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forthe accordyng to my degre Also I will yt my faythfull mother Alys Musgrave & Elyn my wyff bothe thay togeder have the order and rowell of my chylderyn and of theyr goodes for theyr honesty and profet in tyme to come And the ressydewe of my goodes my dettes payd, legacs and funerall expencys I gyf frely vnto Elyn my wyff Raff and Xp'ofer my sonnes to Elsabell and Cateron my dowters and onto the resydewe of my childeryn begotteyn betwyn me and the sayd Elyn whome I make the exsequitors of this my last wyl and testament. Item I well that my modre Ales Mvsg'ave have a crone of golde to be good on to my wyff and on to my chylderyn. In wytnes whereof I have cavlled to recorde Master Raf Claxton, George Claxton my brederyn and Rycherde Lanketon and S Robart Peyrson my curett Also I well and dessyre my brodd' Raff Claxton and my most specyall frende Mastr Rycharde Hebburn to be sup'visors of thys my well and Testament.


In the name of God Amen The firste day of December in the third yeire of the reigne of our Sou'aigne lord Edward the sexte by the grace of god of England ffraunce & Ireland kinge defender of the Faith hearth suppreme head vnder God of the Churche of England & of Ireland and in the yere of god a thousand five hundreth forty and nyen I Janet Muschaunce of? Wydowe maks this my and Testament beinge in p'fecte memory in man' & form ffollowinge. ffirste I bequieth my soule to god Almyghty & to all the celetiall company in heaven My body to be buried in the parrishe churche of Lowicke dedicate of Sainte John'. Item I give vnto my doughter Elizabeth Collingwod my howse in Berwyke withall thappten'nces therto in any man' of wise app'te belongynge to remane to hir heares for ever. Item I give to Isabell Owrd a hundreth poundes of lawfull Englishe monay. Item I give to Jane Collingwod forte poundes the which is in her fathers hands in cust Also I give the same Jane my best cou'inge and six qwisshinges of the same sute Item I give to Richard Clapame the bill of Nicholas Dentons wch is in his own handes the value

1 Of the family of Muschaunce, or Muschamp, of Barmore, descended from Robert de Muschamp, upon whom King Henry I. conferred the Barony of Wooler. Sir George Muschamp, the last owner of Barmore of the name, spent his whole estate in the service of King Charles the First.

2 A pen is here drawn through the word Lowyk.

is iij'. vj. viij. Ite' I give to the aforenamed Richard fowre Kye. Ite' I give to the said Richard thone half of the ferme of Gathryke beyinge xxx. yerlie duringe yers And th of the same ferme of Gathricke duringe my yeirs I give to Isabell Owrd to here behove Ite' I give to the said Richerd Clapam xiiij. wch George Neyll is owinge an oxe to the said Richard Clapome xviijs. which Hesloppe is owing me. Ite' I give vnto the said Richard twenty crouns and fyve pounds iij. iiij. of my m'tynmasse rente. Item I give to Richard Cl... wyf a pair of Silver Crokes my beste ffrokke edged with tawny velvet a tawny wursted kyrtle and bath my velvet capes, two kercheffes, a fether bed a part of sheits wth blake rybbones one ov'see cov'yng a yallow cov❜lett & a pair of blanketts. Item I give to Thomas Atkynson Clerke a gray mayre. Also I give to Gilbert Pape & Curate of Fourd sex shillings and eight pense. Item I give to Robt Muschaunce sonne to Edward Muschaunce five poundes wch is in his said fathers handes wherfor Richerd Clapom & John Allanson ar sureties. Item all detts that ar in the handes of my brother Thomas I forgive & remytt hym them acquyttinge clere thereof. And I give his Wife a cov'inge of greyn. Item I give Xp'ofer Clapam viij hoggs and Osw Collingwood vj hogges. Ite' I give to roger Muschaunce wife my blacke frokke edged with blacke velvet It'm I give Stephen Muschance an oxe a Kowe ten yewes Isabel Owrd die before she be of lawful age Than the godes that I have lymyted her in this my testament shalbe given and distributed unto therof yf she die shalbe given to John Collingwood twenty poundes Also th' to M'garet his Sister xx'. Also to Agnes Owrd xx'. Too Richerd Clapoms dowther ward Clapom Richerds Sonne vj'. xiij. iiijd. Also to Elsabeth Collingwood other twenty poundes Item the younge lord of Owrd John Owrd is owing me xx'. for lingwood & his Wyfe delyv'ed hym wch xx'. I give to Agnes his dowghter towards her marriage. The reste of all my goodes not beinge legaced nor gyven in this fun'all chagres wth my legaces paid & fully discharged I frely gyve unto Elizabeth Collingwood & Isabell Owrd whom I orden and make my full executours to dispone In this my testament and to the supportacion of the poor people as shalbe thought requysit & neydfull. Supervisours to se the p'formânce & full accomplishing

a wat


accordinge as I have lymyted in the same I orden and maike Thomas Clapome Richard Clapome & Stephen Mustchaunce puttinge them in Truste and credete

in ev'y poynte. At Berwyke the day and year abovesaid Thes

beinge Witnesses hereof Thomas Clapome Richerd Clapome
Stepha' Mustchance Herri Collingwood Thomas Atkynson
Clerk with other moo.
Item I lymytt unto Isabel Owrd

xl sheipp thre Kye and a younge oxe & all my apparell And the hundreth poundes that I lymyted unto her is in the handes of Henry Collingwood & Elsabeth his Wiff And I will that the said Elsabeth shalbe orderyd and counsaled by the Councell and adv'tismente in all her doyings of Stephen Muschaunce Richerd Clapome & Elsabeth Collingwood my dowthere as she p'tendes to have any parte of my said goodes


In the nayme of god Amen the vjth day of m'che Jn the yere of or lord god A thowsand fyve hundreth ffortie and seven I George Bayts vicare of Kellow wthin the countie of duresme hole of mynd and of perfytt remembran'ce thoff I be seke in my bodie maketh my testament and last will in this man' and forme folowing ffurst I Bequethe my soul to almyghtie god or ladie saynet marie and to all the holie company of heven my bodie to be buried wthin the chauncell of the church of Kellow aforesaid It' I gyve to Richard hobsone twentie nobles in peny & penyworth and to eyther of his children foure yowes It' I gyve to eu'y one of my su'nts a gymm' hogge and to Emme huntley a blake whye that goeth vpon Cassoppmore It I gyve to georg Bayts a chaldre of Bygg & a chalder of hauer And to John lambe half a chaldre of Bygg & half a chaldre of hauer and a boule of whete Also I gyfe to John Bayts a bowle of wheate and to michael Coke a bowle of wheat Also I bequeth to Edward Bayts vs and to maister Robert Hertburn a gold Ringe to Sr Henry Browne a Sylu' spone and to Sr henry Cutter vj. viij. It' to S Will'm Wright a fely stake that was his own & my shorte gowne The Residew of all my goods I gyve to my most trustie frend Will'm Cockey Clerk whome I make my sole executor of this my testament & last Will to the sustentac'on and fynding of Isabell Robinson and Robert Rydley if they will folowe his mynd and counsale otherways to bestow my said goods as he shall think good for the helthe of my soull Witnesse herof Sr Will'm Wright prest George Bayts notarie Will'm Elwald John lambe and Will'm lytlefayre with many other moo.[Proved in 1548.]

1 Vicar of Kelloe from 1536. A person of this name ceased to be Rector of the South Bailey in 1535.


In ye name of god amen ye x day of may in the yere of ow lord god мCCCCC xlvij witnes yt I lionell Wall of Stanhop in Wardell hoolle of mynde & good off memory makythe this my last wyll und testament in manr and forme folowyng first I bequithe and gyfe my soolle to Almyghtty god and to owr lady saint mary & to all the saints in heuyn my body to be beried in ye churche garth of our lady in stanhop & I bequith & gyffe to p'ceuell my son a bay stagg & all my smydye gere & my best Jakett & a blake Jeyrkyn & a lether dobblett & I gyfe to Alyson & margret my dowghters my ij best taches & to Elasabethe & angnes other ij taches & to Jenet my dowghtter A tache and to Alyson my dowghter a pare of beids wth ij Ryngs at tham & to margret & Angnes a pare of beidds to pairt betwex them & I gyffe to Jenet my dowhter x of monye a lytyll brasse pott ye resydew of all my goods my beriall done my detts paid my legacy geuyng I bequithe to p'ceuell wall my son & to gye maddeson henry maddeson & to wyl' wall whome I maik my full Exsecutors to do for my sooll as thay thynk good & for ye p'fett of ye rest of my chyldren yt ys Elasabethe Marget Alyson & Angnes my dawghters Also I wyll & I gyve my leysse & take ye I have of my fermald in ye west feyld to p'ceuell my son doryng ye yeres yt I haue takyn yt & he to latt hys susters haue ther pairt of ye p'fetts of ye sayd fermold doryg ye sayd tak wytnes here of Sr Wyl'm Chepman prest Jhon Todd lawrance woller with moo

Inventorij. ye smedye gere xx3. Howsold gere xl. twoo kye & ye calfs xxxij. ij mares and ye fowlls xxvij. viija. A mare xiij3. iiija. x yowes xxxiijs. iiij. ix dynmonds scheyp xxj. vij hoggs xiiijs. The hovlle some x'. iiij. Dette. ye costs of y beriall day xiij. to master henry Anderson of ye new castell x. viij. ob. &c. The some xl3. vij. ob.


In dei nomine Amen the xiij daye of Januarij in the yeare of our lorde god Millesimo CCCCCXLVIIJ I Sir John Sadlere preste wt in ye towne of Newcastell vpon tyne hole of mynde and Reason nev'theles seik in my body maiks my testyment in this mainerr folowyng ffirste I gyue my soulle to Almyghty gode to or blysit lady seinte Mary and to all the holy companye in heuene my body to be buried wth in Sainte Andrewe Kirke Also I will

haue in the daye of my buriall dirige wt solemne messe of Requie' to bee celebreate w'in the said Kirke of sainte Andrewe for the well of my soulle and all trewe c'styane soulls wt x prests It'm I gyue to my brother bartrame sadlere iiij'. It'm I It'm I gyue to my mother margaret sadler v'. and the howsse at she dwells in durynge hire lyffe naturall And after the disceas of my mother I gyve the said howse vnto my brother bartrame sadlere and to his heres for eu' It'm I gyue to my brother Will'm Wilkynson one howse and one cloisse callyde clyfton house pay'nge owt to ye Kynge yearely ix". It'm I gyue to Will'm cowke John Wylkynson iiij marks in money and one howse at the Kirke styell nowe in the tenure of James lame It'm I gyue to peter Wilkynson xl. It I gyue to Annes Wilkynson xxvj. viij. It'm I gyue to Isabell Wilkyson xxvj. viij. It' I gyue to katryne Sadler xiij. iiijd. It'm I gyue to Thomas Wilkyson xxvj. viijd. It'm I gyue to cecyly wilkyson xx3. It'm I gyue to

Robert toderick iijs. iiijd. It'm I gyve to Richarde todorik iij3. iiij. the Resydewe of all my goodes vn legate I gyue to my. mother Margaret Sadlere bartrame sadlere John Wilkynson and to Will'm wilkynson whome I maik my executors yei to ordo' and dispone for the well of my soulle as my truste is in yemme by the consell of umfrey carr whom I maike sup'visor of yis my saide testymont and I gyue to hyme xxvj. viija. Witnesse hereof Roger Dent thomas Kirsope Ric' Stotte Will'm Cowke. [Pr. 1549.]


In the name of god amen The viij day off nove❜br in the yere of God a MCCCCCXLVIIJth I thomas Schaffto seke in body & well in Soull & off gid reme'bras ma.. my last will & testime't as doys fowlloy ffirst I do geyffe my soull to god Almighttye & to or lady sant mary & to all the holley co'pany off hevene & my body to be beried wt in the church garth of or lady in morpath ffirst I do geyffe to my wiffe & my childer that is to say allon Willm' and annas & doys make them my full exequitors for to disspos my guds as they thynge most co'uenient for ther discharge & my soull helt also I do mayk my brother henrye sup'visor of this my last p'sentt will to maynten them in all ther ryght Thes witnesses Sir Johne hayr John snawdon robert toode & robert smyth wt other moy. test. tho'e shayfto d' morpath: [pr. 1548.]

INVENTORIUM omnium bonorum mobilium & immobilium Thome Schaffto nuper defuncti. In primis a cow & a calffe xiij'.

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