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iiijd. ij daker off lether off daker wayre iij'. vjs. viijd. A daker of lether not daker wayr vj. viij. barke vj. viij. iij fawtts & a leke iiij. A alm'ry wt all other gudds wt in the house xxxiij. iiija. as much hay as com's to iijs. iiij. ij swyn houggs x'. totalis vij1. iiijd. Debita sibi debentia. Richart nicoll vis. Debita quæ defunctus debet in mortis suæ tempore To Edwarde tornor of pygton xvij. The Lords ferme vs. To my s'uande vs. to Sir robert skot x'. Sm'a totalis xxxvijs.*


In dei nomine Amen the xviijth daye of marcij in the yeare of o'lorde god mo.cececmo. xlviijo I Robert blythman girdlere w'in the towne of newcastell vpon tyne hole of mynde and Reason neu'theless seyke in my body mayks my testyment in this manere folowying first I gyve my soulle to Almighty gode to or blysset lady saint marye and to all the holye company in heuene my body to be buried w'in sainte nvcheles kirke garthe Also I wyll haue in the daye of my buriall dirige wt solemne messe of requie' to be celebrat wtin the saide kirke of saint nycheles for the well of my soull and all trewe c'styane soulls It'm I gyue to Rauff haull one blewe doublet of chamoleat and one cappe It'm I gyue to John blythman my brother my schoppe geyre one payre of white hoose It'm I gyue to Thomas blythman my brother one payre black hoose and one cappe It'm I gyue vnto my two sist's one gowne to be diuidide betwixe yam'e the Resydewe of all my goods vn legate I gyue to Margaret blythman my wyff whome I mayke my executrixe she to order and dispone for the well of my soull and to pay my detts as my trust is in hire Witnesse here of Robert woode prest John Whitfeld thomas blythman. [Pr. 1548.]


In the name of gode ame' I Raff blaxston Clerke afore my deth orden & mak my testam't & last wyll in thys man' and forme folowyng fyrst I bequeth my soule to almyghtie god or ladie saynte mary & to all the holie co'pany of heven my bodie to be buried wthin the cath' church of duresm be fore gregory alter It'm I gyue to mr doctor tode my short rydinge gown

1 Of the family of Blakiston, of Blakiston-first Prebendary of the tenth stall in Durham Cathedral. 2 William Todd, D.D., first Prebendary of the fifth stall.

of worsett It'm I gyue to Sr John baxter p'son of the south ballie my freesfroke furrytt It'm I gyue to mr doctor benet 2 a paynted table for a token It'm to m' Robert benet my short chamleit gown The resydew of my goods of yt I shall haue after my decease I gyue to george rogerlie whom I make my full execut And I desye m' Robert benet to se my will p'formed whom I make sup'visor of thys my last will And all such bequests yett nott bequestid as here aft' shall com'e to my mynde that he lykewise se them p'formed Acordinge to the gret trust I haue in him. Memor'd' that I ow vnto Thom's herryson of the hawes iiij. It'm I gyue to St George Bartley a preist bonett & a worsett tpypett It'm to george baytts a cipresse coffer It'm I gyue to Robert Sawer a mattresse a payr of lyn shets & a cou'yng of a bede yt ys att westow It'm I gyue to Robert warke a fetherbedde a bolster two fustian blankets a payre of shets a happyng of whit and a lytyll ou'see bedde And a lytle fusshian pillow It'm I bequest vnto Rychard Shirburne xx. and a lyu'ey cott the pric x. It'm I gyue to St Richard best a sarcenett typpett It'm I bequeth to lyonell Smyth for his costs and paynes takine 'for me att yorke xx3. It'm I gyue to Robert Sawer a bawsonde curtall nayge wich he hath now in kepyng It'm I gyue to Thom's Sawer my ryding cloke It'm I gyue to robert sawer a payre of frese sloppers It'm I gyue to Robert warke a payre of hose & to robert sawer a worsett dowblett It'm I gyue to Jenett warke my best syde gown vnlynide of cloith. It'm I gyue to the p'son of the south baylye my strait veluett cappe It'm I gyue to robert warke the younger a worsett Jerkyng To Thomas & henry warke his brother my pannes Jakett rossett by me Raffe Blaxton Witnesses here off John baxster preist georg bayts The INVENTORYE of all the goods wych are mr rauffe blaxton clarke the vij of January Anno d'ni mill'imo quingenmo xlixno. A payre of Cobyrons on payre of tongs on table and a desk with two carpets vpon them two chayres And a long cetle with viij cusshyngs two codds damaske wrought a standing tursyng bedde with gyrthes a mattres two fatherbedds one payre of fusshian blanketts ij cou'letts a cou'yng a bolster a fusshiane codde & two little fusshiane codds a law tursyng bedde of gyrthes a mattresse a bolster a codd a payre of blanketts two cou❜letts One p'ssor a rede table paynted ande a gylted table a deske with two coffers in yt a coffer of cypresse

1 Vacated the living of the South Bailey, by death, in 1572.

2 Originally a Monk, and, at the dissolution, Bursar of the Priory-afterwards

the first Prebendary of the fourth stall.


In the name of god, Amen The vijth of Auguste In the third yeir of king Edward the sexte I robert shell of berwyk gonn maks this my will & testament in man' & forme followinge first I bequithe my soule to god Almighty & to all the celestiall company in heven my body to be buried in the churche yarde in berwyck Ite' I give vnto Thom's Temple ij kye & the reste of monay to maik out x m'ks Ite' I give vnto my wife my house vnto my boy be of xxiiij yeirs of age And than to com' to my sonne whom I lymett vnto thom's shell of annwyck with his part & all my shopp geir & x stone of iron Ite' I give to will'm shell x stone of iron & xx. Ite' I give to cristian shell xx3. & a clokke [cloak] & her p't of vessell when she comes to age Ite' I give the price of two gonnes to my moth & my sister for thone of the wch I ame bidden xx3. & for the oyr xxx". I will yf I die that the xx3. that I had wth oswald Eweard my app'ntice be given hym agane The reste of all my goodes I give vnto my wif Aud vnto my children gotten with her whom I mak my full executours Maid at berwyk the day & yeir abouesaid Thes witnesses John clau'ing robert story thom's foster John tyndall wt oyr

Dets owyng to hym. To Janet temple iij'. vj3. viiijd. To elsabeth temple xiij. iiij. To andrew bawdkyn x3. viij. Too m'tyn shell wif xx". Detts owing to hym wth monay. In rialls neir xxiiij'. In syluerr v or vj'. In the kings maties handes to be paid by Mr doune for iij monethes ended the firste of September at viijd the day for my self and vjd the day for eyer of two s'uandes and from the firste of September vnto the vjth of the same at lik waiges by the space of days at xxd the daye xij'. Mr ridgeway owith me for work of dunglasse home and roxbrugh iij'. xiij. iiij. Mr Captane for my wags xij days at viija per die' & for my s'uandes wages at vjd per diem for xij days xx". Also Mr captane owith striping a peace of ordynaunce & Clement shell xs & mor vnto me iiij3. xiiij3.—I have a gonne of th baithes I give hym one for it. I have a gonne of wh'for he shall give xs I have a gonne & a dagge of & he hath a gonne of myne & I owe hym tak a dagg y' for In dorso This is the trew will of robert shell wch I dyd wryt wt my hand being Curat of berwyk & so I will recorde by me John......



... Alsoo I wyll and gyffe to ye house of Muntgrace x3. and alsoo to neessam abbey


for my soull and all c'styn souls at the plesor of god Alsoo I to John doddyssworth iijs. iiijd. to Marget dodysworth and Katyn dodysworth ijs. Alsoo I wyll & gyffe to my cosyn Margere Surteys two chysts one almery of reed saye yat es in hyr keppyng It'm a brode cressett of yron and a lytyll Alsoo I wyll and gyfe to my cosyn Margere my goddowght a lyrge almere of appylls wyth lokks and banndds & the kezs longyng to it It' I geve to Imon and vj salt salm' It' to my sister Kyllinghall vj puderde to the Muntgrace vj puderde salmon It' to m'maduk Surtes iiij puderd salm It' to my Cosyn Doddyswo'th iiij salmon It to my Cosyn Sykyswyk vj pud'rd salmon It to Ag'es Jackson for recompence of apples ij pudred salmon to George Askewe a powdered salmon. [P. 1549.]


Raufe Surteis.



INVENTORY. 1551.-IN THE HALLE. and a porr with one paire of tonges xxx3. kott xxs.

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One yryn chymney
One table of wains-

ijo doble counters xxx3. A dresser and ijo formes Two cushyngs and two chairs vs. v cushynges xij. Two carpett clothes and a covbberdclothe x3. The hangyng in the hale ls. S'm viij'. ijs. IN THE BUTTREE. One ambre x'. Sex candlestycks viijs. A morter and a pestell v". A quart pott a pottle pott & a pynte pott vs. cov'd potts xijd. One searce xijd. One basinge for washynge xx". Two longe bord clothes vj3. viija. Thre short borde clothes iiij. A dosen Napkyns ijs. Two harden bourdclothes xijd. Two towells iij". One dyaper towell iijs. Two weshinge towells xijd. S'm lij3. iiijs. IN THE KYTCHYNGE. Two brasse pottes vj. One yettlynge and two pans A fryinge pane and a drepein pane iijs. A Rost yryn a lying yryn and one flesh crouke ijs. A chafindych a skemmer and a grait ijs. Thre knives and a choppynkniffe xvja. A

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1 Of Middleton St. George, but of the family of Surtees of Dinsdale. The date of this will is lost, but it must have been made before the Dissolution, when the monasteries of Mount Grace and Nesham were in existence. It was proved in 1549.

2 Of the family of Lawson, of Cramlington.

garnesh of vessell xls. Eight peyses of old pudre viijd. One yrin for rostynge of apples xviijd. A spit, ijo clames & a pair of clepps ijs. Sm' iij1. xv3. xa. IN THE BRWEHOWSSE. Two leydes iij'. A braike viijd. A mashfatt and two trowe stones iijs. Four seikes iiijs. A gyelffatt xijd. Two longe bordes vs. A bowtyng to'ne & a trowe xxd. A coulyngfatt a kenynnge two levyn tobbes ijo waschyng tobbes ijs. A pare of seyntres vjd. Thre halff barrells and two alepotts ijd. A boschell viijd. Sm' iiij'. vjd. IN THE KYELL. A steeplead v'. viij bowlls of malte xxx3. two bowlls of wheat x. A kyllhame' and a wyndooclothe x3. Sm' vij'. x'. IN THE PERLER. A stand bedd wth a ffetherbed and all thyngs thair to belonging xl3. A coubbord wth a coubbordclothe xx3. A chyst iij. iiijd. A chamer pott viija. Sm' iij'. iiij. IN THE CHAMBRE. A yryn chymney xiij. iiijd. A pressour x3. A standbedd wyth a fetherbedd and all things thair to belongin xxx". IN NAPPERYE. A dosen napkyns iijs. Thre pair of lynsheits xv3. Thre pair of harden sheites viijs. Thre pair of pyllowbers vjs. The hanggyngs x3. Sm' iiij'. xvs. iiijd. IN THE SERVANDS CHAMER. TWO mattresses with all the beddynge their to belonginge xiij. iiijd. THE SAID WILL'MS APP'ELL. A gowne ffur'yd wth martron xls. A gowne ffurrid with black conye xxvjs. viijd. A goune of ffreys furryd wth gray conye xiij. iiijd. A black cloike gardyt wth velvett xx". A white cloike iijs. A slevelesse cote of damaske xx3. A slevelesse cote of grograe x3. A dublet of kremsynge satten xxvj. viija. A dublet of reid taffitay x3. A dublet of blacke satten xvs. A rydyng cote gardyd wih velvet xiijs. iiijd. A ridynge cote gardyd wth p'smantlais vs. A pair of hose wth velvet brichis x3. A pair of hose lyned wth sarsnet iij. iiijd. A pair of conye hose ij3. Two capps iiijs. A Hatt vs. Sm' xj'. vij. viij. THE SHEP, CATTELL, HAYE, CORNE, AND COLES APP'TEYNGE THE SAID WYLL'M. At Schepcot barne xij oxen xx'. viij kye xxvj3. viijd. a peis. ix young noytt xvs. a pes. liiij lambes ijs. a peis. xviij gymmers and dynmonthes iiijs. a peis. A gray horse iiij'. vjs. viijd. A gray mere xxxiij. iiijd. Haye v'. Two waynes, ijo plowes wth all belonging them iij'. A c. thrve of wheit and rye at ijs. vj. a thrave xv. A [cxx] Thrave of otts at xij a thrave vj. Coles at the staith xxx'. At the pyttxij'. IN GOLD AND SYLVYR vij1. iiij3. &c.


In the name of god amen The xxvij day of marce In the

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