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sonne Christofer Ploughe three poundes. The residue of my goodes I give to my brother Christofer Ploughe, whiche Christofer I ordeyn executour. I make supervisours John Allenson, mercer, one of the Aldermen of the burrough towne of Notyngham, and William Holenzed, clarke too maister Mayer of the same towne, and everye of them to have for their labour vjs. viijd. Wittnes, Roberte Lovate, one of the Aldermen, William Warenar, and William Holinzed, with other, Sir Nicholas Nedeham. I give to my brother Chrystofer Plowghe the stable that I bought of Page, lyinge nye to Maister Hasilrygges garden.

[Proved 18 Oct., 1538.]

[Crumwell, 16.]

20 Aug., 1538. Dame Agnes Clerke. My sowle to Almighty God, to our lady Sancte Marey, and to all the holy. companny of heven, and my body to be buryed in the churche of Hobye by Thomas Alen my husband. To the vicarye of Willoby a mortuary. To the churche of Hoby vjli. xiijs. iiijd. yf they feche my body at Willoby, or elles not. To my brother William Bankes my indenture and yeres of the parsonage of Willoby. To Henry Saxton x li. and my yeres in William Moultes ferme. To Thomas Warde v marke. To Ellen Bankes xxtje markes. To Mary Waylys xxtie markes. To Anthony Walys vjli. xiijs. iiijd. To Elizabeth Walys xxxiij s. iiij d. To Joane Wayllys xxxiij s. iiij d. To Edmunde Farnworth vjs. viij d. To Margarete Archer vj s. viij d. To every oon of my godchildren in Willoby and Hoby oon shepe. To William Garton xx s. To John Garves vj s. viij d. To Sir John Whelars servauntes xx s. To every oon of my servauntes with my wages iij s. iiij d. I will my executour have a blacke gowne, whome I make William Bankes my brother. I will that Agnes Garton, Ellen Bankes, Mary Wales, that every oon of them have a blacke gowne and a hood. The residew of all my goods not bequethed unto William Bankes my brother. Sir John Vylers, knight, supervisor. Wittnes, Roberte Myddelton, Nicholas Garves, and John Robinson, cum multis aliis.

[Proved 23 Aug., 1539.]

[Dyngeley, 24.]

21 Aug., 1538. Robert Bevycote, of London. My body to be buried in the parishe kirke of Saint Laurence at Sylsthorn in Holdernesse. To the Sacrament of the awter xijd. To

Sir Robert Bowman, the gilde preest, iiij d. To Sir Richard Warton, the curat of Sylsthorn, iiij d. To Margaret Gossop my hostes, iiij d. To Alice Peerson, the servaunt in the house, iiijd. My executour of all my goodes I make Joane Bevycote my wife, at London, that the said wife shall dispoase parte of the goodes for the helthe of my soule. Cristofer Brygtyffe, I desire you as my trust is to se that I be honestly brought to the erthe and buried in the parishe churche of Sylsthorne, and cawse masse and dirige to be songe for me and paye you therfor because my wife is farr away. Christoofer Brigtyff, byd my wife loke in my house, and there shall be founde all my dettes to me and fro me, writing. Recordes, Sir Richard Warton, Sir Robert Bowman, Thomas Hobson, John Wylson, William Byrke of Silsthorn.

[Proved 14 Jan., 1538-9.]

[Alengar, 9.]

The xxviijth day of September in the xxxti yere of King Henry theight (1538). I, Richard Bellocys, of Henknoll, makith my last will. Furst, I bequeith my soule to God Almyghtie, our Lady Saint Mary, and to all the holy companye in hevyn, and my body to be buryed in hallowed ground. I bequeith for fyndyng of an honest prest to syng and praye for my soule and my frendes soules the space of vij yeres in Saint Andrewes church within the parishe of Auckland xxviijli. To the Mounte Grace twenty shilling to be praysed for. For foure trentall of masses xls. To poer housholders v li. For mending of high waies iij li. To Saint Andrewes chuch for mendyng of the leade of the body of the said churche and the Iles of the same vj li. To my suster Smythes childer xl s. To my suster Huttons children xx s. To Richard Clerwax xx 8. To John Kirkham my susters sonne xx s. To his brother, John Kyrkham the elder, xiij s. iiijd. To every one of my wayting servauntes vjs. viij d. the pece. Thomas Awnderson xs. To Thomas Hogeson xs. To aged folkes xx-s. To Sir John Fenwicke x s. To Thomas Sotheron


Son of Thomas Belasyse, of Henknowle, co. Durham, and Margery, daughter of Sir Lancelot Thirkeld. He married Margery, daughter of Richard Errington, of Cockle Park, co. Northumberland. She died 20 August, 1587, aged 90. M.I., Houghton. Her will, dated 20 Jan, 1576-7, was printed in the Durham Wills, vol. ii, 315 (Surtees Society). Their son, Sir William, succeeded his uncle Anthony who, having been largely implicated in the spoliation of the monasteries, had Newburgh Priory granted at the Dissolution. The testator was ancestor of a long line of Lords and Earls Fauconbergs, which came to an end in 1802, when Newburgh was carried by an heiress to the present Wombwell family, and is now possessed by Sir George Wombwell, bart.

X S. To poore maydens mariage xls. To Richard Welsed x s., and to his wif vjs. viij d. To Agnes Enderson xs. I will that my mother and my brother Doctor Bellasys have thorder and disposicion of my fermeholde that I have in Rykenhall for thuse and prouffed of my sonne William Bellasis unto such tyme as he the said William be xxjti yere old, and then my said mother and brother to delyver unto my said sonne the ferme of Rickenhall to his own handes with such prouffettes as came therof. I will my mother and my brother thorder of my ferme in Woodhouses, the order of the personage of Lethome in Cleveland for thuse of my yongest sonne Richard Bellasys unto they thynke by thair discretions the said Richard able to occupie the said parsonage, and in the meane tyme to distribute the prouffetes of the same amongest my children as they shall thynk most mete, and when they thynke the said Richard able to occupie the same hymself then to delyver unto hym thoccupacon therof. I will my mother and my brother have for my terme of yeres that I have of the Abbey of Durysme, of the corne of Mykill, Clifton, for thuse of my sonne William duryng my yeres. I give to my sonne William xl li. worth of my best plate, which shall remayne at Henneknoll as hey relomes. I will my mother and my brother have thorder of my ferme of Morton for thuse of my sonne Anthony Bellassys unto such tyme that they thynke hym able to occupie it hymself. I do give my son Anthony for his childes parte a hundreth markes and if my goodes will so amount. I will my mother and my brother have thorder of my ferme of Fathill and Bradfeld for thuse of my sonne Richard. I give to my sonne Richard an hundreth markes for his childes parte if my goodes will so amount. I will my mother and my brother have thorder of all my parte that I have by lease in the coole pittes unto suche tyme as they thynke that there be one of my children hable to occupye the said pittes, and suche proufetes as shalbe in their handes in the meane tyme of the pittes to be for helpyng of all my children. I give for the mariage of my doughter Margaret Bellasys an hundreth markes for hir childes parte, to the mariage of my doughter Jane Bellasses a hundreth markes for her childes parte. I will that all suche somes of money and rent as be behynd unpaied in Tonstall in Richmondshire, which as is assigned by Henry Eurye and his wif Anne to me for repayment of certain mariage money which they receyved of me, I will that my doughters have it to thair maryage. I will that Margery my wif shall have for hir full part of all suche goodes of myne as she ought to have by the lawe after

my deeth cc markes if she can so be content to take it for a full contentacon, and if she can not be content then she to take as the law will give hir. I will that my sonne William have my yeres in Feldom. I make my mother and my brother Mr Doctor Bellassys my full and sole executours.

This codicill xxiiijth day of Marche in the presence of Doctour Bellassys and Master John Darell, clerekes. I will that my yongest sonne Richard shall have all my fermes of Lethom within the countie of Yorke, and of Yarrowe within the countie of Duresme, and Blatern within the countie of Westmorland, duryng the yeres of my leases, and that my mother Margaret Sympson and my brother shall have the orderyng of the fermes, and shall distribute the prouffectes of the fermes amongest all my children. I will my wif Margery shall have the occupacon of my ferme of Morton besides Houghton in the countie of Duresme to bryng up my sonne Anthony withall.

[Proved last July, 1540.]

[Crumwell, 13.]

19 Dec., 1538. Roberte Lame, of the towne of Newcastell uppon tyne. Furst, I bequeth my soule to Almyghty God, my bodye to be buryed within the churche yarde of Morpathe. To Roberte my sonne my howse after my wifes deceas, and in defaulte of hym to my eldyst doughter, and so from one doughter to an other. To William my brother vj li. xiij s. iiij d. To Thomas my brother vjli. xiijs. iiijd. To George my brother vj li. xiij s. iiij d. To Thomas Cowper xls. To John Cowper xls. To Henry Fynkell iij li. vj s. viij d. To Andrewe Bewyke xx s. To George Selbye xx s. To Isabell Lame my suster xls. To Katheryne Selby xs. To Elizabeth Lame XX S. To a priste to singe for me and my wif twoo_yeres, iiij li. xiijs. iiij d. a yere. To the buyldinge of Morthpathe brige iij li. To Thomas Lyddell my prentyce xxvj s. viij d. To William Hawe my curatt xs. The residue to Anne my wif, Roberte my sonne, Maryon, Elizabeth, Janett, Jaine, Beyll and Margerye, my sone and doughters, and the lengyste lyver of them, whome I ordeigne my executours. George Selbye, Henry Fenkill, William Lame, and Thomas Lame shalbe supervisours. Wyttnes, Andrewe Bewycke, William Blakett, John Huntley, and Sir William Hawe, my curatt.

[Proved 16 May, 1539.]


[Crumwell, 19.]

3 June, 1539. Brian Higdon, Deane of the Metropolytane Churche in Yorke. I bequethe my soule to Almyghtie God, and my bodie to be buriede in the churche of Yorke afore the Rode in the southe alye withoute pompe yf I die at Yorke, and if I die at Ulleskelf to be buried in the newe chapelle there in the churche of Kirkbye afore the Image of Seinct Kateryn, and if I die at Thorneton to be buryede in the hye quere of Pockelyngton afore the Image of Seinct Peter. To Seinct Peters stocke in the saide churche of York vj li., whiche I am owing of yt synce we lent money to the Abbott of Seynct Mary Abbaye yt is dede. To Seinct Peters warkes xiij li. vj s. viij d. yf I do not paye yt in my lyf. For my obbyt to everye canon being present at yt vj s. viij d., and to hym yt shall burye me and do masse xiij s. iiij d., and to everye vicare and chauntrye prest being at my dirige and masse v s., and to every deacon ijs., and unto every querester xiij d., and to ye clarkes of the Reverstre of Rogarstons xijd. a pece. To Robte Belryngar xijd. To everye on of the Tribulars xx d. To every chanon dwellyng within the closse of Yorke onne of my newe spoonys for a token. Unto my servauntes on holle yers waige from the puryficcicon of or ladie last past unto the purificacon to come with theire lyveries or moneye for them, so yt the blacke lyvarie which theye shall have at my buryall do stond for theire shorte lyverie. Unto Robte Froste which takith no wages v li. Unto Marmaduke Wavasor xl s. To Gawing Yoodall xls. To Thomas Whithouse, Richarde Bell, Robert Erle, xl s. above their wages. To Willyam Shercroft xxvj s. viij d. To John Roo xx s. I bequeth xx li. to be distribute betwixe my brother Willyam childer being unmaryed, so y everye onne of his doughters have five markes of the same, and unto his eldest doughter being maryed on of my best silver spoonys and on of my gounes, and to my suster hir mother on of my gounys. Unto my suster Elizabeth on of my gounes and xls. Unto my neve (sic) Elyzabeth Closse, of Barton, xls. Unto hir sonne Thomas Stronge xls. Unto my cosyn Elizabeth Burriett, of Burro, xl s., and to everye on of hir childer vj s. viij d. Unto everye onne of my kynsmen and kynswomen to whome I give nothing elles, vj s. viij d. To the churche warke of Caister iij li. vj s. viij d. Fyfe markes to be distribute emonges the poore people within Netilton, and asmoche to the poore people of Northkelsaye. Unto Mr Robte


Bachelor, of Broadgates Hall. 26 May, 1515, archdeacon of York; 20 June, 1516, prebendary of Ulleskelf; 27 June, 1516, dean of York. A benefactor to learning. Died 5 June, 1539. Fasti. 18,

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