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"Because"(yawn)-"of that will"-(yawn). "I should not have believed that a woman could be quite happy"-(yawn)-"who can never go to Court."

And he went to sleep again; while, disdaining reply, Augusta worked on.



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3260/61. Jerome. By Mary E. Wilkins.

3262. The Tragedy of the Korosko. By A. Conan Doyle. 3263/64. The Christian. By Hall Caine.

3265. The Chevalier d'Auriac. By S. Levett-Yeats. 3266/67. Rough Justice. By M. E. Braddon.

3268. A Fair Deceiver. By George Paston.

3269/70. His Grace of Osmonde. By Frances Hodgson Burnett.

3271. The Skipper's Wooing. By W. W. Jacobs.

3272/73. The King with two Faces. By M. E. Coleridge. 3274. The War of the Worlds. By H. G. Wells.

3275/76. Simon Dale. 3277. My Lord Duke. 3278/79. Shrewsbury. 3280. A Storm-Rent Sky. 3281. The Gods Arrive. 3282. The Invisible Man. 3283. A Soul on Fire. 3284. The Fight for the 3285. A Forgotten Sin.

By Anthony Hope.

By Ernest William Hornung.
By Stanley J. Weyman.

By M. Betham-Edwards.
By Annie E. Holdsworth.
By H. G. Wells.
By Florence Marryat.
Crown. By W. E. Norris.
By Dorothea Gerard.

3286. In the Choir of Westminster Abbey. By Emma


3287. Three Partners. By Bret Harte.

3288. A Woman of Kronstadt. By Max Pemberton.

3289. The Cedar Star. By Mary E. Mann.

3290. Reminiscences. By M. Betham-Edwards. 3291. The Millionaires.

By Frank Frankfort Moore.

The Tauchnitz Edition is to be had of all Booksellers and Railway Libraries on the Continent, price M 1,60. or 2 francs per volume. A complete Catalogue of the Tauchnito Edition is att

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