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waynscoot Tables xxvj viija—a counter xiij iiija—a Coborde xiije-thre waynscoot formes iiije--fower buffett stowles iiij one wainscoot Chayer iją vją_a payer of virgenalls xiijs iiijaone olde chayer vjd—two grene carpetts and one dresser xsix olde qwyshens Tapestarye worke x-vj green qwishons ij* — two hangings Tapestarye worke xls-one basinge wth a Ewer vj viij—ij lattinge basings iijo iiij"—ij pottell potts, ij quarte potts and Three pynt potts of puther xxa Case for glasses vja. Sum ix x

' . IN THE COUNTYNG HOUSE :-seuen scoore and fyfteine owncs of duble gylt plait at vs the ounc xxxix'fortie and sex ouncs of p'cell gylt plait at iiije vjd the ounc x' vije-Sum xlix' vijs IN THE BUTTERYE-xj puther dublers xxijo_iiij puther dyshes iiije—ix sawsers iij®—one pottell pott one quart poot one pynt poot one gill pott one buntinge poot and one puther flackett iiijs —xiijt candelsticks viij®-one olde almerye ijs vją_ij olde bord clothes and half a dosen napthkens ije vjd Sum xlviije vja. IN THE PARLER one Ireon chymney with a porr and a payer of Tonges x--one olde Cownter ije vjd_one almerye vs_two danske chysts vje—one olde chyste xijd one waynscoot longshettle iij iiijd—one waynscoot chayer x*—one olde chayer vje_v puther dublers and one latting dubler x-ij pottell potts, v quart potts, two buntinge potts wth ij lattinge lavers vs—sex olde qwishons ijo—ij say hingengs xiijs iiijd-ij trinell beddes for seru'nts wth iiij coverletts iij blanketts ij payer

harden shetts and ij mattresses x—one skonse vj Sum iij' xjø. THE NAPTHPERY-sex payer of lynnen shetts XXXS_xj codwayers xijs —one diap' table and a dresser cloth xs -iiij lynnen table clothes and ij dresser clothes xijo_iiij olde dyapr Dowells x-ij hand Towells xija—vj dyapr napthkens vijjø

Sum iij' vj. IN THE LYTLE CHAMBER aboue the buttryone old ffether bed ij coverletts ij coddes one payer of harden shetts viije --one olde beddstead wth iij olde happings one coverlett and two coddes iij®-Sum xjø. IN THE KYCHINGE

reon chymney with one payer of racks and ij spetts xxviij iiija --ij copper yetlings xvs—one lytle cawdrone vjø viijd — iiij lytle pannes vjø viija— xij brasse potts wth one lytle posnett inj-one fryinge panne xijd_one lattinge basinge viijd-xxxiiij

' of olde vessell xvij$_iij woode dublers ij fiyshe panyers ij bucketts one laddell and a fyshe skumer xx-one brack stoule vjd Sum vj' xvijo vja. IN THE CHAMBER ABOUE THE KYTCHEN—one lytle olde fyrr table withe a olde carpett xvj«-—one olde waynscoot chyst vs—a chyst with ij stand of harnes xxvjø viij.—one olde Aanders chyst xija-one fether bedd ij fusten coddes one payer of blanketis ij coverletts and one olde oversea bedd xxs-ij 1ytle fether beddes ij payer of blanketts v coverletts and iiij


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coddes xx'-iij old chystes iiijs --one basing with a Ewer ys-one garnyshe and a halff of vessell iij' xiij iiij. Sum vijl xvjo jiija. IN THE FOORE CHAMBER one Ireon chymnay x'—one counter iijs inja-one coulborde v-one presser xxs-one beddstead with a fether bedd one payer of say hingers with fleers one bolster ij fusten coddes ij coverletts and one oversea Coche bedde iij' vjø viijd-vj Tapestrye qwishons xije_iij other qwishons iżjo iïija—ij chayers ijé-one basing one ewer one charger one pottell poot one quart pott and one pynt poot x—one Carpett of tapestarye xxx-ij lytle olde carpetts ijo : Sum viij' jiijo iiija. IN THE LYTLE CHAMBER OVER THE shopp—ij fether beddes ij bolsters iiij coddes one payer of shetts ij payer of blanketts iiij coverletts and ij fleers xxx-one waynscoot chyst

Sum xxxvS. HIS APPERRELL-one gowen lyned wth fu'nes xl-one gowen lynede withe budge xiije inje-a russett gowne vs_two clocks xx-one payer of rounde hoose x&– one damaske Jackett xxs--one Taffatie Jackett xs-one satten dublett xs_one Taffatie dublett vs_one leather Jerken and one canvesse dublet iiij" —two payer of breches iij iiija. Sum vij' viij. IN THE BREWE HOUSE—one Guyle fatt one maske fatt and iij other dry hoggeshedds injs—ij laven towbs and ij other towbs xvje—one hambroughe barrell and ij halff barreles iijs -one payer of cart wheils jij ijd Sum xs viija.

IN THE PACKINGE LOFTE XV scoore skines xv!-ij old chists ijeone cowe xx-one Kyll chymnay vs—x bowles of otts xxxs. Sum xvij' xvija.


fyve pounde of white Jncle xvs-inj yerdes of yallowe sarsnatt and iïj yeardes and iij q'ters of read sarsnett at iij® the yearde xxviij.—a grosse and a halff of pynnes ix-c grosse and a halff waborne laise vje- ij payer of wooll cardes xijd-vj pax of crouck heades inje-X yeardes of lynen clothe x-vjlb of auletts vs—one dosen allem iljø -in Tacketts and elson blades ijs —one hundreth prunes xiijs_in sworde chapes iiij. — ij shoppe chists xx—ij balks and ij payer of skalies with other weights vjø viija.

The goodes at NEATHER HEWORTH viij oxen xv!— viij kyen x'—one whie of iij yere olde x—ij two yere olds xiijs iiij—ij yere olds xsij meares and one stagge iiij'—xxiij hogges iijxxiijt weathers and dynmonts iiij' xiijs injs—xliij Ewes vij' iijs iiij—iij swyne x-ij geyse and one stegg ije -a payer of longe wayne blades iijs inja-one oxe harrowe and ij horse harrowes vje—one olde sea inje_one long wayne, one cowpe waine, and one brode wayne for stones withe ali belonginge them xxvjs viija—one ploughe, inj somes one cowter and inj yockes ixs ija—ij old Beadsteads vja_one olde cawell vjij lytle coper kettell xija_ one mylke skeill inja---vij mylk bowles vj_one wonble ija-one

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old borde and ij formes xijd—one Ireon rackingcrowke xvja—ij showells and a spade viija-one fetherbedd ij blancketts. ij couerletts and a bolster with a bedstead vjøviija-one lytle Ireon chymnay ijs vj!---one olde counter one chyste one hogeshead and one barrell ijo-xj acres of wheat and rye vl x_iij bowles and a bushell of wheat xxvjø viijd—ij bowles and a bushell of rye xs. Sum liiij' xiiijs vja. It'm the lease of heworth mylne and all charges beinge borne during the said lease praysede to iiij'—the good debts that is due to the said cuthberte ellysone at the hower of his death as appearreth by p'teculers is xxxvijs iija. Debrs owen by the said cuthbert at the hour of his deathe-to his man s’unt thomas due at candlemes last for his wagge xix* vją—to two made s’unts for ther halff yeres wagge xijs—to his smythe of gaitshed vj—to Gerreard Robinson taylof x'- to Rychard clarksone m'chaunt xliiije

—to george clarksone m'chaunt lvj®—to m's Elizabeth ellyson wedowe xx—to

bedwell xliiijiij to mr Robert Anderson vi- the charge of his buryall wth other funerall expencs vl. Sum xx' xj' xj". Soma totalis clxxxvj' xix' ixd. Sum' de claryo clxvj! vij* x4.





In the name of god amen In the yeare of our lorde 1580 and in the firste day of februarie I John Ironside of houghtonn in the springe seke in body but thankes be to god of good remembrannce do make and institute this my laste will and testament in maner and fourme followinge : firste I commend my soule into the hanndes of almightie god my maker and redemer of whom I desier and truste to have pardon and remyssion for all my sinnes of his fre mercie and goodnes and not of my deserinnge but throughe the merites of Jesus Christe our sauiour My bodye I will to be buried within the churchyarde of Houghtonn and for my dispositionn of my goodes firste I bequeathe to Margaret Ironside


best horse or mare Also I bequeathe to agnas wilsonn wedowe my daughter xxx'. Also I bequeathe to Elizabethe Ironside one bronked oxe to the poore of Houghtonn parishe ij". All the residue of my goodes my debtes and legasis & my funerall expensis paiid (I

And I geve

| Grandfather of Gilbert Ironside, Bishop of Bristol, who was the father of another Gilbert Ironside, Bishop of Bristol, and afterwards of Hereford. --V. Ped. SURTEES I. 150.

geve to Robert Ironside and raufe Ironside my sonnes and to Elizabethe Ironside and margerie Ironside my doughters whom I make executoures of this my laste will and for the due performannce of the same I appointe to be overseers thereof Raufe Pendrithe and John Browne. Witnesses hereof-William Ayray -Robert robinson-John Gilpin.

THE INUENTORY of all the goodes and catle of John Ironside latelye deseasid priced by the neightboures John casson william ayray John Chiltonn Robert rutor.

Inprimis ix oxen and two stottes xvijl-one bronked oxe xx -thre kie and two stirkes iij' vjø viija -thre mares and a stagge iiij

' xiij* iiij"—one Grisseld horse xl-Xv ewes iij' – vij hogges and two toupes xviij®—two swine hogges a sewe and two piges xxiije—waine and wainger ploughe and ploug geare iij' ijexxxij acres of wheat otes and bige xxj' vjø viije—the brasse vessell xxxije—the pouder vessell and fower candlestickes xan Iron chimley withe the furnitoure vs—all maner wood geare within the house xx—the beddinge withe the furnitour in the chaumber wth thre chistes xxx-befe and bacon viij®—in clothe xlvjø viija_wheat otes and pesse in the stacgarthe vjø. Summa totalis Bonoru' lxxj' xiiijs iiijd. DEBTEs that he was owinge to Robert Ironside xjø —to Thomas Ironside xxvj®—to barbary Robinsonn xiij* iiija—to Thomas matelonn xlvjø viijd—to maister personn xxvjø viija—to Agnes wilsonn ix-for a stotte xv-to John shoulemire vije-to Thomas mathewe iiij viij—to Raufe pendrith xiijs inja_to a mortuarye xs— for funeralls xvje -- for reparationns xx. Summa' totalis debitoru' xij' xix' inja.




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