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ad quod faciendum consensit Amaneu Bertet coexecutor meus in bonis dicti Bartholomei. Magistro Guillelmo de Lacuna librum meum Biblie, ad orandum pro anima mea. Raymundo Rossen, moranti Calesii, xli. Memorandum quod de bonis Bartholomei de Albernia deliberavi domino de Kendall, filio domini capitalis, dum idem dominus de Kendall erat London., 1 marcas, ut michi videtur pro bono pacis et confirmacione bonorum predicti Bartholomei, quia predictus dominus de Kendall pretendebat se babere interesse in hujusmodi bonis; super hoc tamen non sum certus, sed dubito aliquando an pro conservacione bonorum meorum quia idem dominus de Kendall

me intendebat petere mutuo pecunias, eidem domino deliberaverim predictas 1 marcas, hinc est volo quod de bonis meis propriis distribuantur pro salute animarum predicti Bartholomei et mei ipsius 1 marce.

[Proved 13 July, 1467.]



[Luffenam, 35.] 27 Mar., 1448. Agnes Stapilton, vidua, nuper uxor Briani Stapilton, militis. Lego corpus meum sepeliendum in ecclesia Fratrum Predicatorum in civitate Eboracensi juxta sepulturam dicti Briani. Priori dicte domus v marcas. Ad distribuendum inter pauperes die sepulture mee, xxxiij s. iiij d.+ Fratribus Ordinis Augustinensis in Staunford, xs. Cuilibet quatuor Ordinum Fratrum in Lincolnia, vjs.viijd. Cuilibet domorum vocatarum Charterhouses in Anglia, xxxiij s. iiijd. Ministratori et Fratribus domus Sancti Roberti in Knasburgh, xx s. Johanni Tymble, capellano, vj s. viij d. Johanni, capellano in capella Beate Marie Magdalene in Eboraco, vj s. viij d. Johanni Witton, capellano, xiijs. iiijd. Ad distribuendum inter viginti alios capellanos, vjs. viijd. Fratri Jobanni Orre de domo Fratrum Predicatorum in Eboraco, vj s. viijd. Fratri Johanni Thurlowe, vjs. viijd. Abbatisse de Denney, unum crucifixem (sic) et unum librum de Frensshe. Monialibus de Synynghwayte, xx s., et librum meum vocatum Bonaventure. Monialibus de Arthyngton, xx s. et librum meum vocatum Prik of conscience. Monialibus de Ayssbeholt, xx s. et librum meum vocatum Chastisyng of goddeschildern. Monialibus de Nunne Monkton, xx s., et librum meum vocatum Vice and


Daughter and heiress of Sir John Godard, and widow of Sir Brian Stapleton of Carlton, who died 1417 and was buried in the Church of the Friars Preachers at York. She had a son Sir Brian, a daughter Elizabeth who married Sir William Plumpton, and a daughter Joan who married Sir William Ingleby.

| Legacies to other friars omitted,

vertues. Domine Johanne Ynggelby, filie mee, unum mantellum furratum cum menyvere, duo optima mea capucia, j barbe et j kerchief de kyrspe et j crymill' kerchief. Matilde Wadesley, sorori mee, meam optimam togam furratam cum menyvere et meam sellam cum novo apparatu. Willelmo Plumpton, militi, unum librum cum Orisons. Roberto Plumpton, filio ejusdem Willelmi, unum magnum yverycombe. Willelmo Plumpton, filio dicti Willelmi Plumpton, meum magnum psalterium. Margarete Darell unum par de tyres cum duobus paribus de edges, et unam parvam cistam coopertam cum panno operato in le stole. Isabelle Plumpton, unam latam zonam de nigro serico, garnisatam cum argento deaurato, et meam parvam murram. Agneti Plumpton, unam nigram zonam, garnisatam cum argento deaurato, unum librum de Frensshe. Elizabethe et Jobanne Plumpton unam zonam de blodio et unam zonam de nigro serico, garnisatas cum argento deaurato. Agneti Ynggelby, meum primarium cum duobus clapsis (sic). Elene Ynggelby, meum librum de Frensshe de Vita Sanctorum. Katerine Yngelby decem opera de peerle. Johanni Yngelby unum par precum de argento cum gaudeis deauratis. Isabelle Thwate unum par precum de corallo cum gaudeis de auro. Magistro Georgio Plumpton unum anulum de auro cum ij ymaginibus in eodem. Elizabethe Bekwyth unum cor de auro enameld cum blodio et nigro.

Domine Elizabethe Maudesley unam flammiolam de lawne, unam de Raynes, et duas de smal barbes, et unum anulum de auro cum ymagine Trinitatis. Facio executores

dominam Johannam Ynggelby, viduam, et Brianum Stapilton, militem, filium meum.

[Proved 1 April, 1448, by Sir Brian Stapilton, with power reserved, etc.)



[Lambeth Wills, Reg. Stafford, 170.] In Dei nomine Amen. Die Sabbati, xxviijo die mensis Decembris, A.D. moccccmoxlviij, ego Robertus Roos, miles, filius Willelmi, nuper domini de Roos, etc., compos mentis et sane memorie, condo testamentum meum in hunc modum. In primis, lego animam meam Deo Omnipotenti, Beate Marie, et omnibus Sanctis ejus, et corpus meum sepeliendum in ecclesia Beate Marie de Pipewelle, in diocesi Lincolnie; ad cujus honorem dicte ecclesie Beate Marie do et lego unam magnam crucem argenteam et deauratam, et duo candelabra argentea magna cum duobus fiolis argenteis, simul cum uno vestimento sacerdotali, diaconali, et subdiaconali, videlicet,

* Probably son of William, seventh Lord Roos of Helmsley, and Margaret Arundel; and brother of John, eighth, and Thomas, ninth Lords.


panni aurati rubei coloris. Item, lego dicte ecclesie ejusdem abbathie


celebracione missarum et observacione dierum obitus mei xxti li. Item, lego ecclesie cathedrali Cicestrensi duo torticia magna. Item, lego ecclesie Beate Marie de Suthwyk unam situlam pro aqua benedicta imponenda, videlicet, de argento, cum uno aspersorio pro eadem de argento. Item, volo ut sint xxiiijor pauperes noviter vestiti ad portandum xxiiijor luminaria de cera. Îtem, lego sacerdotibus ad celebrandum et exorandum pro salute anime mee xxx ta li. Item, lego ad distribuendum inter pauperes et pios usus vj li. xiij s. iijd. Item, lego servientibus meis, officiariis in hospicio meo secundum gradum et condiciones eorundem per discrecionem et visum executorum meorum c marcas, et volo quod feoffati mei in manerio meo de Gayton cum pertinenciis faciant statum executoribus meis ut ipsi perimpleant voluntatem et intencionem meam quo ad sustentacionem filiorum meorum. Item, volo et ordino quod omnia debita mea vera et probabilia ante omnia persolvantur. Residuum vero omnium bonorum

non legatorum volo et (sic) disponendum juxta ordinacionem executorum meorum pro missis celebrandis ac pro sustentacione et subvencione filiorum meorum, videlicet, Henrici et Johannis, et Alianore, filie mee, et in aliis piis usibus convertendum. Hujus autem presentis testamenti ordino et constituo Annam, uxorem meam, unacum aliis executoribus subscriptis, quos meos constituo executores, videlicet, Nicholaum Husey, Johannem Merbery, Robertum Wesenham, et Willelmum Austyn, armigeros. omnium testimonium huic presenti testamento meo sigillum meum apposui. Hiis testibus, domino priore prioratus Beate Marie de Suthwyke, Roberto Lathbury, armigero, et domino Johanne Clerk, capellano et multis aliis. Dat. die et anno supradictis.

[Proved 28 Jan., 1448-9, and afterwards 21 Feb., 1448–9).


In quorum

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[Lambeth Wills, Stafford, 1896.] In the name of ye Fader Son & Holy Goost, oon God in three persones.

Be it knowen to al Crysten men that these * Younger son of Michael de la Pole, second Earl of Suffolk, and Katherine, daughter of Hugh, second Earl of Stafford. He succeeded his brother, Michael, third Earl of Suffolk, who was slain at Agincourt, aged 19. He was in the French wars, and brought over Margaret of Anjou to England. He was created Marquis of Suffolk, 14 Sept., 1444, and Duke of Suffolk, 2 July, 1448. K.G. 1421. He was impeached and banished for five years, but was beheaded on his way to the Continent in a small boat, 2 May, 1450. Buried at Wingfield. He married Alice, daughter of Thomas Chaucer of Ewelme, widow of Thomas Montacute, fourth Earl of Salisbury. (See Dictionary of National Biography and Hope's Garter Plates.)

presentez shal hereafter here or see, that y, William de la pole, Duc, Marques, and Erle of Suffolk, in good hele of my body and in my good mynde ye xvij day of Janyuer, the xxvijthe yere of kynge Henry the vjte (1448–9), and of oure lord m'ccccxlviij, make my testament in the wyse that folweth. First y bequethe my soule to ye hieghnesse and mercy of Hym that made it and that so mervousely bought it with his preciouse blode, and my wretched body to be beryed in my Charterhouse at Hulle, where y wol my ymage and stone be made and the ymage of my best belored wyf by me, she to be there with me yf she lust, my said sepulture to be made by her discretion in ye said Charterhouse where she shal thinke best, in caas be yat in my dayes it be not made nor begonne; desiringe, yf it may, to lyė so as the masses that y have perpetuelly founded there for my said best beloved wyf and me may be daily songen over me.

And also ye day of my funerals, the day of my berieng, that ye charge thereof be bysette upon pore creatures to pray for me, and in no pompes nor pryde of ye world. Also y wol yat my londes and goodes be disposed after that that y have disposed them in my

last wille of ye date of these presentez, and only ordeyne my

said best beloved wyfe my sole executrice, beseching her at ye reverence of God to take ye charge upon her for the wele of my soule, for above al the erthe my singuler trust is moost in her, and y wol for her ease, yf she wol and elles nought, that she

may take unto her such on personne as she lust to name, to helpe her in yexecution yerof for her ease, to laboure under her as she wold commande hym. And last of al with the blessing of God and of me, as hertely as y can yeve it to my dere and trew son, y bequethe betwene hym and his moder love and al good accorde and yeve hym her hoolly, and for a remembraunce my gret balays to my said son. Writen and singned with myn hande and name, and sealed with ye sealle of myn armez, ye xvij day of Janyuere ye regne of kyng Henry ye Sixte, and ye yere of oure Lord abovesaid. [3 June, 1450. Commission issued to Robert Wode, bachelor of law, rector

of Ewelme, and Robert Takyll, M.A., rector of Merssh, to prove the

above will. Certificate of such proof in Ewelme Parish Church, 23 June, and grant of

administration to Alice, the relict and executrix named, under the seal of John Stokes, archdeacon of Ely, dated 30 June, 1450.]


[Wattys, 12.) Sept., 1450. Johannes Mareschall. Sep. in capella ecclesie Beate Marie in villa de Kyngeston super Hull, prope sepulturam patris mei, si me ibidem mori contigerit; si autem

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infra civitatem London., volo quod corpus meum sepeliatur infra capellam Beate Marie in Ordine Fratrum Minorum London., videlicet, prope ymaginem Beate Marie, in muro boreali ejusdem capelle. Magistris Godard et Kiry, utrique eorum, vj s. viij d., ut orent pro anima mea. Cuilibet fratri ejusdem Ordinis qui affuerit sepulture mee, iiij d.

Fabrice ecclesie Marie Magdalene, apud finem de Oldefisshestrete, xx s., ut rector vel parochialis presbiter oret pro me.

Volo quod tenementum meum in Hüll vendatur et quod duo capellani conducantur pro salario competente ad celebrandum in capella predicta in Hull, quousque moneta totaliter expendetur, pro animabus Willelmi Wylton et Agnetis, uxoris sue, progenitorum meorum, Ricardi Mareschall, patris mei et Elene, uxoris sue, matris mee, et Agnetis et Alicie, filiarum ejusdem Willelmi. Roberto Dalehouse v marcas, et unam togam penulatam. Summo altari ecclesie Marie Magdalene predicte pro decimis oblitis, xx s. Fabrice ejusdem ecclesie, xx s. Capellano parochiali ibidem, iij s. iiijd., et cuilibet capellano ejusdem ecclesie et clerico, xijd. Ad distribuendum inter pauperes parochianos, x s. Operi Sancti Pauli London., vj s. viijd. Capellanis et clericis Fraternitatis de Jesu ut celebrent prome, vj s. viijd. Magistro Bury, doctori Augustinensi, vj s. viij d. Duobus capellanis de le Charnell in cimiterio Sancti Pauli, utrique eorum, vj s. viijd. Fratribus Predicatoribus Oxonie, ut orent pro me, iij s. iiij d.* Constituo executorem meum prefatum Robertum Dalehous.

[Proved 5 Nov., 1471.]

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[Stokton, 1.] 7 May, 1454. Dominus Thomas Thruston, rector ecclesie parochialis de Rokeby. Sep. in cancello ejusdem ecclesie. Fabrice de Rokeby, xls. Domino Willelmo Bosse, x marcas et omnes libros meos et unam crumenam argenteam.

Nicholao Cawley meam rubeam togam de scarlet. Item, quatuor Ordinibus Fratrum, xx s. Johanni Howette, xx s.

Willelmo Howette, vjs. viijd. Johanni Wykus, vj s. vijd. Cuilibet filiolo meo

ovem. Laurencio Deyston, vjs. viij d. Roberto Gilberte, unam vaccam sex solidorum octo denariorum. Johanni Tubney, unam vaccam sex solidorum et octo denariorum. Residuum vero omnium bonorum meorum do domino Willelmo Bosse, capellano parochiali de Rokeby, et Thome Thruston, filio Simonis Thruston, executoribus meis.

[Proved 25 Nov., 1454, by Thomas Thruston, with power reserved, etc.]



Legacies to London Friars, etc., omitted,

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