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missed the employment I now hold. titious gems dragged to the public Very well, said the Chief Justice,', tribunal. then I have thought of a method to The Emperor, after hearing the fet all this matter right ;. do you charge, and examining the proofs, cause the most valuable of your ef. adjudged him to be exposed to a lifects to be brought into your inner on; and the people, ever greedy of apartment, and, as soon as they are blood, ran in crouds to behold the läfe, let the outward part of your execution. When he came into the palace be set on-fire : the Governor, area of the den of lions, he was place as it is his duty, will be forced to ed in the centre by himself. The come to your allistance; as soon as guards withdrew, the people gazed, he appears, deliver him the cabinet and the trembling" wretch, overin which the feal was placed ; if it whelmed with horror, stood expectwas he who caused it to be stolen, ing his fate. 'On a sudden a door he will be glad to restore it, and at opened, and out canze a cock; which all events the blame will lie at his after two or three ftrides, fell to door, not yours.' The Intendant

The Intendant crowing and clapping his wings; instantly pursued his friend's scheme; inmediately followed a cryer, who the fire drew the Governor thither, made open proclamation in the fol. as they expected; the cabinet was lowing terms : « Behold, O Rodelivered to him in a seeming fright; mans, the justice

mans, the justice of your Emperor ! and the next day, when the danger This man, who made no conscience was over, the Intendant fending for of deceiving in his trade, is now de. it again, found the seal replaced ; ceived himself.” for the Governor, finding himself oyer-reached, wisely compounded, TWO Sachems of the western by thus returning the feal, for the Indians, in making a tour to Philafraud he had committed in procura delphia, dined at the house of a gening it. Thus the calmness of the cleman of fortune, amidst a fplendid Chief Justice proved a remedy, circle ; and observing mustard upon where a man of* fuperior parts, but the table, one of them, without fufwithout equanimity, would have re- pecting the consequence, took a ligned every hope, and abandoned spoonful at once into his mouth, himself to despair.

which foon caused the tears to run

plentifully down his rugged counte. EMPEROR GALLIENUS.

nance ; but collecting himself in a IT seems there were in his days, moment, and perhaps no lefs defirous as well as the present, traders to conceal his ignorance than to see who valued money more than prob- his companion caught in the fame ity, and thought large gains might mariner, when asked by his brother atone for the most iniquitous fraud. Sachem the cause of his crying, reA man of this stamp, who deale plied without hesitation, that it was in jewels, found means to be in caused by reflecting upon the goodtroduced to the Emprefs, and fold nefs of his father, who was Nain in her a set of stones, rich in thew, but battle. This answer appeated fatis of little value ; being in reality, no factory to the inquisitive Chief, while better than coloured glass. Thiş the rest of the company, out of ten Graud, though concerted with imag- derness to these unrefined 'fotis of nainable address, was by some means ture, could only, witir the utmoft dilcoyered, and the merchant of ficó exertions, restrain themselves from



which was

sold to

post, which went off two days before you open the letter, and don't open

open laughter. From this moment, I can't tell which : but be that as it the one who had learned by experi- will, as soon as he breathed his laft, ence the qualities of mustard, kept the doctors gave over all hopes of his eye constantly on his tawny broth. his recovery. er of the wilderness, until at length

I need not tell you

any thing about he enjoyed the fuperlative pleasure of his age, for you will know that in beholding him take a spoonful into December next he would have been his mouth in the same manner he had twenty-five years old, lacking ten just done himself, and which was months, and had he lived till then, productive of the same effect. The he would have been just six months former now, in his turn requested of dead. His property now devolves his stern companion the reason of his to his next of kin, who all died some fhedding, tears, and was answered, time ago,; so that I expect it will be with Indian readiness and wit, “ Be- divided between us; and


know eause you were 110t killed when


his property was something very code father was."

fiderable ; for he had a fine estate,


his debts, and LETTER FROM PAT. OWEN's the remainder he loft on a horse-race;

AUNT IN IRELAND, TO HIM, IN but it was the opinion of every body AMERICA.

at the time, that he would have won Dear Nephew,


if the horse he run against I HAVE not written to you since had not been too fast for him. I my.

last before now, because as we never saw a man, and the doctors all had moved from our former place of said so, that observed directions and living, and I did not know where a took medicine better than he did. letter would find you ; but I now He said he had as lief drink gruel with pleasure take my pen to inform as wine, if it only had the same taste, you of the melancholy news of the and would as soon take jalup as eat very sudden death of your only live beef-steak, if it had the same relish? ing uncle Kilpatrick, who died very But, poor soul! he will never eat or suddenly last week after a lingering drink more. And now you have illness of five months. The poor not a single living relation in the man was in violent convulsions the world, except myself and your two whole time of his fickness, laying cousins, who were killed in the last perfectly quiet and speechless, all the I can't dwell on this mourn. while talking incoherently, and call- ful subject, and shall seal, my letter ing for water, I had no opportunity with black fealing-wax, and put og of informing you of his death foon- it your uncle's coat of arms So I er, except, I had wrote you by last beg you not to break the feal when he died, and then you would have it till three or four days after you postage to pay: I am at a loss to receive it, by which time you will be tell what his death was occafioned prepared for the sorrowful tidings, by; but I fear it was brought on by When you come to this place, stop,

for he was pever and do not read any more till my well ten days together, during the next.

Your affectionate Aunt, whole time of his confinement; and

PEG. OWEN. I believe his lickness was occafioned by his eating too much of rabbits, or P. S. Don't write 'me again till pease and gravy stuffed with rabbits, you receive this.



his last lich

Lickness ;

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A POOR widow, some days since that the snilling be liad given was the attending Exeter market for the pur- King's money, and that the other, chase of a bufel of wheat, by her by receiving it, was virtually enlisttale of distress so far operated on the ed. However weak the pretence, feelings of a farmer from Credeton the farmer, to get released from inis Parish, that he agreed to sell her the sembarrassment, gladly paid the smartarticle in question at a snilling below money, and let the widow have the the current price, provided that the corn at her own price. went for it to his house on the fol. lowing day. The poor woman read AN upstart lady, in one of our ily affented, and went accordingly; midland countries, in conversation but the other, in the interim, repent- lately before a large company, said, ed his promise, and refused to part" she thought there were but three with his corn under the market classes of people, viz. the gentry, the price. She had not money fufficient middling kind of people, the ferfor the purchase, and was returning vants and vulgar: in short,”, says to her hungry infants, weary, disap- she, “ China, Delf and Crockery.pointed, and in tears, when she was A fervant, who was waiting in the met by a recruiting serjeant of the room at the time, upon being orderneighbourhood. He heard her tale, ed by the above lady to call down and promising to advance the file the nurse and the child, went to the ling, easily persuaded her to go back. bottom of the stairs, and, loud enough The farmer, on meeting his price, to be heard by the company, called delivered the wheat, but on pocket- out, “ Crockery, bring down little ing the cash, the ferjeant declared, China."



THE FASHIONABLE REVIEW. No. III. WHY ceas’d the playful Muse in May Sweet passenger, what fad extremes of appear

fate Why dropt her pen, as fell the damsel's tear? E’en humble wax, in human form, await! Why not through Cornhill glance her What throngs of belles and milliners deeagle eyes,

plore To catch the newest fassions as they rise ? Thy long, long absence from our destin'd Long has she look'd, but look'd as long in fhöre,

And curse thy capture by that ruffian Twice seen the moon to full, and twice to band,

That's spread a dearth of fashions o'er the Twice seen this rambler through th' eclip


When starve the bees in innovation's hive, Still constant to her nature's law, to change ; Caprice may languish, while a nation thrive. And strange to tell, has seen the fickle fair, Though facire's arrows in the quiver sleep, In nature's fpite, continue as they were,

The Muse of satire has no cause to weep: Since expectation tiptoe stood to hail She least of all can folly's reign endure, The waving pendant, and the spreading Nor probes a wound, but where she means

fail, Bid the Minerva welcome to our view, To order, taste, and virtue; ever true, And take from Madam Doll the fashion's Those old tried friends the fears to change

for new



tic range,

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to cure,


While there are men by innovation live, Such the vile plottings, venerabie Sage, Dreads, most of all, “ fuch shinge as they That damn to all posterity this age; would give.”..

An age, which yet thy, hardy virtues The Muse no longer can her filence keep, shame, Since dinners lull our CEXTINELS to sleep. The steady landmarks on the road to fame, Say, who beholds not, with indignant hate, To whose fair temple thou hast waik'e The spreading rage for nyovelty in state?

erects See brooding fa&ion's bufy craftsmen stop This all the crime, for which it can reAt each retailing politician's fnop !

: -ject (For politicians, well as truant boys, The darling object of its former choice, New playthings please ; but most election Or turn from praise, to calumný its voice. toys,)

This, too, was thy čompatriot Franklin's Declare how wildomn has from Adanis fled,

crime, And plac'd her cap on Pinckney's pliant ; Whose name shall yet survive the wreck head;

of time, Teach how to make the servile tools,of Though Vandal tage on fame and science tools;

frown, Tur last year's Solomons to future foois ; And tear Coumbia's garlands from her Place virtue's garland on ambition's brow, .. And make thole traitors, who are patriots :: Hereafter who will ever dare be great,

Or' plant their laurels in a poison'd state? seseo

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For the Sixth Anniversary of the Maffachusetts Charitable Fire Society.


[Boston, May, 1800.] WHERE'ER in life's broad path we Sweet Charity! celestial maid, tread,

Thou nurse of worth, with balmy aid, The shafts of ambúfhed fate are fpread: Come to relieve the good distreit, What wary prudence can defy,

And in another's joy be blest.
Or from Misfortune's arrow fly?
The fondest dreams of wealth and power

From lofty affluence' dull display
Arise, and perish, in an hour;

The modest fufferer turns away, The pirate plunders on the deep;

Thy dewy eye and melting heart The bolts of Jove regardless sleep.

Alone can foothe affection's smart. The sudden flame with horrid glare.

The soul is worthy fortune's smiles Strikes trembling crouds with dumb. des.. That merit of a grief beguiles, pair;

With look benign difpels the figh,
Devouring billon's wrap the dome,

And mantling tear of sorrow's eyè.
Of nuptial joy's delighted home.
The helpless widow sees her all

Misfortune's various forms combine
In the refustless torrent fall :

To make the milder virtues shine, And from her weeping orphans torn, The lovely Charity to show, Through busy tumult flies forlorn.. Whose soft hand draws the sting of wo.

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AGAINST SHAVING. SHR HRINK,pretty maid,from rougherman; His new-reap'd chin, 'hind stuff'd cravat. Wonder how Delia loves him!

Dares boldly vie in deekness ::: Delia will tell you how she can,

Delia so wise, cries, CAVEATSince Delia's corne's proves him.

I hate this female weakness.


Man, gratiny Nature made to brave

The stornis of life's rough season;
Then why should man'gainst nature shave

His chin and head of reason?

If female smoothness footh'd me most,

I'm sure I'd never feel yo;
But female smoothness cannot boast

A charm for lovely DELIA.

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"DEAR Poets, why so full of pain, No“ sighs disturb’d old ocean's bed,"

Why so much grief for Doctor Ben? No “ Nature wept” for Franklin dead!
Love for your tribe I never had,
Nor wrote three stanzas, good or bad.

That day, on which I left the coast,

A beggar-man was also loft :
At funerals, sometimes, grief appears.

If “ Nature wept,” you must agree
Where legacies have purchas'd tears : She wept for himmas well as me.
"Tis nonsense to be fad for nought ;

There's reason even in telling lies
From me you never gain'd a groat.

In such profusion of her “fighs"
To better trades I turn'd my views, She was too sparing of a tear
And never meddled with the muse;

In Carolha all was clear :
Great things I did for rising States,
And kept the lightning from some pates

And if there fell some snow and fleet,

Why must it be my winding Sheet ?
This grand discovery, you adore it,

Snows long have cloth'd the wintry plain,
But ne'er will be the better for it :

Have melted, and will melt again.
You still are subject to those fires,
For poets' houses have no spires.

Poets, I pray you, go to school

Dame Nature is not quite a fool;
Philosophers are fam'd for pride;

When to the dust great men she brings,
But, pray, be modcfiwhen I died Make ber do- fome uncommon things.



LET come in gtog place their delight,

When worn with toil, or vext with care,
O'er bottled porter waste the night,

Let Susan but this draught prepare,
Or fip the rosy wine :

And I forget my pain.
A dish of tea more pleases me,

This magic bowl revives the fonl;
Yields softer joys, provokes less noise, With gentlest sway bids care be gay;
And breeds no base design.

Nor mounts, to cloud the brain. From China's groves, this present brought, If learned men the truth would speak, Enlivens every power of thought,

They prize it far beyond their Greek,
Rigs many a fhip for sea :

More fond attention pay;
Old maids it warms, young widows ehärms; No HEBREW root so well can fuit ;
And ladies' men, not one in ten

More quickly taught, lefs dearly bought,
But courts them for their TEA.


ftudied twice a day. When throbbing pains affail my head, This leaf, from distant regions (prung, And dullness o'er my brain is spread,

Puts life into the female tongue,
(The muse no longer kind)

And aids the cause of love.
A single fip dispels the hyp:

Such power has tea o'er bond and free;
To chace the gloom fresh 1pirits come, Which priests admire, delights the squire,
The food-side of the mind.

And Galen's fons approve.

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