thos then to go vnto thomas applebes children that is to know to Margat & Jennett & their successors It'm I give vnto robert huchinson my second govn two dovbletts & my hoyse. It'm I gyv vnto the foresaid roberts wyfe a goven whiche I waire one sondays. And to bessy chawmere my blake goven. I gyve vnto Jennet appilbe a yrone chimnaye a coffer and a mantill It'm I gyve vnto marg hir sistar A covnter and a pair of avmer beyds gardit with siluer gardis. It'm I gyve sainct Cuthbarts gilde vnder this conditione And yf it fortune to go furevard two westments with ther albs two altar cloythes one towell two candlestiks one antiphonal one prosessiner a dirige book a pax so be that this forsaid gild doithe remayne and stande then this to be gyft And if it fortune to go downe then this forsaid goods shall go unto my executors without anye Impediment. It'm I gyve vnto Jennet wawton iijd. and my dayly govne It'm vnto Elesabethe wylson iijs. iiij. It'm vnto Will'm chavmars wyfe xs. Item I gyve my chales vnto the chirche of this condition and if it pleas god that thair fawll

Apparently a Chantry Priest at one of the altars in Gateshead Church.

a chantre within this forsayd chirche beynge at the p'ochinars gyfte and the p'ochinars to be so good vnto my cousinge Sir Jhoane as to gyve and promote hym befoir another this doven then this Chales to stand as gyft And if he be not promotid and spedde be thos forsaid p'ochinars then this chales to stand as no gyft but onlye to go vnto my executors And thay to dispoyne it for the health of my soull I gyve vnto my curat manipul' curator' It'm to St Stephan tomson sermonis discipuli It'm to Sr thomas chilton Sermonis It'm to St George

tomson a pair of beyds of white boyne It'm to Sir thomas huchinson Asscencius. It'm to sir robart bakar gulernus Also I wyll that Sir Jhoan huchinson and his brother robert huchinson be my full executors and dispon of all my goods for my soull healthe as thay think best to be doen I will that my covsing St John huchinson shall haith vs he to synge xv messes of requiem And other xv de quinque vulneribus for my sowll health & all my for elders Witness heirof Sr rob Preist-Thomas tomson-robert newton[Prob. 1541.]




In the name of god Amen the xth day of August the yere of or Lord god a thowsand ffyve hundrethe xlijth Ï John bancks of gateshed laboringe man wt holl mynde full intent good of remembraunce thancks be vnto almightie god make my testate and last will in man' and fo'me folowinge. ffirst I yeve my soull vnto almightie god and to or lady and to all the holy co'panye of hevon my bodye to be buryed in the church of gateshed. Item I will haue soull messe and dirage doyn and celebrate the daye of my buriall in the said churche wth all the prests and clerks therto belonginge. Item I will that george my son have my two houses with the thre riggs of the backsyde for the byhove of my wife duringe hir lyfe and after hir lyfe I will yt thomas my son have the house whiche I do dwell in at the makinge herof and george my son the other house and the thre riggs of the backside to be devidet equallye bytwixt them that my lanndes lord Richard hodgeson and I is at at a co'dic'on for the close called ov 'kaimer dikes yt is to say that I or my assigne to have the said close frome saynt cuthb'te day in lent next after the makynge herof vnto the end and terme of xvth yers next ensewinge the wrytinge herof and I or myne executor to paye eu'y yere duringe the said terme yerly xx sterlinge to ferme and to paye

at the entrie herof for a gryssom xiijs iiijd. and he to cause the Indentures therof to be maid of the whiche gressom I have paid vnto the said Rychard handes vjs viijd and the residue to be paid at the makyng of the said Indentures. Item I yeve vnto Margerye my doughter vj shepe yonger and elder if she come in the cowntie if not vnto my executor. Item I yeve unto saynt cuthb'te guild a dynmonthe or ellis the price. Item I yeve to my su'nte a yowe lamb. Item I yeve vnto Thomas my son vj shepe yonger and elder the resedue of my goodes moveable and vnmoveable my debts paid and other fun'all expenss I yeve it holl vnto my wife and george my son whome I make make my full executors and after my wife I will wth the consent of my wife yt george my son have bothe p'tes Witnes herof st Edward Nicholl curate Will'm Moffet wt other wrytten the daye and yere abovesaid.


IN DEI NOMINE AMEN. quinto die Maij anno d'ni Millesimo quingentissimo quadragesimo tertio I Robert Ogle Knight Lord Ogle is commaundet to inuade the realme of scotland in the Kings Maties warres if case be I be slayne by chance of warre this I make my last will and testament in this manner and forme followinge ffirst I gyve my sowle to god omnipotent and my bodie to be buryed in the chirche of Bothall dedicated in thonor of God and St Andro the Apostle. It'm I giue and bequeathe to my wife Jeyne all my goods and cattell moueable and vnmoueable to the profitte vse and nourishment of my children. It'm I giue and bequeath to my wife Jeyne cockell parke and towre with all commodities profitts therto belonginge and all and singuler lands tenements within the townes of tritlington hersden and hersden forreste fenrother hebborne and the tenement in Seton next to woodhorne saltwicke Ogle castell withe the demaynes and all the landes tenements within the towne of Ogle and the parke withe the water myll with all commodities

1 Robert Lord Ogle, of Bothal, summoned to parliament 6. and 21. Henr. VIII, married first Dorothy, daughter of Sir Henry Widdrington, Knt., and secondly Jane, daughter of Sir Cuthbert Radclyffe, Knt., by both of whom he left issue. The preamble of his will will be read with interest. He, however, returned safe from the invasion of which he speaks, a particular account of which may be found in Ridpath, under the year 1544, but he fell in the following year (1545) in the bloody battle of Ancrum, or, as it is sometimes called, Pannierhaugh, in which the Scots took splendid vengeance upon the English for having, a while before, burnt the Tower of Broomhouse, with its lady, and her children, and servants.

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