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pears after his overthrow, be- SCOTCH STORIES, or rather moans himself, seeks revenge on British of the North parts. Man. The Chorus prepare re- Athirco slain by Natholochus, sistance at his first approach. At whose daughter he had ravished, last, after discourse of enmity on and this Natholochus usurping either side, he departs; whereat thereon the kingdom, seeks to. the Chorus sings of the battle, slay the kindred of Athirco, who and victory in heaven against scape him, and conspire against him and his accomplices; as be- him. He sends to a witch to fore, after the first act, was sung know the event. The witch tells a hymn of the creation. Here the messenger, that he is the again may appear Lucifer relat, man shall slay Natholochus: he ing and insulting in what he had detests it, but in his journey done to the destruction of Man. home changes his mind, and Man next, and Eve having by. performs it. Scotch Chron. Engthis time been seduced by the lish, p. 68, 69. serpent, appears confusedly co

Duffe and Donwald, a strange vered with leaves. Conscience story of witchcraft, and murder in a shape accuses him, Justice discovered and revenged. Scotch cites him to the place, whither Story, 149, &c. Jehovah called for him. In the

Haie, the Ploughman, who mean while the Chorus enter, with his two sons that were at tains the stage, and is informed plough running to the battle that by some angel the manner of his

was between the Scots and Danes fall. Here the Chorus bewails in the next field, stayed the flight Adam's fall.

Adam then and of his countrymen, renewed the Eve return, accuse one another, battle, and caused the victory, but especially Adam lays the 8c. Scotch Story, p. 155.

. blame to his wife, is stubborn in

Kenneth, who having privily his offence. Justice appears; poisoned Malcolm Duffe, that reasons with him, convinces him. his own son might succeed, is

The Chorus admonisheth Adam, slain by Fenella. Scotch Hist. and bids him beware Lucifer's

p. 157, 158, 8c. example of impenitence. The

Macbeth, beginning at the arangel is sent to banish them out rival of Malcolm at Mackduffe. of Paradise; but before causes The matter of Duncan may be to pass before his eyes in shapes a Mask of all the evils of this life expressed by the appearing of

his ghost. and world. He is humbled, relents, despairs; at last appears

MOABITIDES OR PHINEAS. Mercy, comforts him, promises the Messiah ; then calls in Faith, The Epitasis whereof may lie Hope, and Charity; instructs in the contention, first between him; he repents, gives God the the father of Zimri and Eleazer, glory, submits to his penalty, whether he [ought] to have slain The Chorus briefly concludes. his son without law: next, the Compare this with the former ambassadors of the Moabites exdraught.

postulating about Cosbi, a stran!

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ger and a noble woman slain by CHRISTUS PATIENS. Phineas. It may be argued The scene in the garden beabout reformation and punish- ginning from the coming thither ment illegal, and, as it were, till Judas betrays, and the offiby tumult: after all arguments

cers lead him away The rest driven home, then the word of by message and Chorus. His the Lord may be brought acquit- agony may receive noble exting and approving Phineas. pressions.

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-Baccare frontem
Cingite, ne vati noceat mala lingua futuro.

Virgil, Eclog. 7.

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