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by her. Most certainly these symbols imply the entire destruction of this capital city.-Thus her fate will be like that of the literal Babylon, whose situation is now almost unknown, because it has been utterly destroyed. The fall of this mystical Babylon must make way to the fall of idolatry; it seems morally impossible that the one should be done without the other. And when we consider the constant mes thod of the divine Providence, which has been to include the capital in the fate of the nation condemned, as Nineveh, Baby-lon, Jerusalem, Samaria, and fome others; why Should we think it will be more favourable to Rome, the city which has been a greater and more constant enemy to the true religion, both in the Jewish and the Christian dispensations, than any

other and has tyrannized with the most horrid aggravations beyond any thing before? This Chapter puts it out of doubt, that the utter destruction of Rome is designed by the Almighty. Nevertheless as it will appear

afterwards by the nineteenth Chapter, some considerable part of the favourers of idolatry and tyranny shall still fubfift after the fall of this Babylon, and keep up the old pretensions of the beast, and falle


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Prophet, till they are destroyed by a judgment there defcribed and foretold. Bue in the mean time they shall never be able to restore Babylon to its former itate m."

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“ It appears then that this Antichristian power was to arise in the latter times of the Roman Empire, after an end should be put to the imperial power, and after the empire should be divided into ten kingdoms : and it is not only foretold when it fhould prevail, but moreover how long it should prevail. Here we cannot but obferve, that the very fame period of time is prefixed for its continuance both by Daniel and by St. John. Wonderful is the consent and harmony between these inspired writers, as in other circumstances of the Prophecy, so particularly in this. In Daniel the little horn was to wear out the saints of the Moft High, and think to change times and laws; and it is said expressly, that they Mould be given into his hand, until a time, and times, and the dividing of time; or as the same thing is expressed in another place, for a time, tiines, and a half. In the Revelation it is said of the beast, to who

Daubuz, p. 798.


in like manner it was given to make war with the saints, and to overcome them, that: power also was given unto him to continue forty and two months : and the holy city the Gentiles should tread under foot forty and two months: and the two witnesses Mould prophesy a thousand two hundred and threefcore days clothed in fackcloth: and the woman, the true church of Christ, who fled into the wilderness from persecution, should be fed and nourished there a thousand two hundred and threescore days, or as it is otherwise expressed in the same chapter, for a time, and times, and half a time. Now all these numbers you will find upon computation to be the same, and each of them to signify 1260 years. For a time is a year, and a time and times and the dividing of time, or half a time, are three


and half, and three years and a half are 42 months, and 42 months are 1260 days, and 1260 days in the Prophetic style are 1260 years. From all these dates and characters it may fairly be concluded, that the time of the church's great affliction and of the reign of Antichrist will be a period of 1260 years


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Newton, vol. iii. p. 395, 396.


The conjectures concerning the exact date of the commencement of this Antichristian power are

so numerous, that it will be prudent to wait for its end before we form a decided opinion. We have however sufficient ground to conclude positively, that from whatever remarkable era these prophetical years are dated, the pea riod of their accomplishment cannot be very remote from the present times-Fleming “ reckons that the Papal head took its rise from that memorable year 606, when Phocas did in a manner devolve the government of the West upon Boniface III. by giving him the title of supreme and universal Bishop; or in 608, when Boniface IV. did first publicly authorize idolatry, by dedicating the Pantheon to the worship of the Virgin Mary, and all saints; but he does not consider his power as established, till some years afterwards.--By Steps he hath been raised up, and by fieps must he be pulled down.—“ In the year 666, the mystical number of the beast, which Irenæus interpreted to mean the Latin Monarchy, Pope Vitalian did first ordain that all public worship should be in Latin—In 756, or 758, which was 666 years after St. John saw the vision of the


beast, according to the most probable calculation, Pope Paul I, received the exarchate of Ravenna as a donation from Peo pin, King of France, and then was his power fully established.-Bishop Newton considers the year 727 as the most probable era, for the rise of this power, as the Pope and people of Rome in that year revolted from the Exarch of Ravenna, and shook off their allegiance to the Greek Emperor ; and Sigonius observes, that in 727

- Rome and the Roman dukedom came from the Greeks to the Roman Pontiff”—The Pope then became a little horn, or fecular prince; but his power was not fully established, till he obtained the exarchate of Ravenna from Pepin, in 756, or 758. It is very remarkable, that whether we adopt Fleming's mode of calculation, and date the beginning of the 1260 prophetical years from 758, when all agree that the Papacy was fully established as a temporal, as well as spiritual power ; or whether, with Bishop Newton,

°, and according to common calculation, we consider " the beginning of the 1260 years of the reign of Antichrist, is to be dated from the year 727; their

Newton, vol. iii. p. 397.


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