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be gyvene and dyscribte to my s'u'nts, a mendynge of such highe wayes, & for the maryage of mayds at the dycretyon of my sup'vysors or so manye of them as shalbe thene belewinge. Also I geue & bequethe vnto my said son'e Bryane in full recompence and satysfaccyone of hls full and fylyall porcyone of my goods and catelles a hundrethe marks or ells not provyded alwayes and I will that the said Will'm Killinghall & his assignes shall yerely accompt unto the resydewe of said supvisors and the longest lever of them for all suche p'ffetts as shall com and renewe of all my Landes ten'ts and farmholds by me bequethed and geuen vnto my said two sons or wiche thay shall fortune to have here after after whiche accompte I will that the said proffetts shalbe kept wth there said goods & cattells by the said Will'm Killinghall for the vse of my sayd two sons and the longer lever of them as ys before declaryd. Also I geue & bequithe vnto Mr. Franceysse Wandysses s'unts emongest them xx. The resydew of all my goods & cattels moveable and vnmoveable vnbequethed after my Detts & funeralls paide and Descherged I geue & bequithe vnto Dorothe my Wyffe Bryane & Thomas my two sons whome I maik my full executors of this my last Will & testament to dispose the same for the health of my soull & I maik sup'vissors of this my will Will'm Kyllinghall, Jerred Salvayn the the yonger Bryane Pallmes Mychell wandsfforde Will'm wrene esquers and Rob't Skepper yoman for whose paines I will that euerye one of my sup'vysors shall have forty shillinges and there costes bornne. Wytnesse hereof xp'ofo' spence xp'ofor fenney Hughe Dawsone & Rob't Skepper with others mo


In the name of god Amen the xxiijth day of Septembre in ye ycare of o1 lord god 1559 I Richard pemm'ton of stanhope in ye countye of Durh'm yeoma' hole of minde & p'fitte memorye makes this my last will & testamente in man' & forme followinge first I bequieth my soull to god almightye & my body to be buried in ye p'ishe churche of stanhope wher my frends shall thinke good Also I bequieth to my sonne Michaell pemm'ton the better of my two geldings beinge grassed beside wenslaye and I bequieth & giue to my other sonne Rob'te pemm'ton thother of my two geldings there also grassed Also I will & bequieth vnto my thre daughters anne pemm'ton Vrsula pemm'ton & Isabell pemm'ton eurye one of them x' in full contentacion & payemente of ther filiall p'tes & porcions wh they may or ought to haue of all suche goods & cattells as I

the sayd Richard shalbe possessed of att the time of my death & yf it fortune any my sayd daughters (as god defend) to dye before they shall fortune to reccaue there said porcions of x1 then I will that suche p'te & porcion shall come & remayne to such other of my sayd daughters or daughter as shall fortune to survine & ou liue Also I giue and bequieth to my sonne Michaell two fether bedds & all the geare therto belonginge And also I giue to Rob'te pemm'ton my sonne A fether bed & a mattres Also I will and bequieth vnto my wiffe my lease interest & terme of yeares wch I have yet to come of & in the corne milne of wolsingh'm during hir naturall life yf she hereafter marye nott & if she shall fortune to marye or Dye then I will that all my interest & terme of yeares of and in all ye sayd milne shall holye come unto my sayd sonnes Michaell & Rob'te & to ye executors & that my uncle Michaell fetherstonehauff & my brother Cuthbert pemm'ton shall imediatlye after ye mariage of my sayd wiffe or after hir death haue the orders of my sayd two sonnes ye milne & other ther porcions & they to bringe them v'touslye vppe Also I ordein & make my sayd wife Michaell pemm'ton & Rob'te pemm'ton my sonnes my full executors of this my last will to whome I giue all ye rest of goods not bequested to disponde for ye health of my soule the witnes herof Mr featherstonhaughe John pert curett Cuthbert pemm'ton.




Goodes praised at FOURD & HILTON the xxiiij of April Ao 1o. Elizabethæ by Mr John Dalivell, & Mr John Mydfurthe of Sighell esquirs John Chambers Steven Kitchin & Will'm Browne.

Fyrste in wheit by estimac'on sex chalder at liij. iiij. the chalder xvj'. In beanes by estimac'on foure chalder at xxvj. viijd. the chalder v1. vjs. viijd. In draught oxen xxxviij at xl. a peice lxxvj'. In swyne foureteyne 1. In bigg thre chalder at liij. iiij. the chalder viij'. In waynes plowe yrons withe ther appurtenances vj'. 'In woole ten stone at two shillings & viij. a stone xxvj. viija. In wheit & bigg of the grounde sex and fortie Acres xs ye acre xxiij'. In pease & beanes of ye grounde xl acres at vj. viij. the acre xiij'. vj. viijd. In yowes & lambs vxx, xvj'. In tuppes a leyven at thre shillings a peice

1 Who was husband of four wives in succession, and died childless. His will is printed SURTEES II. 32. He was Governor of Tynemouth Castle.

In sheipe hoggs liiij, iiij. gaits (goats) xxviij, xl. In horss stoned one: in

xxxiij. In dynmonts xvij, liijs. iiij. x'. In cariinge horss thre v'. In GOODES AT YE PAIRKE AT HILTON. meyres foure: in colts of one year aige thre: in fillies one of two yeres of aige one colt of two yeres off aige & one blacke gelding, x'. In the house at herdmei tfyve geldings viij'. In kye fower & one stotte and one calffe vj'. In old swyne nyne, and twenty two pigges liij. iiij. GOODS PRAISED ATT HILTON. Fyrste in THE GREIT CHAMBER, one bedstead, two fether bedds, one mattresse, two bousters, two wolling blanketts, two fusshen blanketts, one cov'lett, one ov'see cov'ing, one covering of grene velvett wth a teaster of the same velvett, thre courtings of yellow and white saircenett, two pilloes, one old carpet, a nother carpet for a wyndowe, a nother carpet for a nother wyndowe, one cupboard, two great chists, one longe table, one shorte table, sex buffett stooles, one iron chymney with a porr of iron, one chaire of waynescott, old hingings of arrest worke, x'. IN THE GREIN CHAMBER, two bedsteids, foure fether bedds, one materesse, two bousters, foure pilloes, two cov❜letts, two coverings of ov'se worke, one covering of velvett, one teaster of the same, thre curtings of grein & yellow sarcenett, one other teaster of yellowe & blewe satten eburgese, thre courtings of reid & yelowe saye, one cupbord cloth of furshing naples, a nother cupboard clothe of tapstrie, one table and one cupbord, one chaire, two paire of wolling blanketts, two paire of fusshen blankettes, and old hangings about the same chamber, x'. IN THE MIDDLE CHAMBER. Two bedsteids, foure fether bedds, two bousters, two pilloes, two paire of wollinge blanketts, two coverletts, ij ov'see coverings, a old teaster of blacke velvett and blake damaske, one chaire, old hangings about the saime chamber, vj. IN THE NEWE CHAMBER. Two bedsteids, fower fether. bedds, one mattresse, two paire of wolling blanketts, two bowsters, iij pilloes, two cov❜letts, two cov'ings, one coveringe of blacke and reid damaske, two teasters, ye one old reid and velvett & th'other of reid satten eburges, one chaire, one clothe for a wyndowe dornix, two courtings of white saircenet vj'. IN THE Gallerie. One bedsteid, two fether bedds, one bowster, two pilloes, one paire of wollen blanketts, one cov❜lett, one covering, one counter, one pair of old virginalls, the hangings of painted clothes, v'. THE WAIREDROPE AT HILTON. In old reid velvett quisshings two xx. In blacke velvet quisshings old two v3. One tan'ed velvet cusshing wth armes of it x3. In old damaske & satten cusshins sex x3. In other old tapstrie quisshings twentie foure xxx3. A long carpett xls. In cupbord clothes thre xxx3. In carpetts for tables foure

xl. In newe hangings for a chamber sex vj'. xiij. iiija. In single cov'ings foure and one blewe field bedd xiijs. iiijd. Wollen blanketts viij paire xvj. viijd. One old teaster, viij old pilloes iiijs. One bedsteid, one fether bed, one bouster, ij blanketts, one cov❜lett, one old cov'inge xx3. In old teasters of bedds iij. xx3. One old peice of green velvett xiij3. 4a. Two cupbord clothes of reid furshen enaples vj. viijd. One old hinging xx. Two mattrices vs. Old peics of hangings, a chist and a bord xx". In s'vaunts bedds twentie fower v'. IN THE CELLER WITHIN THE P'LER. In formes & old barrells iij'. IN THE P'LER. One iron chimney, two tables, one counter, ij chares, one cupbord, sex formes, two old carpetts, three old hingings xl. In puder vessell sex garnish x'. IN THE CHAMBER OV' THE HAULL Dore. One bedsteid, one fether bedd & a bouster, two pilloes, two blanketts, one cov❜lett, one covering, one cupbord, one chiste, one teaster, one chaire, one cusshinge, one table xx3. IN THE LAWE CHEKAR. Too bedsteids, two fether bedds, ij bousters, and two pilloes, two paire of wolling blanketts, the old coverings, one counter, one yron bound chist, two old hingings about the chamber xls. IN THE KYTCHINGE. One payre of yron gallesse, two yron rackes, two lying crokes of yron, with all other implements belonging to the same iij'. IN THE LARDER two leads ye one great the oy' litle iij'. vjs. viijd. Two leids wth other implements of brewing vessell v1. IN THE TOWER One great cawdron, one pann, one yron speit xxvj. viijd. Item viij co'pleit harnes from ye kne vpp xiij'. vjs. viij. IN THE HALL Foure tables withe formes, one counter, one cupborde xx3. The corne at Hirst xxs. THE BUTTERIE P'cell gilt plaite, a crowne a oince, fyve score oinces & thre quarters xxv. iij. ix. In gylt plaite at v shillings & eight pence the ounce being xxiiij vnces vj'. xvjs. One gold chyne weing xxxiij ounces & half a ounce c1. IN THE GARNER AT HILTON. Two chalder of ott malt at two & thirtie shillings the chalder iij'. iiij. In bigge malt one chalder liijs. iijd. In wheit halfe a chalder xxvj. 8d. In rye sex bowlls xv3. In beans & peace vj bowlls xx3. IN THE BARNE AT HILTON. In ffyrdells of the biggest sorte vewed by estimac'on xx3. In litle firdells iiij**, xiijs. iiijd. In dobie firr spars xl The ferie bote at fforde vj. viijd. THE GOODES PRAISED AT FLATWURTHE AND TYNEMOUTHE. [In the former place cattle only are enumerated.] IN THE KITCHIN AT TYNEMOUTHE A fornace pott, a yron chymney, a gauntre of yron, three yron crookes, two standing rackes, an yron shoall, an yron porre, thre paire of yron clippes, and a paire of tonges ivs. Two small brasse potts one yaitling of brasse, one frying pann,


one smale yetling, two yron speits, nine pud, dublers, xiij dysshes, viij saucers, one chang' with one cullyandre 1. IN THE BREWHOUSE. Two brewing leads, one greate maske fatte, fyve hoggesheidds, a coyling lead, thirtein barrells, two seys, two scuppes, one bedsteid, one paire of gauntrees v1. IN THE BAKKHOWSE. One paiste trowe, one muldinge boord, one braike, two tubbes, one paire of tems, one yron porre vj3. viij. IN THE KILL One steipe lead, ij small kill chymneys x3. ÎN THE SALT GARNER Haiffe a weye of baye salte, one hundrethe bowe staffes, two longe tables, two tresses, foure hogges heids, a lantrone iij'. IN THE GALLERIE OF TYNEMOUTH One pressoure and in the CLOSSETT within the gallerie another pressoure with a portall and ye sillering in the p'ler xls. IN THE SELLER A old cupborde xx". Fyve old hedchis of a broken shipe xijd. IN THE VTTER PLER. One porter of waynscott and one table One small yron chymney vs. One chaire viij. IN THE BUTTREE. Two chists, xij puder plaits vj. viija. IN YE CHAPLE CHAMB'R Two bedsteids ijs. IN THE HALL Two tables, two fformes vs. One chymney of yron vs. One cupbord ijs. One Drume ijs. IN GILBERT ERRINGTON CHAMBER Two bedsteids ijs. In the MILL HOUSE one horse mill & yron piks j yron gaveloke. Ye third part of a kill. A SALT PANN."




In Dei nomine, Amen. I Cuthb't Conyers of Layton in the Co'ntie of Duresme Esquyer beinge off holle mynd and p'fyte remembraunce make this my last will the xxviijth of Septembre in the first yere of the Reinge of of Sou'ayne Ladie Elizabethe (&c.) in man' and fforme ffollowing. That is to saye I Bequithe my soull to Allmighte God, to our blessed Ladie Saynet Marie and to all the hollie companye of hevon & my bodie to be burid in the p'ishe Churche of Sedgefeld nere to the quere doure if it fortone me to dep't in the said p'ishe or there a bouts. And also I will that all my Debts be paid for the discharge of my consyens, the whiche I trust be verie litle. Also I bequithe Marie Conyers my wife the third p'te of all my La'nds and also [bequeaths to John

his second son his land in Collingham, with money or "stuffe" to stock it.-To Matthew & Cuthbert Conyers & to the longer liver the Freers & mill & lands in Hartlepoole.-To Robert &

1 Second son of Sir William Conyers, and brother of Sir Christopher Conyers, of Sockburne, Knights-High Sheriff of the County-married Mary, daughter of Thomas Layton, of Saxhoe, county of York.

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