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In the name of god amen the xjth of october In the yeare of our lord god (1568) I Jarratt ffenwicke hole of mind & p'fite memorye thoughe I be seke in my bodye makes this my last will and testament in maner and forme followinge ffirst I giue my soull to Allmightye god my maker and my redemer: And my bodye to be buryed wher itt shall please my ffrends when god calleth me to his mercye It'm I giue to my doughter Elizabeth my best ambry xxtie of my best pewther vessell one yron chimney that stands in my hall house and a fetherbed that I lye vpon with the bolster and cou'inge therto belonginge It'm I giue to my brother Cuthbert ffenwicke one flanders chiste It'm I giue to Agnes laverocke vj platters and one brasse pott It'm I giue to Allison sudderon vj pewther vessell and one brasse pott next the best It'm I giue to my sister Cuthberts wiffe one flanders Chiste It'm I giue to my mother one cownter It'm I giue to my sister Jane Fenwicke one new table It'm I giue my sister Elizabeth carre thre pewther potts and thre pewther dublers. It'm I forgive James Arnold his house rente dew att martinmesse next esuinge It'm I giue to my wiffe and to my doughter Elizabeth vj silu' spoones. It'm I giue to my brother wm fenwicke one courtinge of a bedd wth the hangings therto belonginge a silke cou'inge and iiijor yeards of linne clothe the residew of my goods moveable and unmoveable I gine to my wiffe and my doughter Elizabeth whom I make myne executrices my debts legaces & funerall expences discharged thes being witnesses James becke clarke-John hodgeson wth other mov.



In the name of god Amen the xxiij day of June 1568 Katherine lady hedworth late wiffe of Raphe hedworth of hau'tonne Knight deceased maketh this my last will and testament in man' followinge ffirst I bequith my soull to Jesu Christe my redem, and my bodye to be buryed in the churche att chester wth oblations ther due & acustomed It'm I most hartelye desire my lord of Westmerland to take my sonne Charles to be his servaunte It' I desire Mr Cuthbert Menell to take my sonne Ar

1 Daughter of Sir Marmaduke Constable, of Holme, County of York, and third wife and widow of Sir Ralph Hedworth. [See above in the year 1565]. Mr. Surtees has printed the chief portion of this Will, II., 185, with an extract from the Inventory, and has added a few notes, to which the reader is referred.

thure also I will desire my sonne Marmeduke hedworth to repare to oxford to applye learninge It'm I desire George Lawson of London to take my sonne John hedworth to vse him as he will It'm I will my cosine George Lawson of Appelden my cosin Raufe harden esquier & Richard harbotle gentleman to haue to gou'nance & tuition of my iiij sonnes Charles m'maduke John & Arthure & ther goods during ther minoryte.

The Inventorye of all the goods moveable & vnmoveable belonging to the late Laydye dame Katheran hedworth of chester disceased praysed the third of August 1568 by thes sex honest me' whose names ensueth Robert lisle thomas todd will'm punsion John shore george scotte & John m'shall (1568)

HERINGTON Imp' corne on the earth xlv-xiiij oxe' & stotts drawe' xxvj1 xiijs iiij.—iio stotts & a cowe liijs iiija— vj whyes, & one stott twints iij xiijs 4d-x stirkes iiij' vjs viijd iij meares & a nagge v1 vjs viijd-wheat in ye barne xl threave iiij'—hay iiij'.—plewge & plewgh gears waine & waine geare wth one old oxe harrow & all y' belongith to plewghe & waine ljs. one arke & a lepe xijs—one almerye & ij chares vjs viijd. S'm cij'. THE STORE HOUSE Inp'mis ij pare of lin sheets x3vj linne bord clothes, longe & square viij-one old longe diop' brod cloth & two square vjs- ij old diop' towells xijd-viij old diop' napkins xijd-thre linne towells iiijs-xij old linne napkins xxd x yeards of harden cloth iijs iiijd-one pare of harde' shetes iijs iiijd-wood geare xx3. S'ma lviijs. iiij. HER APPERrell. Imp'mis one tawny veluet gowne liijs iiijd—one black satten goune garded wth veluet xl-one read sathan damaske kirtle wth a traine xx3-one old veluet halfe kirtle viij-one old sathan halfe kirtle gairded with veluet x-one tawny veluet gonne for a man liijs iiijd—one blacke saten gowne faced wth m'ties iij'one old short veluet gonne xx3-one cremisey satten dublet xxvj3. viija—read cloth for a petticote xiijs. iiija—ij frenche hoods xx-two hattes xs one old teaster of a bed read and white damaske x3-one bord clothe vjs viijd-one oyr bord clothe v yeards v3—of round linne one peace of duble sheats viijs-o diop' bord clothe vjs. viijd-one diop' towell iiijs- one payre of linne sheats vjs-v pillobers ijs vjd-one old cupbord cloth viijd -vj napkins xijd one shete for a white bed ijs. viijd.—one payre of knives viijd. Sma xix' iij3. ija. THE PARLOAR counters xvj-one square table v3-one great chiste iiijs vj formes v3-one almerye & one cupbord x3-one skuse xijd-one yron chimney vs-one bedstead with a fether bed one cou❜ing one happing, one blankett wth one paire of harde' shets ij bolsters xvij happings, one pare of shets one bolster wth ij harde' palletts vj. viijd one grene wollen table clothe xvja—Sma iij1 ix3.




THE STOREHOUSE. The cupbord one count broken ij' vjdix cruses & cannes xijd-ix barrells iijs iiijiij kitts xx-vj hogesheads iijs-ij chistes vj3—iiį skeppes one lepe xvjd—v senes vjd-xviij milke bowells wth ij close cuppes xiijs iiijd-xviij butter cuppes ijs-x ches fatts wth ij° sinkers ijs-xxxvij dight dishes viijd-xviij vndight dishes still & a cover for Another vj3. viijd-xviij bowells iij-xxiiij dishes viijd-iij tre dublers viijd-old basings of wood of plain tre iiijd- one chare xija—ij laten lavers wth basens of the same old ijs. vja—v earthen mugges va xj trenchers wth a boxe vjd-one limbecke iiijsx old quishens iiijs—one syde sadle wth the furnitury xxvj. viijd -one pillen wth a cloth cou' xijd-one old sadle for a woma' iijs. iiijd.-ijo cou'inges vs-xj cou'letts xxij-xj old blanketts x-vj happings xijs-vj bolsters viij.iiij pillowes ij3iij mattresses xv-one fether bed xvjs-certaine yron geare ijs-v secks wth ij pokes iiij-one boult clothe vjdij stone of woll viijiij shets old ijs-iij calfe skinnes wth halfe a skine barked viijd—one bowl of grotes viijs-viij candelstickes vj3. viijd -one stone of mattres woll ijs vjd-iiijor brod wood chargers xvjd -ij kirnes vjd-one windoclothe iiij. Sm' xj' x3. vijd. HAWLLE CHAMBER. One trussing bed wth teast & curtains of silke, iij courtaines of sarsnet yo teast' of damaske all old xx3— old hings about ye chamber ijs-one pare of virginalls xx3-one cownter v-Sm' xlvijs. IN MY LADYES CHAMBER. One trussing bed, one fether bed, one payre of blanketts one pare of shets one bowlster, one pillowe wth a huswiues cou’ing iiij pillowes xliijs iiijd-two fflanders chistes x3-one almerye x3-ij cupbords vjs viijd-iij coffers vj3- ij cupbord stoulles iijs iiijdiij buffett formes iij-one litle buffet stole vjd-ij litle coffers xija—v mugges vj.-iij old quishinnes xvjd-Sm' iiij1 v3. viija. IN THE MILKE HOUSE. One chiste ijs vjd-one kirne xijd—xiiij milke bowells iijs-one chese presse viijd-ij chesfatts wth ij sinkers xijd-one ches boull xij-one stand vjd-iiij bordes iij iiijd-one wood morter wth an yron pestell viijd-Some xiijs. xa. In YE BREWHOUSE. One gile tub, one maskin tub, & one gilefatt ijs-iiij leven tubbes, & and one boulting tub & one saye ijs ijd. Som' iiijs ijd. IN THE KITChinge. One stand bed wth a fether bed, ij bolsters, one payre of sheets, one payre of blanketts, ijo cou❜letts, one happinge xv-one stand bed one mattres, one bolster, one blanket, one pare of sheets, ij° cou❜letts one coueringe viijs-ij chistes ij-one old almerye viijd-v skeyls & a sey ij'. iij bowlls, a salt tub xijd-one draffe tub iiijiij formes vja—one yron chimney wth iijo crokes, one porre, one pare of racks wth a fyer showell, one dropping panne, one pare of broyling yrons wth thre spets xiij' iiijone old caldron iijs iiijd-ij pannes iij'


iiijij ketles vij-v potts one posnet iij'-one copp' yetlinge vjs viijd_v pannes of battrye iijs—S'm vj1 vjs ijd. PANTRYE. j hogesheads, one barrell full of vergis, ij kirnes, ij standes x. Some x". IN THE HALL. One old counter, one brake xijd-pewther in the storehouse ijs viija.—vj old basinges & evers v3-xxxiij dublers liijs iiija—iij chargersviijs-xxvij dishes xxx-xij sawcers iiij.-iij pewther peaces ijs-ij dosen & a halfe of pewther trenchers x-ij pottingers xijd—S'm vj1 xijd. IN BRIANS CHAMBER. One stand bed wth one teast' and curtaines of huswiues making wth one fether bed, one cou❜inge of huswiues makinge xx-one yron chimney iiijs-one law bed, one fether bed, one cou'lett xiijs iiijd-one cupbord iiijiij quishinges, one chiste wth a close stoull iij'-one copp' panne iiijs-plaite xxvj vnce p'sed to vij xvjs-xx loode of cooles xxvj. viijd-one pecoke, one henne & iiij birds iiij3- one turky coke, one turky henne iijs-in malt iijo q'rters xlvjs viijd—ij gavelockes, one pare of toinges, & one fyre shovell iijs-x kye & a bull xvj1-xx yowes iij1 vjs viijd-ij meeres liijs iiijd-x swine xls. S'm xxxviij' x'. viijd. BURNIGAYLE. Five kye, iij oxe hagges xiij stotts, iiij calues liijs iiijd-v whye stickes xlvs-bees xiij.-xxx geise x-S'm xv xxjs iiijd-Sm' totalis inventorij ccxxix'. xs vijd. DEBTS wch the sayd ladye Dame Katherine hedworth was owing att the day of hir deathe Imp'mis to Thomas Hall of Durh'm for clothe ix' viijs iijd-for hir costes of hir buriall vj1 xiij3. iiijd-Servantes wages iiij' x3-for hir hinds wages x-to John haswell smith x.-to thomas tayler of heringten ijs-for one obligation c'-to Charles hedworth for his childes porcion In legacies xxx' iiijs viijd-to m'maduke hedworth for his childs porcion & legacyes xxj x3. iiijd—to John hedworth for his childs porcion & legacies xx'. xiijs - to Arthure hedworth for his childs porcion & legacies xxiij1 xvj3 ja—to Elinor hedworthe for hir childs porcion & legacyes vj-to Jane heworth for hir childes p'te xlxiijs iiijd. Sm' totalis ccxxvij1 vijs iiijd. It'm for lxx lode of coles att viijd the lode xlvjs viija. Sm'a totalis ccxxij'. vij3. iiija.


In dei nomine amen the xxijth of April Ao Di 1568 I Alexander woodmons Clerke of the p'ishe of St. Margretts in Durh'm weeke and sicklye in bodye but of good reembrannce and understandinge make my last will and testament in maner and forme followinge ffirst I com'it my soul in to the mercifull hands of god my heavonly father and my bodye to be buryed

in the church of sainct margaretts or wher so ev' mr Deane & the Chapter of Duris'e thinketh best and touchinge my worldly goods I give to mr Stephenson p'bendary of Durisme my best furred gowne and one old ryall and to Helene Cawsye two cou'letts the worst that I have wth a pewther disshe and a pewther Dubler of the best wth a sawcer and a litle panne. And also I give and bequith to the said Heleno a black gowne lined in the necke and att the hands wth worsett. It'm to margaret preston of witton one chiste wch was her fathers standing in the hall house wth a chare wth was also her fathers wch standeth at the bedside. It'm I give to my godson Alexander younger vj. viijd. and all the rest of my goods I give and bequieth to John preston seruant to Hew whitfeyld of Durisme draper whom I make myne olye executor of this my last will and testamente witnes will❜m stephenson p'bendary of Durh'm ec'.

THE INVENTORY of Sr Alexander woodmons preast praysed by henry conningh'm Thomas Riden Thomas cookson and Robert Roddam. Imp'mis his app'ell that belongith to his back some of it all xl'-vj cou'letts, & an old bed cou'inge & an old mattres & a boulster & iij codds & ij old blanketts, & iiij sheats the price of all the beddinge xxvjs viijd-pewther vessell pric xvjdiij candelsticks & a posnet the price ijs iiij.-bords the price ijs viija litle almerye, ij chists & ij coffers & iij chares the price v-one old chimney & an old almerye, & a payre of toings ijs iiij. The whole some of this Inve'tory is iiij' iiijd. It'm lent to my lord suffrekin xiiij old angells of x a peace & iij old ryalls of xvs a peec & a george noble of xiijs iiija-the some x1.


In dei nomine amen Anno dei 1568 and the ix day of Auguste I Robt'e harrison of the towne & p'ishe of Wolsingh'm& in the County of Durisme husbandman beinge weake in bodye & yet of good witt & memorye lawd & prayse be to Almightye god not fearing death but calling to remembrance the uncertaintye of this frayle & brickle liffe do constitute & make this my last will in this maner & forme followinge first I give and bequith my soull hoollye to almightye god my maker and redemer hoopinge by his mercye to Jesus Christe onlye to be saued my bodye to be buryed in the churche yard of Wolsingh'm aforesayd for my worldlye goods suche as god the father haithe giue to me I bestow & dispose after this maner It'm I giue & bequith to the poore people of wolsingh'm parishe for the health

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