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church—“Even so, come, Lord Jesus!” you in the higher relation of church Now, as members of the New Church, brotherhood. For within all life, indiwe are assured that we are living in the vidual, social, and natural, is the life times of the Lord's Second Coming. If which the church gives, and wbich is this were the suitable occasion, or it to bring them all into heavenly unity. were necessary to do so, we could offer Allusion has been made to the Exhibi. very satisfactory reasons for this belief. tion. I was struck with the great truth This Coming, we also knew, was not in which it presents that every human person, but in spirit; and that the product in it is a brief biography of clouds in which He would appear denote some portion of the life of its maker. the letter of the Word of God. It would Correspondence seemed to be brought seem, therefore, as if the Lord, by His out on a grander scale than ever before secret influence through the sinful in its relation to human thought. No world, was asserting this truth by the New Churchman can look through the very men who were in His providence Exhibition but he must see that the whole diffusing to the nations the very chariot building is a grand picture of corresponin which He was to ride. But, con- dences. If we could trace the formation nected with the acknowledgment of this of the objects up through the cunning time of the Lord's Second Coming were finge which made them, along the lines many important reflections. The Lord's of the nerves to the brain and the mind First Coming was for the elevation and of the producers, we should see love, and enlightenmentof the church. It brought wisdom, and operative energy sending life and immortality to light. It pro- down their wonderful powers to those vided for a spiritual worship, and cunning fingers, and making all those brought heaven nearer to earth. Now, forms of use and beauty a perfect his. reasoning from the analogy of this tory of themselves. But there is to be advent, we must conclude that the a grander exhibition than this, when all Second Coming will also be for the the nations shall bring their products, benefit of the church. It will give a not so much as the triumphs of inteldeeper insight into the Word of God. ligence as the tribute of praise to the It will give truer and wiser conceptions Creator, and of love to one another; but of Christian doctrine; and it will pro- that is still in the future. In such an vide for the setting up of the church in exhibition the blue firmament will be the glory in which she is described by the only dome that shall rise in beauty the prophets. In this advent all, there- above it, while the whole earth shall fore, were interested, and each might be its foundation, and every nation & join in the prayer-“Even so, come, section in the glorious brotherhood of Lord Jesus!”

humanity; and then shall all nations The Chairman next introduced Mr. sing the grand anthem—“The kingdoms WESTALL, who said that he was present of this world are become the kingdoms as the messenger of the New Church of our Lord, and of His Christ; and He Convention in America. He came to shall reign for ever and ever.” The express the warm feelings of the hearts Exhibition was an effect of the Last of the brethren in America to them, in Judgment. Before that took place it that holy cause which knows no divisions could not have been held. It was the of ocean or of earthly geography in its blossom and the fruitage of that judgsympathies and its blessings. The meet- ment. Before 1757 the steam engine ing would be happy to learn that the was a poor pumping machine. Step by last Convention had been the largest step the improvements in machinery ever held in America. On the Sabbath and manufactures had taken place, until the morning service was delayed for a at length the comforts of the cottage quarter of an hour, to bring in seats for exceeded what was formerly accessible the large congregation then assembled, in the palaces of kings; and all this prowhile at the sacramental service in the gress has relation to the descent of the afternoon there were 561 communicants. Holy City, which is your square, having It will be pleasant to you to know this; justice in it, and life flowing from it to it is pleasant to me to tell you of it, and bless the nations, with its streets of be with you, and join in your services transparent gold, transparent with the as a brother to you, though a stranger purity of the lives of those who shall to many in outward things, yet one with walk therein. In conclusion, he could assure the meeting that the hearts of lence; and the military were called out, New Churchmen in America beat in and the people shot at. Contrast the unison with their own in their desires character of the two periods. Heaven and efforts to bring forth and learn the in these latter times has descended more Word, with the great principles of love fully, and influenced the bearing of unto God and love to the neighbour. happy circumstances with greater resig

The Rev. Mr. RENDELL was the next nation. This good is from the Lord speaker. Charity, he said, was the and His church. There is no good but leading principle of the Church, guiding what comes from these. The church is us from earth to heaven. It is a prin- the Lord's heaven upon earth. Every ciple of every-day life which we are good which is in the church is from called on calmly to exercise. From the Him more or less directly; and this first moment of the day we are to be church, like the temple of old, is influenced by it. We are to remember builded by means of stone upon stone, it in our morning prayer, when we ask made ready béfore it is brought thither,the Lord to guide us through the day. made ready by the Master Builder in tbe At the breakfast table there is constant grand truths of His holy Word. It is occasion to manifest it in the kindliness from thence that we are to learn the and courtesy of Christian demeanour principles of charity,--that is the source and deportment. In the family through- of all permanent information, an influout the day, and by the head of the ence upon this great excellence of our family, who is called into the city or the church ; let us then at all times learn world to engage in the busy transactions to perform the duty. of life, it must never be forgotten. How Dr. TAFEL: The subject involved the many are the occasions in which all are great end of usefulness-How did we called upon to remember it, and seek to come to this end? We answered in the be influenced by an enlightened love of words of the messenger of the Lord it. But there are large general forms “We must shun evils as sins against the of charity occasionally demanding our Lord; we must remove evil from our attention; one of which was strongly hearts." We must examine them in the impressed on his mind by the circum- light of what we read in the Word. We stances of the place from which he must be purified; so far as we are not came. In the large population of Preston purified, heavenly principles cannot des(90,000) every fourth person was assisted cend into us, and we may be useful to by “relief.” The last report was that others, but not before the Lord, but 23,000 were so provided for. Who can from self. It was most necessary that reflect on this fact and not find in it we should know the end of life. Heaven an important duty for the exercise of and hell were from it; we learn this charity owing towards those who are so end by experience. The Lord teaches painfully circumstanced? Charity to- us this end. He instructs us that there wards those who are thus unhappily is only one way into heaven, which is suffering, requires the tenderest mani. the keeping of His commandments. The festation. There has been occasion for commandment of justice is no exception. its exercise in the form of affectionate Other commandments say-Thou shalt advice, encouragement, and pecuniary not do. These are kept by degrees as the assistance, and in numerous other ways. heart becomes purified. In our daily But the sufferings have been sustained practice of the commandments, the Lord with marked resignation. An inner idea makes us more useful. He fills us with has prevailed, that some providential heaven, and with the disposition and the agencies were at work, governing those power to live a heavenly life. things for men's ultimate welfare. Not Mr. GRINDON commenced with expressa case of disorder arising from those ing his satisfaction at meeting so many suffering has taken place during the friends. Allusion had kindly been made last six months. There have been in. to his literary efforts, and by other fluences at work from on high inducing speakers to the Exhibition. He also a respect for order. Twenty years ago had been there, and on the previous day, this would not have been the case under to refresh himself, into the beautiful similar circumstances. That time was grounds and conservatories known to also a time of suffering, but then it was most of them as Kew Gardens, where attended with excitement and turbu. he had many of the great truths and principles he had dwelt upon in his hell. There was a correspondence be. writings most pleasingly illustrated, at tween all things of the church and of the same time that his thoughts were the world of nature. A dead stillness by anticipation with the meeting of to- was often observed before a storm. The night. In Kew Gardens we see around New Church had been for some time in us most of those noble productions of this state of stillness. There had been botanical nature which are referred to a spiritual lethargy hanging over the in the Word of God,—the palm-tree, the cburch at present, which it seemed imcedar, tbe fir, the olive, and the myrtle, possible to shake off. The attendance and every one of them forms a fine living at worship had been thin and irregular, lesson in its nature and aspect, shewing and the affairs of the church neglected. in their peculiarities their fitness as These things had, to his mind, presaged representatives of spiritual things. It a storm, a harbinger of which had apwas a great privilege to the inhabitants peared in a little cloud in a Dr. Brindley, of London, and especially to the members In conversation with a friend, he had of the New Church resident there, to be been informed that there were elements able to instruct their minds in the form at work in the Church of England, and character of these trees, since the which were likely to concentrate themmost eloquent expositions of a “corres- selves on the New Church. We are a pondence” were vain if we had not a small body. Swedenborg was himself clear idea of the natural object involved distinguished by the most quiet and inin it. It was grand to observe these offensive life. Whence then is this comillustrious exotics striving, every one of motion ? There are other bodies of them, to become all that its nature was Christians of larger extent, whose procapable of becoming, and teaching, in ceedings do not cause the same excitethat simple expression of energy, what ment which are made by us.

When we is our own duty, as well as means to reflect on them, we must feel the great highest enjoyment. They strove as long truth expressed by the prophecy respectas they could, but for want of bright ing the woman clothed with the suntropical sunshine, many were unable to “ The dragon is come down to you, accomplish the noble ends for which having great wrath, because he knoweth they were adapted, shewing that warmth, that he hath but a short time.” These such as they enjoyed in sufficiency, and ebullitions are evidences of changes representing affection, was inadequate in the spiritual world. The dragon, without light or truth to direct it. Mr. removed from the regions he has occuGrindon concluded the subject with an pied in the spiritual world, pours his earnest appeal to all teachers of New vengeance on the spirits nearest the Church doctrines, to qualify themselves, earth, and through them excites by the study of simple and popular hostility against the church. Every science, to point out the wonderful storm is succeeded by a calm. It beauty and practical value of a know- comes when the Lord says “ Peace, be ledge of correspondences.

still.” The uses of the storm is to teach Rev. W. WOODMAN, who had entered us our own weakness, and lead us to a few minutes before, was introduced by acknowledge the Lord's all-sufficient a pleasant allusion to his absence. He power. There is one canon of the New said he might commence his address by Church which is a key to all her doca reference to the engagement which had trines and teachings. This is—“ All detained him from the meeting. He religion has relation to life, and the life had that afternoon received a placard of religion is to do good." New Church from Bolton, issued by the redoubtable people were accused of acting inconDr. Brindley against the New Church, sistently, and of being better than their and making special allusions to himself, doctrines. The accusation was the rewhich he thought it necessary to answer verse of truth; they were not as good with as little delay as possible. The as their doctrines. Take the canon he object was not war, but peace. Peace had cited and apply it to the religious and calm came after storm and tempest. life. “All religion has relation to life.” Mental peace was from the new influ. It would deepen and elevate this life, ences which were then brought to bear and give it practical direction and power, upon us. Influx of an opposite kind Those who accept this canon, and hoseomed at present to be flowing in from nestly strive to carry it out, will find it give birth to a religion of purity, of perity, both in heaven and on earth. fruitfulness, of usefulness, culminating Charity is the essence of genuine reliin all the excellencies of the Christian gion; it the life of doing good. There character. There is not a principle of is but one life proceeding from God in action in the whole range of duty which the universe of being; it is an influx of is not brought under its influence. the same life throughout the vegetable Every great system has certain simple and animal creation,-in men, in angels, principles. What principle can be more and in demons. Whence, then, is the simple, more universal, or more prac- difference which we perceive? Not in tical tban this? It is the polar star to the life itself, but in the indefinite reciguide the conduct of the members of pient forms. In reference to man, all the church. Apply it to the services of the variety of its qualities and all its the Sabbath, which are to give strength activities result from the diversified to the character, and to bring forth the forms of its reception by the human angel in the man. There is nothing, race. External charity and an outward indeed, to which it will not apply, and profession of religion are nothing unless no duty it will not strengthen and under the influence of internal heavenly improve.

life,—the life of love in the will, and Rev. E. MADELEY gave warm express thence the life of wisdom in the undersion to his satisfaction on meeting and standing. Such do not seek to perform addressing so large and respectable an great things, but to manifest their reliassembly on this occasion. Where the gion in the sphere of their daily engagethoughts and affections of numbers flow ments and duties, however common or together in one heavenly sphere of trivial they may appear. These are sancharmony, there, said he, will certainly tified by the inward life which inspires be exquisite delight. Before he entered them and the spirit in which they are on the subject of the evening, he might performed. What we have to do, therebriefly refer to the remarks of his friend fore, is to look to the Lord Jesus Christ and brother, the Rev. W. Woodman. He from inward perception, in the closet of could not yield to Mr. Woodman in love our own hearts, and to enshrine Him in for the church and zeal for its welfare our in most affections. In this frame of and extension, but he thought that the mind we shall be able to resist all evil best way to defend it against the malig- and hell. Swedenborg instructs us that nant attacks of unprincipled assailants, when a man shuns evils because they was not by popular debate, but by en- are sins against God, he is resisted by deavouring, in the spirit of New Church all the infernal powers, and that he Christianity, to live down the slanders must fall in the unequal conflict unless that are uttered. They had adopted sustained and protected by Divine power, this course at Birmingham, and with which is always given to them that ask complete success, not more than six it. Thus we need not fear the shaking persons attending the last lecture of a of the boly ark, for Omnipotence upholds course delivered in that town against it. We shall then experience in all our the heavenly doctrines. This practice tribulations the fulfilment of the Lord's was also in harmony with the example promise,—“Blessed are ye when men of our blessed Lord, who, when reviled, shall revile you and persecute you, and reviled not again; when assailed, He say all manner of evil against you falsely retired to pray; and expounded all for my sake. Rejoice and be exceeding things to His disciples when alone. glad, for great is your reward in heaven.” Such was also the teaching of the Word. Opposition and detraction will, if borne At the red sea the assembled hosts of with patient resignation, be overruled Israel were exhorted to“ stand still and for our inward purification, and thus for see the salvation of God.” And the the promotion of our progress in the promise is, that “in quietness and regenerate life. We shall then find proconfidence shall be our strength.” We tection in every danger, and with the should be careful that no principle Saviour shall be able to say—"The of self-love, no desire for victory gain prince of this world cometh, but hath ascendency in our minds. The church nothing in me." can only grow and increase in life Rev. J. HYDE : Charity has been and strength from an external ground, defined by Swedenborg to be justice which is the true ground of its har- and judgment, and on this they had mony and happiness, security and pros- heard many valuable reflections. He would consider the object of charity, mine nothing, selfishness will cry out wbich was that we might attain peace. against it, and peace will be the result Peace without justice is a sham: with- of its clamour. And, above and beyond out judgment impossible. The only this, as men become more closely linked means whereby man in his hereditary together, the old maxims of selfishness state could obtain peace is victory. To become exploded. The true interests obtain victory, there must be conflict. of different countries are seen to be The road to peace, therefore, is war. identical, and to injure one nation is War was a dire necessity entailed by perceived to be a universal detriment. our fallen nature. Individually, the war Men of all peoples are being drawn togeis with the evils, into the loves of which ther by world-wide commerce, welded by we are born. Peace is the result of identical interests, opened up, in the every conquest. It is cumulative, because first place, by exterior motives of profit the war has to be renewed. Every new and gain, that they may be attracted victory adds to the great total, and the subsequently by a higher and broader peace grows deeper and deeper. Peace charity. Come through what channels, in the Representative Church was only and as the results of what causes it temporary. The Egyptians were de. may, all mankind are looking longingly stroyed at the Red Sea... A song was for this promise of peace. Every unisung, to which all responded; but this versal wish contains a prophecy of its was followed by the trials and conflicts own fulfilment. Even in the midst of of the wilderness, in which all shared. the rush and rage of war the beautiful Peace is proportioned to the conflict. vision is not altogether obscured, and The Lord did not utter “ Peace!" until the sweetly wooing voice of peace is the storm and tempest had threatened not altogether drowned. The light still to overwhelm the sinking ship,-till the bursts through the rifts of the cloud, disciples had exhausted every resource, and the whisper is heard in the depths and wearied every muscle,—till destruc- of the soul. Men fight, indeed, that tion seemed inevitable, and the arm of they may conquer a juster and a deeper flesh was utterly paralyzed, hopeless, and peace. But the hope for peace can only without help. Then He spake peace, and be so far realized as men obtain peace peace was. So with all the weary toilers within. To become the salt of the in the pilgrimage and voyage of life. A earth, we must first have salt in our. gleam of light and glow of glory burst selves. Strivers after peace, we must in upon us and voice themselves into hail every ray that betokens its dawn, song, and the darkness of trial and the every cause that shall promote its adrough winds of temptation follow hard vent, every barbinger on the edge of the upon them, to be succeeded, in their morning that shall assure us that it is turn, by the gleam and the glory once drawing nigh; and thus we can join in more. So sunshine wears away to night, the wish that deepens into a prayer, in and so night melts again into morning the words of the laureate :We are born into evil, and the only way “Oh, ye the wise who think, the wise who reign, to our deliverance is to struggle through From growing commerce loose the latest chain, conflict into conquest, and on the con

And let the fairy white-winged peace-makers ily tested rounds of battle to ascend into

To happy havens under all the sky,

And mix the seasons and the golden hours : victory, and the triumph that victory Till each man finds his own in all men's good, alone can bring. Through war was the

And all men join in holy brotherhood, hope of peace. The Exhibition told a

Breaking their mailed fleets and armed towers,

And ruling, by obeying nature's powers, story, and seemed to bespeak a promise And gathering all the fruits of peace, of war as well as of peace :

And crowned with all her flowers." “Mixt as life is mixt with pain,

Mr. BROADFIELD said he had entered The arts of war with arts of peace.” the meeting baving a promise from the In this very mingling I see a surer hope President that he should not be called of a peace that shall be more profound upon to speak. He had only one idea and permanent. Men are low, selfish, to express. We must make a sacrifice and evil

, and the only way to prevent to do good to others. If we are members war is to make war too costly and too of societies, we must make a sacrifice to unproductive for selfishness to accept serve those societies. We are taught the hazard. When war becomes so that we must lose our life that we may exhausting a process as to ruin every gain it. The life we are to lay down is one, and so unproductive as to deter- the selfish life. By laying down this life,

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