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• What mean'st thou, man? would'it thou unbind • The ties which constitute thy kind,

• The pleasures and the pains ?

The same Almighty Power unseen, • Who spreads the gay or folemn fcene

« To Contemplation's eye, • Fix'd ev'ry movement of the foul, • Taught ev'ry wilh it's deftin'd goal,

• And quicken'd ev'ry joy.

« He bids the tyrant passions rage, < He bids them wat eternal wage, • And combat each his foe

« Till from diffenfions concords rise,

And beauties from deformities,
• And happiness from woe.

Art thou not man, and dar'lt thou find • A bliss which leans not to mankind ?

• Prefumptuous thought and vain ! • Each bliss unshar'd is unenjoy'd ; • Each power is weak, unless employd

· Some social good to gain.

• Shall light and Made, and warmth and air, • With those exalted joys compare

Which active Virtue feels ! • When on the drags, as lawful prize, • Contempt, and Indolence, and Vice,

• At her triumphant wheels.

• As reft to labour still succeeds
• To man, whilft Virtue's glorious deeds

• Employ his toilfome day;

* This

* This fair variety of things,
• Are merely life's refreshing springs,

« To soothe him on his way.

• Enthufiaft, go! unftring thy lyre,
• In vain thou fing'ft, if none admire,

• How sweet foe'er the strain.
· And is not thy o'erflowing mind,
* Unless thou mixeft with thy kind,

• Benevolent in vain

• Enthusiast, go! try every sense; • If not thy bliss, thy excellence,

Thou yet haft learn'd to scan ; • At least thy wants, thy weakness know, . And see them all uniting low,

• That man was made for man.'






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ENGEANCE, arise from thy infernal bed,

• And pour thy tempest on his guilty head!'
Thus Heaven's decree, in thunder's found,
Shook the dark abyss profound.
The unchain'd Furies come!
Pale Melancholy stalks from hell :
Th'abortive offspring of her womb,
Despair and Anguish, round her yell.

By sleepless terror Saul possess’d,
Deep feels the fiend within his tortur'd break.
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Midnight spectres round him howl:

Before his eyes.

In troops they rise;
And seas of horror overwhelm his foul.

· Hafte! to Jeffe's son repair ;

• He best can sweep the lyre,
· Wake the solemn-sounding air,

• And lead the vocal choir :
• On every string foft-breathing raptures. dwell,
« To soothe the throbbings of the troubled breaft;
• Whose magick voice can bid the tides of passion fwell,

• Or lull the raging storm to reft:'

Sunk on his couch, and loathing day,

The heaven-forsaken monarch lay:
To the fad couch the shepherd now drew near;

And, while th' obedient choir ftood round,
Prepar'd to catch the foul-commanding found,

He dropp'd a generous tear.
*Thy pitying aid, O God, impart
• For lo, thy poison'd arrows drink his heart!'

The mighty song from Chaos rose :
Around his throne the formless atoms sleep,
And drowzy darkness broods upon the deep.

• Confufion, wake!
Bid the realms of Chaos shake !

« Rouze him from his dread repose !
Hark! loud Discord breaks her chain":
The hostile atoms clash with deafʼning roar ;
Her hoarse voice thunders thro' the drear domain,
And kindles every element to warmio

« Tumult cease!...
" Sink to peace !
Let there be light!”4_th' Almighty said :


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< And lo, the radiant fun,. Ligtor:
• Flaming from his orient bed,
• His endless course begun !

ใ น. . . :
• See, the twinkling Pleïads rise:
Thy ftar, Orion, reddens in the skies;

• While flow around the northern plain,
« Arcturus wheels his nightly wane.'


m Thy glories, too, refulgent moon, he sung; Thy mystick mazes, and thy changeful ray:

0, faireft of the starry throng!
• Thy folemn orb of light

« Guides the triumphant car of Night, «O'er silver clouds, and fheds a softer day!

:101090!“ Ye planets, and each circling constellation, • In fongs harmonious tell your generation ! « Oh! while yon radiant seraph turns the spheres, And on the stedfast pole-ftar Atands fublime;

? Wheel your rounds.

To heavenly sounds, « And soothe his fong-enchanted ears

• With your celestial chime.'

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In dumb surprize the lift'ning monarch lay ;
(His woe suspended by fweet Musick's sway ;)
And awe-ftruck, with uplifted eye,
Mus'd on the new-born wonders of the sky.

• Lead the soothing verse along;
• He feels, he feels the power of song!

• Ocean haftens to his bed ; « The lab'ring mountain rears his rock-encumber'd head:

« Down bis fteep and shaggy side,
· The torrent rolls his thundering tide


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· Then smooth and clear, along the fertile plain
• Winds his majestick waters to the distant main.

« Flocks and herds the hills adorn;

· The lark, high soaring, hails the morn.
• And while along yon crimfon-clouded steep
• The flow fun steals into the golden deep,

· Hark! the folemn nightingale

· Warbles to the woodland dale.
• See, descending angels shower

• Heaven's own bliss on Eden's bower :
« Peace on Nature's lap reposes ;
• Pleasure strews her guiltless roses ;

Joys divine in circles move,

« Link'd with Innocence and Love.
• Hail, happy Love, with Innocence combin'd!
• All hail, ye linless parents of mankind!.

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They paus'd the monarch, prostrate on his bed,

Submiffive, bow'd his head'; .

Ador'd the works of boundless power Divine :
Then, anguish-struck, he cry'd, fard Imote his breaft)

• Why, why is Peace the wetcome guest
. Of ev'ry heart but mine!...139 14,

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• Now let the folemn numbers Aow,... 29
• Till he feel that guilt is woes

Heavenly harp, in mournful ftrain,
• O'er yon weeping bower complain :-
• What sounds of bitter pangs I hear !

• What lamentations wound mine eàr!
. In vain, devoted pair, thefe tears ye fed ;
« Peace with Innocence is Aed:

i &
• The meffengers of Grace depart;

• Death glares, and shakes the dreadful dart !
• Ah, whither fly ye, by yourselves abhorr'd,
re' To Thun that frowning cherub's fiery sword!

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