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to 1005.

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+ Heb. caused
to ascend.

ings of flowers.

Or, five square.

ings .


? CHRONICLES 111. latter part of ver. 13. & ver. 14.
And they stood on their feet, and their faces were * in- A.C. 1011

14 And he made the vail sof blue, and purple, and 107, toward
crimson, and fine linen, and t wrought cherubims thereon. g Matt. xxvii.

1 KINGS VI. VER. 29.-37. 29 And he carved all the walls of the house round about with carved figures of cherubims and palm trees and I open 1 Heb, openfiowers, within and without.

30 And the floor of the house he overlaid with gold, within and without. 31 And for the entering of the oracle he made doors of olive tree: the lintel and side posts were & a fifth part of the wall.

32 The || two doors also were of olive tree; and he carved | Or, leaves of upon

them carvings of cherubims and palm trees and * open Heb. operflowers, and overlaid them with gold, and spread gold upon the cherubims, and upon the palm trees.

33 So also made he for the door of the temple posts of olive tree, † a fourth part of the wall.

+ Or, four. 34 And the two doors were of fir tree: the two leaves of the one door were folding, and the two leaves of the other door were folding.

35 And be carved thereon cherubims and palm trees and open flowers: and covered them with gold Åtted upon the carved work

36 C And he built the inner court with three rows of hewed stone, and a row of cedar beams.

1 KINGS VIL VER. 13-23. 13 © And king Solomon sent and fetched Hiram out of 14 He was † a widow's son of the tribe of Naphtali, and 1 Heb. the son his father was a man of Tyre, a worker in bråss : and he was womanda filled with wisdom, and understanding, and cunning to work all works in brass. And he came to king Solomon, and wrought all his work.

15 For he 9 cast two pillars of brass, of eighteen cubits Heb. bigh apiece : and a line of twelve cubits did compass either Fashioned, of them about.

16 And he made two chapiters of molten brass, to set upon the tops of the pillars: the height of the one chapiter was five cubits, and the height of the other chapiter was 17 And nets of checker work, and wreaths of chain work,

fre cubits :



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he Chron. iii. 17.

is strength.

A.C. 1011 for the chapiters which were upon the top of the pillars ;

seven for the one chapiter, and seven for the other chapiter.

18 And he made the pillars, and two rows round about upon the one network, to cover the chapiters that were upon the top, with pomegranates: and so did he for the other chapiter.

19 And the chapiters that were upon the top of the pillars were of lily work in the porch, four cubits.

20 And the chapiters upon the two pillars had pomegranates also above, over against the belly which was by the network : and the pomegranates were two hundred in rows round about upon the other chapiter.

21 - And he set up the pillars in the porch of the temple:

and he set up the right pillar, and called the name thereof That is, Ile * Jachin : and he set up the left pillar, and called the name + That is, in it thereof + Boaz.

22 And upon the top of the pillars was lily work : so was
the work of the pillars finished.

1 Moreover he made an altar of brass, twenty cubits the
length thereof, and twenty cubits the breadth thereof, and
ten cubits the height thereof.

1 KINGS VIl. ver. 23–51.
23 | And he made a molten' sea, ten cubits I from the
one brim to the other : it was round all about, and his height
was five cubits : and a line of thirty cubits did compass it
round about.

24 And under the brim of it round about there were knops 1 2 Clır. iv. 3. compassing it, ten in a cubit, i compassing the sea round

about: the knops were cast in two rows, when it was cast.

25 It stood upon twelve oxen, three looking toward the north, and three looking toward the west, and three looking toward the south, and three looking toward the east : and the sea was set above upon them, and all their hinder parts were inward.

26 And it was an handbreadth thick, and the brim thereof was wrought like the brim of a cup, with flowers of lilies : it contained two thousand baths,

27 9 And he made ten bases of brass; -four cubits was the length of one base, and four cubits the breadth thereof, and three cubits the height of it.

28 And the work of the bases was on this manner: they had borders, and the borders were between the ledges :

29 And on the borders that were between the ledges were lions, oxen, and cherubims: and upon the ledges there was

Heh. from his brim to his drim.

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every ad

* Heb. in the

a base abové: and beneath the lions and oxen were certain A. C. 1011 additions made of thin work.

to 1005. 30 And every base had four brasen wheels, and plates of brass : and the four corners thereof had undersetters : under the later were undersetters molten, at the side of dition.

31 And the mouth of it within the chapiter and above was a cubit: but the mouth thereof was round after the work of the base, a cubit and an half: and also upon

the mouth of it were gravings with their borders, foursquare, not round.

32 And under the borders were four wheels; and the axletrees of the wheels were * joined to the base : and the height and of a wheel was a cubit and half a cubit.

33 And the work of the wheels was like the work of a chariot wheel: their axletrees, and their naves, and their felloes, and their spokes, were all molten.

34 And there were four undersetters to the four corners of one base : and the undersetters were of the very base itself.

35 And in the top of the base was there a round compass of half a cubit high : and on the top of the base the ledges thereof and the borders thereof were of the same.

36 For on the plates of the ledges thereof, and on the borders thereof, he graved cherubims, lions, and palm trees, according to the † proportion of every one, and additions 1.Heb. naked, round about.

37 After this manner he made the ten bases : all of them had one casting, one measure, and one size.

38 $ Then made he ten lavers of brass : one laver contained forty baths: and every laver was four cubits: and upcn every one of the ten bases one laver, 39 And be put five bases on the right side of the house, 4 Heb. choru!. and five on the left side of the house: and he set the sea on the right side of the house eastward over against the sonth.

40 C And Hiram made the lavers, and the shovels, and the basons

. So Hiram made an end of doing all the work that he made king Solomon for the house of the Lord: 4 The two pillars, and the two bowls of the chapiters that were on the top of the two pillars; and the two networks, to cover the two bowls of the chapiters which were upon the top of the pillars;

42 And four hundred pomegranates for the two networks, een two rows of pomegranates for one network, to cover the two bowls of the chapiters that were & upon the pillars ; 43 And the ten bases, and ten lavers on the bases; 44 And one sea, and twelve oxen under the sea ;


Heb. upon the face of the


A.C. 1011 to 100.).

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bright, or sruured.

the ground.
I Heb, for the


! Heb. ash pans.

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45 And the pots, and the shovels, and the basons: and

all these vessels, which Hiram made to king Solomon for * Heb. made the house of the LORD, were of * bright brass.

46 In the plain of Jordan did the king cast them, + in the hotel the clay ground between Succoth and Zarthan.

47° And Solomon left all the vessels unweighed, because exceeding they were exceeding many: neither was the weight of the brass & found out.

48 And Solomon made all the vessels that pertained unto the house of the LORD: the altar of gold, and the table of gold, whereupon the shewbread was,

49 And the candlesticks of pure gold, five on the right side, and five on the left, before the oracle, with the flowers, and the lamps, and the tongs of gold,

50 And the bowls, and the snuffers, and the basons, and
the spoons, and the || censers of pure gold; and the hinges
of gold, both for the doors of the inner house, the most holy
place, and for the doors of the house, to wit, of the temple.

8 He made also ten tables, and placed them in the temple,

five on the right side, and five on the left. And he made an . Or doruls. hundred * basons of gold.

9 9 Furthermore he made the court of the priests, and the great court, and doors for the court, and overlaid the doors of them with brass.

10 And he set the sea on the right side of the east end,
over against the south.

1 KINGS VI. VER. 9-15.
9 So he built the house, and furnished it; and covered
the house with + beams and boards of cedar.

10 And then he built chambers against all the house, five ings with ce. cubits high : and they rested on the house with timber of


11 9 And the word of the Lord came to Solomon, saying,

12 Concerning this house which thou art in building, if thou wilt walk in my statutes, and execute my judgments,

and keep all my commandments to walk in them; then will 12 Sam. vii. I perform my word with thee, which I spake unto David xxii. 10. thy father:

13 And I will dwell among the children of Israel, and will not forsake my people Israel.

14 So Solomon built the house, and finished it.

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* Or, the zu beams and the ciel


13. I Chron.

to 1005,

k2Chron.v, l.

1 KINGS VII, VER. 51. 61 So was ended all the work that king Solomon made A.C. 1011 for the house of the Lord. And Solonion brought in the * things k which David his father had dedicated ; even the Heb. holy silver, and the gold, and the vessels, did he put among the things of Da

. treasures of the house of the Lord.

1 KINGS VI. VER. 37, 38. 37 S In the fourth year was the foundation of the house of the Lord laid, in the month Zif:

38 And in the eleventh year, in the month Bul, which is the eighth month, was the house finished + throughout all her, with all the parts thereof, and according to all the fashion of it. nances there.

of, and with So was he seven years in building it.

all the ordi.

nances thercos, 1 KINGS VI. VER. 2, 3. 2. And the house which king Solomon built for the LORD, the length thereot was threescore cubits, and the breadth thereof twenty cubits, and the height thereof thirty cabits.

3 And the porch before the temple of the house, twenty cubits was the length thereof

, according to the breadth of the house; and ten cubits was the breadth thereof before the house.

2 CHRONICLES III. VER. 10, 11, 12. PART OP 13, AND 15, 16, 17.
And in the most holy house he made two cherubims f of image work, and : Or, (as some

overlaid thern with gold.

think) of mwnible

1l C And the wings of the cherubims were twenty cubits long: one wing of work. the exe cherub was five cubits, reaching to the wall of the house: and the other ming was likewise fire cubits, reaching to the wing of the other cherub.

12 And one wing of the other cherub was five cubits, reaching to the wall of the house : and the other wing was five cubits also, joining to the wing of the

orber cherub.

15-21. Jcr. lii. 21.

13 The wings of these cherubims spread themselves forth twenty cubits. 15 Ako he made before the house 'two pillars of thirty and five cubits & high, 11 Kings ii. and the chapiter that was on the top of each of them was five cubits. 16 And he made chains, as in the oracle, and put them on the heads of the $ Heb. long pilas ; and made man hundred pomegranates, and put them on the chains.

m 1 Kings vii, 17 And he * reared up the pillars before the temple, one on the right hand, n 1 Kings li. and the other on the left; and called the name of that on the right hand | Jachin, and the name of that on the left Boaz.



2). Il That is, he shall establish. * That is, in it is strength.

2 CHRONICLES IV. ver. 2-8. ? 4 ° Ako he made a molten sea of ten cubits † from brim to brim, round in 0 1 Kings vii reipast

, and fire cubits the height thereof; and a line of thirty cubits did com

pas it round about.

1 Heb. from his brim to his brim.

3 P And under it was the similitude of oxen, which did compass it round about : p 1 Kings vii.

24, 25, 26, lez in a cubit, compassing the sea round about. Two rows of oxen were cast,

when it was cast

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