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my two doughters fourescore poundes to be payde oute of my londes, unto Anne Mydelton myn eldest doughter fourtie poundes at the daye of her marriage or at thage of xxjti yeres, and unto Custance my yonger doughter other fourtie poundes (the same). I will that the overlyver be thothers heyre, and if they both dye than I will that George Mydelton myne eldest sonde shall enyoie their partes. Also I will that Nicholas Aldye, of Pocklesham in the Countie of Essex, gentilman, have the tuicon of George Mydelton, myne heire, with all my goodes, cattalles, landes and revenues, untill my sonne be of the age of xxj yeres, and then the saide Nicholas to be accomptable for all maner of rentes duringe the minoritie. The aforesaid Nicholas Aldie and George Midelton executours.

[Proved 27 Feb., 1556-7.]



[Noodes, 7.] 22 Dec., 1556. Robert Goche, of Chilwell in the Countie of Nott., Esquier. The goodes, cattalles and suche other stuff as came to me by Eleauore my wif, aud all my plate and my jewelles, that came from Maister Smyth only except, whiche I geve to my wif Ellenor Gouche by this my will. I will that my sonne Barnabie Gouche shalhave my mannor of Horkestoe, yf it fortune Barnabee to dye without yssue male then the said mannor shall come to my sonne Robert Gouche, and if he dye the said mannor shall come to my brother Richard Gouche, and for defaut of yssue then I will that my said mannor shalbe divided by the discreation of my executours egally into three partes, whearcof one parte I wille the said personnes shall allotte to the hole universitie of Cambridge to the fynding of poore scolers there that shall procede to studye divinitie, and that the seconde parte shalbe to the pore scolers of the universitie of Oxford that shall likewise procede to studye divinitie, and the other thirde parte I will shalbe to thospitall lately found for the poore in London sometyme called the Litill Saincte Barthilmewes in Smythefeld, and if it shall fortune that the said house to be dissolved thenne I will the said parte shall reverte to the company of the mercers in London to thintent the same company

shall deliver yerlie the said rent to one poore yong man to sett hym up that hathe nother father nor mother, fynding them sufficient suerties to repaye the same agayn at fyve yeres ende, and the same yong man to paye for everye of the v yeres fower markes to thandes of the wardeyns of the companye of mercers, and they yerlie to make a dynner, and after the dynner be doon the saide wardeynes to saye Christe have mercy on Robert Gouche soule, and after the v yeres be ended I will the said company shalhave the rent and deliver the same to another yonge man in manner above, and so contynually from yong man to yong man. I will that Robert Gouche my sonne shalhave the reversion of my personnage or rectorye of Houghton in the countie of Lincolne after the death of Eleanor my wif, with all her landes in Padington in the countie of Middlesex, and for defaulte of heires shall come to my sonne Barnabee, and for lacke of yssue to my brother Richard Gouche, and for lacke of yssue

shall remayne to the uses before declared of my mannor of Horkestowe. I

I geve to Elianore my wif my personnage of Houghton, with the glebe landes, medowes, feadinges with corne and hay, wolle, lambe and all other tithes and profittes during her lif, and all her owne landes in Paddington and her house in London, and all her housholde stuffe that she brought with her, also one annuytie of sixtene poundes out of my mannor of Alvingham in the countie of Lincoln during her lif, if she keepe sole and unmarryed, provided if my said wif do marrye or dye then the annuytie unto my sonne Barnarde (sic). I will my sonne Robert shall have one annuitie of fyve poundes yerelie out of my mannor of Alvingham until he be of thage of xxj yeares, and to the fynding of hym to the scole, and if he die the said rent shall reverte to barnabie. To my brother Richard during his lif one annuytie of twenty foure poundes of my mannor of Alvingham. To John Thorolde, late vicar of Houghton, one annuitie of viijli., and after to come to my sonne Barnabie. I will that when my sonne Barnabe shall come to thage of xxij yeres that he have my house in Distaff lane in the Citie of London. To Richard More my servannte twenty poundes iff he helpe my executours through for the making of my accompte with the King and the Quenes heighnes. To John Dunbye my servaunte xls. out of my manor of Alvingham yerlie, and after the death of the said John to revert to my sonne Barnabe. The residue of all my landes in Alvingham shalbe receyved and laid up to those of Barnabe my son, to be paide unto hym when he shall be of thage of xxij yeres, yf parcell or all therof be not bestowed aboute the buying of his wardeshipp, whiche I will that my executours shall ernestly travaill to buye the same. Then his wardeshipp being bought I will he be sett to the Innes of Courte, there to studye and applye his lerning in the lawe unto suche tyme as by his said lerning he attayne and come to be made Sergeaunte of the Coiff. I will that when he hathe followed his lerning at the lawe so that he is made Sergeaunt of the Coyf thenne I will my said sonne Barnabee, on my blessing that he never take penny or any manner of rewarde for his councell, but to

geve the same to all men without taking anny thinges, and specially those parsonnes that dwell in Lincolnshir, and if he do otherwise thenne I wille that he shalhave no more of my manors and landes before to him geven, but only the mannour of Horkestowe, and that all the rest ymmediatelie after suche taking of monney for his counsell shall revert to my sonne Robert. I make William Rigges and William Burnell, esquiers, Richard Kyneswerth, gent., and my wif Ellen Gouche, my executours, and the right honorable my lorde of Pembroke my supervisors, to whome for his paynes I forgeve hym one hundred poundes he owed me. Witnesses, John Hatcher, Robt. Cressy, clerke, õ me Ric. Moore, s me Johem Button, P me William Eton.

[Proved 12 Feb., 1557–8.]



[Wrastley, 46.] 16 Dec., 1556. Swynborn, Rowlande, clerke and maister of Clare hall in Cambridge. I wille that the house comonly called Sancte Nicolas hostell in Cambridge be solde for thuttermost price, for the whiche I might have had at diverse handes fower score poundes. I will that my plate be egally divided to my brother John Swynbourn and John Swynbourn the sonne of Christofer, further I geve to Jobn the sonne of Christofer besides the plate xx li., and to Edwarde Swynbourne threscore poundes xiij s. and iiij d. and the vouson of the West Spitell in Newcastell if he wilbe preest, if so then that vouson to be at the disposicon of my brother John. To my suster Temps vli., wherof she hath in her handes iij li. vj s. viijd. To Margarete Hall vj spones of vj ounces and one half, and to my godson hir sonne xx s. of Shelforde Parva xxxs., of Stenham xx s., Harston vjs. vijd., Hampton vjs. viij d., Naunton vs. To my cousen Symon Swynbournes wife, of great Gramsden, a gowne of London russet lyned with tawney velvet chamblet. To my mother Mres Anne Swynbourn one soverain of golde for a token. To Clare hall one nutte hole gilted, with a cover waying xviij ounces and an half, and to every fellowe for the tyme being xij d., and to the butler and bibeil clerkes every of them iiijd. To my brother John Swynbourne one ring of golde with a turkeys stone in it, and to my nevewe John the sonne of Christofer my signett of gold, the whiche John and John I make myn executours. I make supervisours my cousens M' Robert Tempest, off Holmeside, and Symon Swynbourn, of greate Gramsden. I geve to Mr Tempest a cupp with a cover

To the poore

all gilted, waying ounces xj, and to my cousen Symon one boll parcell gilte, waying ounces about xxt, having twoo letters in the bottome of it, I and P. The residue I geve to myn executours, they to ordre them as they will make answere before God. I geve to the Colledge called Clarehall for my detrimentes x li. In witnesse, Thomas Baily, president of Clarehall, Laurance Webbe, fellow of Clare hall, Thomas Chapman, of Clarehall, John Tompson, fellow of Clarehall.

[Proved 8 Nov., 1557.)



(Wrastley, 5.] 20 Feb., 1556-7. Anthonye Johnson, of Wherlton in ye bisshopricke of Durram. To my mother Agnes Johnson fourtie shillinges in money and tenne wethers, upon this condicon, that she shall leve so moche after hir decease to my brother Launslot Johnson, his executors or assignes. I do give to my mother my mare in reco

compence of her mare.

To Alice Johnson my sister in lawe tenne wethers. To foure of my brother Christofers children foure wethers and a yewe to the yongest doughter. To Christopher Robynson my sisters sonne a yewe.

To my sister Bettris Robynson fourtie shillinges. To Jane Avintan, whom I was determyned to marrie, twentie nobles. To the poore of Whorlton iijs. iiij d., of Marye Magdalen in Southwerke iij s. iiijd. To my brother John xiiij s. vid. To my sister in lawe Elizabeth Johnson three poundes, uppon this condicion, that she shall give or cause to be given after ber decease so moche money to Alice Johnson, whome she brought upp. To Marye Johnson my brothers doughter xls. To Agnes Johnson, wief to John Johnson, vjs. viijd. To Alice Johnson, my brother Launslet Johnson wenche, fourtie shillinges, to be paid at the daie of her mariage. To Richarde Wilson, my brother Launslett servaunte, iij s. iijd. To Alice Popeson, his servaunt, so moche more. The residew to

my brother Launslet Johnson, whome I make my executour. Witnes' hereof, John Lewis, clerke, Richard Wels, William Reynard, Richard Wilson, and Elizabeth Johnson.

[Proved 16 Feb., 1557-8.]



[Wrastley, 12.] 7 April, 1557. John Byrrie, of Grove. To the poore in Ortsall, and inespeciall in Estretfourthe, tenne poundes, to be taken every yere fourtie shillinges of my fermes in Ortsall and Thornton. To Katheryn Stanley one greate charger, a great


platter, a dyshe, and two countersetes, a candelstick, and xxx s. in money. Unto every on of my brethren and sister childern (only excepted John Watson) my croppe amongest them this yere of my fermes at Tyrvinton egallie to be devyded to every one of them, the valewe to be paide unto them at three or foure yeres ende, next the seade corne of the same fermes to be resyrvide unto my executours for bothe, the next croppe of the said fermes followinge to be taken oute of yt. To my ladye my best mantell and a ringe in my coffer. And to Willyam Baker my sworde and hosyen. The Residue unto my M", Sir John Hercy, knight, and M' parsone Perpoynt, whom I make my executors.

[Proved 3 May, 1557.]




[Noodes, 10.] 25 June, 1557. Robert Thornehill, of Wodall in Holdernes. To the curate at Walkringham xxvjs. To the executors of Sir Peter Gathorpe, late vicar of Walkringham, xx s. Unto making of a cawsey from my house to the home yate, if the parrishe will beare the rest, x li., or els that to remayn to be gevyn unto the poore xx s., and the stocke to remayn for evermore in the handes of iiij fyrmen. To the poore of Walkringham XX S.,

XX S., Mysterton XX S., Bekingham X S., Gaynesborowe xx s., Gringeley vj s. viij d., Mysyn xiij s. iiij d. To seven score of the porest of my kynne or freendes xx li to be divided. To Ellen Curtes and John Curtes, with their childes partes, in all xxiij li. each. To Elizabeth Curteys xiij li. vj s. viijd. To Dorothee Noble forty shillinges, and to Anthonny Curteys his farme rent free one yere. To John Knagges my servaunt the house his graundefather dwellith in during his lif, paying yerelie wij d.

To John Wate my servaunt vj li. xiij s. iiijd. To every servaunt a yere wages. To my servaunt Roche xx s. To John Strete for tenne yeres, every yere xx s.

To John Bellopt for v yeres, every To Margery Pocockes xij li. To Robert Hall, my susters sonne, xx li. To my suster Peckes children, egally among them and her, xxx li. My wille is that my landes be divided in three partes if the lawe will so permitte it, yf the law will not so permitte and suffre it, thenne I will that so muche as the lawe will suffre doo remayne to the perfourmance of my will, and that that lacketh, if any be, I will shalbe paid of my hoole goodes, and if any thinge doo remayne of my landes I will that tenne poundes be divided among my seryauntes that taketh no wages and have nothing els geven

yere xx s.

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