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Company is $1,000,000, of which $980,600 has been paid. The receipts for transportation of passengers for the year ending June 30, 1872, were $60,807.65, and for freight, $83,662.03; total, $144,469.68. The expenses of the road and fixtures have been $3,723,700. The company's indebtedness (exclusive of first-mortgage bonds, $1,600,000, and the Government loan, $1,600,000) is $94,896.34.

The amount of stock of the Kansas Pacific Railway Company subscribed is $9,992,500, and the amount paid in is $9.621,950. Receipts for the year ended June 30, 1872, from transportation of passengers, were $1,351,837.51; of freight, $2,156,190.21; and from miscellaneous sources, $79,600.75; total, $3,551,628.47. The construction and equipment of the road have cost $29,602,974.28. The total funded debt of the company is $26,044,600, and the amount of the other liabilities and indebtedness is $2,081,102.16, making a total of $28,125,702.16, of which $6,303,000 is due to the United States. On the 19th of October, 1872, you accepted the western part of this road, extending from the 393.9125 mile, and terminating in Denver, Colorado Territory, 638.6 miles from the initial point.

The amount of stock of the Denver Pacific Railway and Telegraph Company, subscribed and paid in, is $1,000,000. This road, running in a nearly north course, 106.33 miles from Denver, Colorado Territory, to Cheyenne, Wyoming Territory, where it connects with the Union Pacific road, was completed in the summer of 1870. The receipts for the year ended June 30, 1872, for transportation of passengers, were $176,312.16; of freight, $170,709.83; and from miscellaneous sources $8,066.40; total, $355,088.69. The cost of construction and equipment of the road and telegraph to the date last above stated was $6,493,800, and the indebtedness of the company to that date was $2,519,076.25. The road and telegraph line were, on re-examination, accepted by you on the 2d day of May last.

The amount of stock of the Sioux City and Pacific Railroad Company subscribed is $1,178,500, of which $1,791,100 has been paid in. The receipts for the year ended June 30, 1872, from the transportation of passengers, were $63,548.71; of freight, $85,803.24; of mails, 87,519.40; from express, $1,735.80; and from miscellaneous sources, $3,768.56; total, $162,105,71. The expenses during that period were $152,062.98. The indebtedness of the company is $5,361,977.86, of which $1,628,320 is due to the United States.

At the close of the last fiscal year, (June 30, 1872,) the amount of subscribed stock of the Southern Pacific Railroad Company was $9,381,000, and the amount actually paid in, $8,404,000. The company reports that surveys have been made from the end of the completed road, a point one hundred and three-tenths miles from San Francisco, to Fort Mohave, on the Colorado River, via Tehachapi Pass, and from said pass to Fort Yuma, on the Colorado, via Los Angeles and San Bernardino. The cost of these surveys has been $66,894.84. The

amount received during said year for transportation of passengers was $383,563.93, and of freight, $291,908.97. The expenses on account of the road and fixtures for said period were $376,278.11. The indebtedness of the company is $5,750,000. Seventy and twenty-six hundredths miles of this road have been completed in a first-class manner, and have been accepted. The road commences at San José, California. The entire cost of the road and fixtures, together with the lands for stations, &c., since the organization of the company, is estimated at about $12,000,000.

The amount of stock of the Texas and Pacific Railway Company subscribed is $2,000,000, of which $200,000 has been paid in. The company has neither bonded nor floating debt. It is progressing rapidly with its surveys, having a number of corps in the field, but as the final reports have not been received, no definite description can be given of the line of road surveyed and fixed upon for construction. The receipts of the company from 15th April, 1871-the date of its organization-to the 1st July, 1872, have been $204,392.05, and the disbursements amount to $125,056.87, leaving a balance in hand of $79,335.18. The line of this road will be "from a point at or near Marshall, county of Harrison, State of Texas; thence by the most direct and eligible route, to be determined by said company, near the thirty-second parallel of north latitude, to a point at or near El Paso; thence by the most direct and eligible route, to be selected by said company, through New Mexico and Arizona, to a point on the Rio Colorado, at or near the southeastern boundary of the State of California; thence, by the most direct and eligible route, to San Diego, California, to Ship's Channel, in the bay of San Diego, in the State of California, pursuing, in the location thereof, as near as may be, the thirty-second parallel of north latitude." The act of Congress of May 2, 1872, (17 Statutes, 59,) requires "that the said Texas and Pacific Railway Company shall commence the construction of its road at or near Marshall, Texas, and proceed with its construction



so "as to have at least one hundred consecutive miles of railroad from said point complete and in running order within two years after the passage" thereof, and so continue to construct, each year thereafter, a sufficient number of miles, not less than one hundred, to secure the completion of the whole line within ten years after the date of said act: "Provided, however, That the said company shall commence the construction of said road from San Diego eastward within one year from the passage of this act, and construct not less than ten miles before the expiration of the second year, and, after the second year, not less than twentyfive miles per annum in continuous line thereafter between San Diego and the Colorado River until the junction is formed with the line from the east at the latter point, or east thereof." The name of this company was changed by the said act from "Texas Pacific Railroad Company" to Texas and Pacific Railway Company."

The report of the Atlantic and Pacific Railroad Company for the

year ended June 30, 1872, shows that $16,400,000 of stock has been subscribed, and that $16,375,000 has been paid in. The company has completed, since the date of its last annual report, the road from Prairie City, in the Indian Territory, to Vinita, in same Territory, a distance of 21 miles. The road and telegraph from Pacific, Missouri, to Vinita, a distance of 3274 miles, has been completed. Parties have been, during the last year, surveying for the road in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California. The total cost of surveys to June 30, 1872, was $162,173, and the amount received during the year ending on that date, from passengers, was $325,607.87, and for freight, $790,030.43. The cost of railroad and fixtures up to the same time was $31,608,011.54. The total indebtedness to that date (including assumed debt of $7,191,050 of South Pacific Company, whose road. from Pacific, Missomi, to Springfield, it has obtained by purchase) was $15,013,999.53. The mortgages of the company were received and recorded by the Department, as required by law, in November and December, 1871. One hundred and twenty-five miles of this road and its telegraph line have been accepted, of which fifty were accepted by you on the 6th of December last.

Stock of the Northern Pacific Railroad Company has been subscribed to the amount of $100,000,000, and certificates for 165,336 shares, of $100 each, have been issued. The cost of surveys up to July 1, 1872, (so far as reports have been received by the company,) was $454,689.79. The accounts, &c., are not yet in a condition to render an accurate report of the amounts received from passengers and freight during the year. The expenses of the road and fixtures have been $11,481,467.70. The indebtedness of the company is reported to be $20,442,245.49. On the 20th February last a map of preliminary route from the crossing of the Red River of the North, at Fargo, in Dakota, to a point opposite the mouth of the Walla Walla River, Washington Territory, a distance of about 1,118 miles, was received by the Department. On the 1st instant, commissioners were ordered to examine and report upon the completed portion from the junction with the Lake Superior and Mississippi Railroad, near Thomson, Minnesota, to the Red River of the North," a distance of about 228 miles. Their report has not yet been received. The company report that, on the 30th ultimo, cars passed over the track for a distance of 113 miles west of the Red River. Track has recently been laid at the rate of 24 miles a day., The report states that, at the present rate of construction, the road would be completed to the Missouri River by the 3d proximo. The character of the soil in Dakota, through which the road passes, is reported very good, adapted to grain and grazing, of an average excellence equal to Illinois lands. Water is abundant. Timber is scarce. The construction of buildings for depots, engine-houses, and water-stations, is progressing rapidly. The work of the company in establishing and preparing for construction the line, of route to the Yellowstone River and up that stream was resumed during

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the year. The location of the line of route has been greatly retarded at various points by hostile Indians. The company has this year surveyed and examined the Missouri River above the Great Falls, and determined that it is practicable for steamboat navigation up to Gallatin Forks, a distance of 220 miles. They have also found that a short railroad is practicable around those falls, at small expense. Thus the whole course of the Missouri River can be made available to commerce and to the settlement of the vast region it drains. Surveys have been in progress on the Salmon River line in Montana, making a connection therewith of the survey in progress on the Wisdom River line. The survey of the route from the Columbia River to Lake Pend d'Oreille is reported complete. It is also reported that 75 miles of the road from the Columbia River to Puget Sound will be in operation at the close of the season.

The road and telegraph of the Missouri, Kansas and Texas Railway Company, from the southern line of Kansas to the Arkansas River, a distance of 86.76 miles, was accepted by you on the 17th May last.

On the 28th of last March I accepted the first 50 miles of the Cairo, and Fulton Railroad, extending "from a point on the north bank of the Arkansas River, opposite the city of Little Rock, called 'Argenta,' to point fifty miles north, called 'Judsonia,' near Little Red River."

On the 13th of December last, the seventh section of twenty miles of the Burlington and Missouri River Railroad, in Nebraska, was accepted by you. This section extends from the end of the one hundred and twentieth mile of said road west of Plattsmouth. And on the 18th instant commissioners were ordered to proceed to the examination of an additional portion of 503 miles-from the one hundred and fortieth mile to a connection with the Union Pacific Railroad. Their report has not yet been received.

On the 17th March last you accepted the fifth and sixth sections of 20 miles each of the road and telegraph line of the Oregon and California Railroad Company. This portion, with the sections previously ac cepted, makes a length of line, already reported upon and accepted, of 120 miles, commencing at East Portland; Oregon, and ending at a station 2 miles northwest of Eugene City.

On the 16th February last I accepted the first section of twenty-miles of the road and telegraph of the Oregon Central Railroad Company. This road is to run "from Portland to Astoria, and from a suitable point of junction near Forest Grove, to the Yamkill River, near McMinnville, in the State of Oregon."


The Architect of the Capitol Extension notices, in his report, the various improvements and repairs to the Capitol during the last fiscal year, and renders an account of the expenditures during the same period for that, as well as for the other public works committed to his charge. A large amount of earth has been deposited in the grounds

south of the Capitol. The carve which connects Pennsylvania avenue with B street north is about to be paved on one side of the railway with the “Parisen” concrete pavement, and on the other with Belgian blocks. In compliance with instructions from this Department the architext entered into contract with Mr. Albert Brisbane for the construction of a pneumatic tube to connect the Capitol with the Government Print ing Ofice building. Mr. Brisbane represents that he has all the machhery ready to put in place, and that the tabe is nearly ready for delivery, so that its completion will not be delayed beyond the 1st of July, 1873.

In conformity with the act of Congress approved May 15, 1872, relating to the Reform School of the District of Columbia, plans for the main building and one tan.ily-building for sad school have been prepared by the atteet, and the same were approved by this Department.

The extension of the Government Printing Office, the north front of the Parent Ole banding, and the paving of G street, between Seventh and Math Styrets, N. W., have been e in pleted. The architect further reports that, at the repiest of the Joint Committee on the Library, he has made various plans for, and d're ted the work in the el a gement of the tservatory and torcing houses in the Betaal Garden, and, at t'e request of the directors of the Women's H spital ter the District of C ...ama, le has taken charge of the enlargement of the sale, the title to v inch is now vested in the United States.


In eot. ;*„ter with the repartements of the act of Cot. „Tess, approved MA ISTA, maka g «ptreptati as for the lg.slative, executive, and expatisers of the G wetula ut fe the emrit ascal year, proper Stjs have been taken for the parchuse of the property embraced in nered 687 at 1 dss in this cy, which spares are to be 1m the extension of the Cig del gran éx us outer plated by Parsaid to the provis, as of section 7, the

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