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Knowing as we do, that the certainty of the result of the late United States are sincerely anx miffion to France, and upon the ious for a fair and liberal execu uncommon nature, extent and tion of the treaty of amity, aspect of the war now raging in commerce and navigation, en- Europe ; which affects materialtered into with Great Britain ; ly our relations with the powers we lears with regret that the at war, and which has changed progress of adjustment has been the condition of their colonies in interrupted by a difference of our neighbourhood ; we are of opinion among the Commission- opinion with you, that it would

We hope, however, that be neither wise nor safe to relax the justice, the moderation, and our meafures of defence, or to the obvious interests of both par- leffen any of our preparations to ties, will lead to satisfactory ex- repel aggreslion. planations, and that the businefs Our inquiries and attention will then go forward to an ami- fhall be carefully directed to the cable clofe of all differences and various other important fubjects demands between the two coun- which you have recommended to tries. We are fully persuaded our confideration ; and from our that the Legislature of the United experience of your paft adminisStates will cheerfully enable you tration, we anticipate with the to realize your affurances of per- highest confidence your strenuforming, on our part, all engage- ous co-operation in all meafures ments under our treaties, with which have a tendency to propuncțuality and the most scrupų. mote and extend our national lous good faith.

interests and happiness. When we reflect upon the un.

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WHILE the Hoưe of Repr vantages, civil and religious, resentatives contemplate the flat- which, secured under our happy tering, prospects of abundance frame of government, are confrom the labours of the people, tinued to us unimpaired; we can. by land and by fea, the prosperity not fail to offer up to a benevoof our extended commerce, not- lent Deity, our sincere thanks, withstanding interruptions occa- for these, the mercifal dispensahoned by the belligerent state of tions of his protecting provi.. a great part of the world, the re dence. turn of health, industry and trade, That any portion of the peoto those cities which have lately ple. of America, should permit been afflicted with disease, and themselves, amidst such numer. the various and inestimable ad- ous bleffings, to be feduced by


the arts and misrepresentation of which has been invariably prodesigning men into an open re

fessed and sincerely pursued by. Gitance of a law of the United the Executive authority of the States, cannot be heard without United States, a policy which deep and serious regret. Under our best interests enjoined, and a Constitution where the public of which honour has permitted burthens can only be imposed by the observance, we consider as the people themselves, for their the mott unequivocal proof of own beneft, and to promote their your inflexible perseverance in qwn objects, a hope night well the same well chofen fystem, have been indulged that the gen- your preparation to meet the firft eral interest would haye been too indications on the part of the well understood, and the general French Republic, of a dispqfiwelfare too highly prized, to tion to accommodate the existing have produced in a..y of our cit- differences between the two counizens, a difpofition to hazard so tries, by a nomination of Minifmuch felicity, by the criminal ef. ters on certain conditions, which fort of a part, to oppose, with the honour of our country un lawless violence, the will of the questionably dictated, and which whole. While we lament that its moderation had certainly depravity which could produce given it a right to prescribe. a defiance of the civil authority, When the affurances, thus reand render indispensable the aid quired of the French Governof the military force of the na- men, previous to the departure tion, real consolation is to be of our Envoys, had been giyen derived from the promptness and through their Minister of For. fidelity with which that aid was eign Relations, the direction that afforded. That zealous and ac- they should proceed on their tive co-operation with the judi- miffion, was, on your part, a cial power, of the volunteers completion of the measure, and and militia called into service, manifested the fincerity with which has restored order and which it was commenced. We submission to the laws, is a pleaf- offer up our fervent prayers ta ing evidence of the attachment of the Supreme Ruler of the Uniour fellow-citizens to their own verse for the success of their Em. free Government, and of the baffy, and that it may be productruly patriotic alacrity with which tive of peace and happiness to they will support it.

our common country. The uni. To give due effect to the civil form tenure of your conduct administration of government, and through a life useful to your felto insure a just execution of the low-citizens, and honourable to laws, are objects of such real yourself, gives a sure pledge of magnitude as to secure a proper the fincerity with which the attention to your recommenda- avowed objects of the negociation tion of a revision and amendment will be pursued on your part, and of the judiciary fyftem. we earnestly pray that similar

Highly approving, as we do, dispositions may be displayed: on the pacific and humane policy the part of France. The dif


ferences which unfortunately sub- necessary--affert its real indepenfit between the two nations, dence and fovereignty, and supcannot fail, in that eyent, to be port the constitutional energies happily terminated. To pro. and dignity of its governmentduce this end, to all so desirable, we may be perfectly sure, under firmness, moderation, and unign the smiles of Divine Providence, at home, constitute, we are per- that we tall effe&tually promote fuaded, the surest means. and extend our national interests

The character of the gentle and happiness. men you haye deputed, and still The applause of the Senate more, the character of the gov- and House of Representatives, so ernment which deputes then, are justly, bestowed upon the volunpledges to their country, that teers and miliția for their zealous nothing inconsistent with our ob- and active co-operation with the ligations of good faith or friends judicial power, which has restorfhip to any other nation, will be ed order and submission to the tipulated.

laws, as it comes with peculiar

weight and propriety from the Tuesday, Dec. 10. Legislature, cannot fail to have The hour having arrived which an extenfiveand permanent effect, the President had appointed, Mr. for the support of government, Speaker, attended by the mem- upon all those ingenuous minds, bers present, proceeded to the who receive delight from the President's house, to present him approving and animating voice of their Address in answer to his their country: Speech ; and having returned,

JOHN ADAMS. the President's reply thereto was

United States, Dec. 10, 1799. read as follows: Gentlemen of the House of Rep. The President's Reply to the Ad. , resentatives,

dress of the Senate. THIS very refpe&ful address Gentlemen of the Senate, from the representatives of the I THANK you for this adpeople of the United States, at dress. I wish you all possible their first assembly, after a fresh success and satisfaction in your election, under the frong impref- deliberations on the means which fion of the public opinion and have a tendency to promote and pational sense, at this interesting extend our national interests and and fingular crifis of our public happiness---and I affure you, that affairs, has excited my sensibility in all your measures, directed to and receives my fincere and grate- those great objects, you may, at ful acknowledgments.

all times, rely with the highest As long as we can maintain, confidence on my cordial

co-opwith harmony and affection, the eration. honour of our country,confiftently The praise of the Senate so with its peace, externally and judiciously conferred on the interpally, while that is attaina- promptitude and zeal of the $le, or in war, when that becomes troops called to fuppress the in


Dec. 23.

Dec. 19.

Dec. 24:

furrection, as it falls from so of the most illuftrious and belov. high authority, must make a deeped Personage which this couninpression, both as a terror to the try ever produced. I fympa. disobedient and an encourage. thize with you---with the nation, incnt to such as do well.

and with good men through the JOHN ADAMS. world, in the irreparable loss fulUnited Siaies, D:a 10, 1799. tained by us all.


GENERAL Marshall informed the House this day, that States sent a letter of condo

The Senate of the United the great, the good, the immor- lence to the President, by a Com; tal WASHINGTON was no more ! On receiving this af. mittee, to which he returned an flicting news, the House ima appropriate answer, and the Haufe

of Representatives voted publie mediately adjoyrnede

honours to the Father of his This day the President rati.

fied, by letter, the sorrowful
news of Gen. WASHING-

This day the President issued
TON's death, when Gen. Mar.

the following Proclamation : Shall moved the House to pay WHEREAS the Congress suitable honour to his memory;

of the United States, “ in honafter which, the House waited our of the memory of GENERon the President, in condolence AL GEORGE WASHING of the mournful event. The TON," have this day resolved, Speaker thus addressed the Pres- “That it be recommended to the ident :

people of the United States to SIR,

wear crape on the left arm, as THE Houfe of Representa- mourning, for thirty days ;" and tives, penetrated with a sense of « That the President of the the irreparable lofs sustained by Voited States be requested to the nation, by the death of that iffue a Proclamation, notifying great and good Man, the illus- to the people throughout the trious and beloved WASHING- United States, the said recomTON, wait on you, Sir, to ex mendation." press their condolence on this Now, therefore, I JOHN ADmelancholy and distrelling event. AMS, President of the United To which the President replied: States, do hereby proclaim the

same accordingly. Gentlemen of the House of Repré- . Given under my hand and the sentatives,

feal of the United States, at I RECEIVE with great re. Philadelphia, the twentyfpect and affection, the condo- (L.s.) fourth day of December, ir lence of the House of Repre the rear of our Lord, One fentatives, on the melancholy thousand leven hundred and and amicting event is the death ninety-nine, and of the Inde.


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The peo

pendence of the United States ken place in France, effected the twenty-fourth.

principally by the spirit and firmJOHN ADAMS. ness of Buonaparte. By the President,

At the last dates, the “ Pow TIMOTHY PICKERINC, ers that be" in France, were dis Sec'ry of States gesting a New Constitution for

discussion. The outlines of it (The further proceedings of wete faid to have been traced : Congress on this unhappy event, -The Bxecutive is to have at together with Mrs. WASHING- its head, a “Grand Ele&or ;" TON's Letter to the President of under him are to be Two Conthe United States, are unavoida- fuls, disposable at the will of the bly omitted.]

Grand Elector : There is also

to be a Council of State, and sevPrincipal Legislative Occurs en Ministers. The Legislative

rences fince the mseting of the body is to be composed of two prefent Congress.

Houses—The Tribunate of 80, A BILL for the relief of Im- and the Senate of 220 members, prisoned Debtors.

chosen for five years. A new Census Bill to enume. ple are not to have the immedirate the present number of In ate choice of any of them; and habitants in the United States. only 5000 are to be eligible to

A Bill for preserving Peace be elected by a Constitutional with the Indians.

Jury. Mr. Nicholas's Motion for Summary of the Revolutioni. disbanding the National Army, was negatived by a majoricy of


Nov.18. THE following is a A Recommendation from both summary of facts relative to the Houses to the People of the late overturn in France :---On United States to assemble on the the morning of the oth of No22d day of February, to testify vember, the Committee of Intheir grief for the death of the spectors of the Council of ArIllustrious GENERALGEORGE cients presented a Report, in WASHINGTON.

which they faid that there were

alarming symptoms, and that the EUROPEAN POLITICS. country was in danger; they pro

posed therefore to remove the SitTHE last fix weeks has teeme tings of the Legislature to St. ed with events of the highest im- Cloud, and to entrust the safety portance ; and notwithstanding of the National Representation the confederacy against France to Gen. Buonaparte. The prophas been weakened by misun- ofition was instantly adopted. derstanding among the allied By the Constitution, the Council powers, and consequent disasters, of Ancients possess the power of yet has her own internal discord removing the Sittings of the Lemore than counterbalanced the gislature from Paris. On the partial victories of her armies. 10th, both Councils met at St. Another Resolution has ta. Cloud.


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