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Though wide the briars infest the ground,
And the sharp-pointed thorns around

Defy a tender hand;
6 A dreadful warrior shall appear
With iron arms, and massy spear,

And tear them from their place:
Touch'd with the lightning of his ire,
At once they kindle into fire,

And vanish in the blaze.

CCCLXVI. A Military O'de. Psalm cxlix. Probably composed by David, to be sung when his Army was marching

out to War against the Remnunt of the devoted Nations of Canaan, and first went up in solemn Procession to the House of God at Jerusalem, there, as it were, to consecrate the Arms, which he put into their Hands. The Beds referred to, Ver. 5, where probably the Couches, on which they lay at the Banquet attending their Şucrifices; which gives a noble Sense to a Passage, on any other In

terpretation hardly intelligible.
1 OPRAISE ye the Lord, prepare a new song,

And let all his saints in full consort join:
Ye tribes all assemble the feast to prolong,

In solemn procession with music divine. 2 () Israel, in him that made thee rejoice;

Let all Zion's sons exult in their King;
While to martial dances you join a glad voice,

Your lutes, harps and timbrels in harmony bring. 3 The Lord in his saints still finds his delight;

Salvation from him the meek shall adorn;
They well may be joyful, sustain’d by his might,

And crown’d by his favour may lift up their horn. 4 Let carpets be spread, and banquets prepar'd

Those altars around, whence incense ascends;
Whilst anthems of glory through Salem are heard,

And God, whom we worship, indulgerit attends. 5 Then as your hearts bound with music and wine,

Inspir'd by the God, who reigns in the place:
Unsheath all your weapons, and bright let them shine,
And brandish your faulchions, while chaunting his

6 Then march to the field ; the heathen defy ;

And scatter his wrath on nations around:
Like angels of vengeance your swords lift on high,

And boast that Jehovah commissions the wound. 7 Their generals subdued your triumphs shall grace,

And loaded with chains their kings shall be brought;

On the necks shall ye trample of Canaan's proud race,

And all their last remnant for slaughter be sought. 8 No rage of your own such rigour demands;

A sentence divine your arms must fulfil:
Of old He this vengeance consign’d to your hands,

And in sacred volumes recorded his will.
9 This honour, ye saints, appointed for you,

All-grateful receive, and faithful obey;
And, while this dread pleasure resistless ye do,
Still make his high praises the song of the day.

CCCLXVII. For the Thanksgiving-Day for the Peace, April 25, 1749,
1 NOW let our songs address the God of peace,

Who bids the tumult of the battle cease:
The pointed spears to pruning-hooks he bends,

And the broad fanlchion in the plow-share ends.
His powerful word unites contending nations

In kind einbrace, and friendly salutations. 2

Britain, adore the guardian of thy state;
Who, high on his celestial throne elate,
Still watchful o'er thy safety and repose,

Frown'd on the counsels of thy haughtiest foes;
Thy coast secur'd from every dire invasion

Of fire and sword and spreading desolation,
3 When rebel-bands with desperate madness join'd,

He wafted o'er deliverance with his wind;
Drove back the tide, that delug'd half our land,

And curb'd their fury with his mightier hand:
Till dreadful slaughter, and the last confusion

Taught those audacious sinners their delusion. 4 He gave our fleets to triumph o'er the main,

And scatter terrors 'cross wide ocean's plain :
Opposing leaders trembled at the sight,

Nor found their safety in the attempted fight;
Taught by their bonds, how vainly they pretended

Those to distress, whom Israel's God defended.
5 Fierce storms were summon’d up in Britain's aid,

And meagre famine hostile lands o'erspread;
By sufferings bow'd their conquests they release,

Nor scorn the overtures of equal peace:
Contending powers congratulate the blessing,

Joint hymns of gratitude to heaven addressing. 6 While we beneath our vines and fig-trees sit, Or thus within thy sacred temple meet,

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Accept, great God, the tribute of our song,

And all the mercies of this day prolong. Then spread thy peaceful word through every nation, That all the earth may hail thy great salvation. CCCLXVIII. The Blessing pronounced upon Israel by the Priests.

Numbers vi. 24-27.

1 GUARDIAN of Israel, source of peace,

Who hast ordain'd thy priests to bless,
Shine forth as our propitious Lord,

And verify thy servants' word.
2 Let thy own power defend us still

Through all the year from every ill;
And let the splendor of thy face

Cheer all its bright or gloomy days.
3 Thy countenance our souls would see,

For all our joys unite in thee;
And peace still waits at thy command

To calm our hearts, and bless our land.
4 Hear, while thy priests address their vows,

And scatter blessings through thy house;
And, while they fall, may Israel raise

Its pious songs of ardent praise.
CCCLXIX. A Hymn for a Fast-Day in Time of War. Deuteronomy

xxiii. 9.
i GREAT God of heaven and nature, rise,

And hear our loud united cries :
See Britain bow before thy face

Through all her coasts, and seek thy grace.
2 No arm of flesh we make our trust;

Nor sword, nor horse, nor ships we boast:
Thine is the land, and thine the main,

And human force and skill is vain.
3 Our guilt might draw thy vengeance down

On every shore, on every town;
But view us, Lord, with pitying eye,

And lay thy lifted thunder by.
4 Forgive the follies of our times,

And purge our land from all its crimes;
Reform'd and deck'd with grace divine,

Let princes, priests and people shine.
5 0) may no God-provoking sin
Through all our camps and navies reign;

No foul reproach, to drive from thence

Our surest glory and defence.
6 So shall our God delight to bless,

And crown our arms with wide success :
Our foes shall dread Jehovah's sword,
And conquering Britain shout the Lord.

CCCLXX. Jubez's Prayer recommended to Youth. i Chronicles

iv. 9, 10.
I THOU God of Jabez, hear,

While we intreat thy grace,
And borrow that expressive prayer,

With which he sought thy face.
2 " () that the Lord indeed

“Would me bis servant bless,
“ From every evil shield my head,

“And crown my paths with peace!
3 “By his Almighty hand

My helper and my guide,
“ Till, with his saints in Canaan's land,

My portion he divide.”
4 Thus pious Jabez pray'd,

While God inclin'd his ear;
And all, by whom this suit is made,

Shall find the blessing near.
5 Ye youths, your vows combine,

With loud united voice ;
So shall your heads with honour shine,

And all your hearts rejoice!

CCCLXXI. Manasseh's Affliction, Penitence and Restoration.

2 Chronicles xxxiii. 10–12.
I GOD of Manasseh, wilt thou scorn

To own that humble name,
While sinners, so remote as we,

Thy grace to him proclaim?
2 High rais'd on Judah's throne he seem'd,

That hell in him might reign;
And taught thy sacred name to know

Its honours to profane.
3 Yet thou the royal wretch didst view

With pity in thine eyes:
How strange a cure thy mercy wrought!

How wondrous, yet how wise!

4 Caught in the thorns by hostile hands,

The captive learn’d to reign;
And Babel's fetters set him free

From Satan's heavier chain,
5 From the deep dungeon where he lay,

Thou heard'st his doleful cry;
Didst raise the suppliant from the dust,

And bring salvation nigh,
6 Our souls, deprav'd and bard like his,

May grace exert its power!
And they shall bless the wholesome smart,

That works the sovereign cure.

CCCLXXII. A Church seeking Direction from God in the Choice of a

Pastor. Ezra viji. 21.
I SHEPHERD of Israel, bend thine ear,

Thy servants' groans indulgent hear!
Perplex'd, distress'd, to thee we cry,

And seek the guidance of thine eye.
2 Thy comprehensive view surveys

Our wandering paths, our trackless ways;
Send forth, O Lord, thy truth and light,

To guide our doubtful footsteps right.
3 With longing eyes, behold, we wait

In suppliant crowds at mercy's gate:
Our drooping hearts, () God, sustain !

Shall Israel seek thy face in vain ?
4 O Lord, in ways of peace return,

Nor let thy flock neglected mourn;
May our blest eyes a shepherd see,

Dear to our souls, and dear to thee!
5 Fed by his care, our tongues shall raise

A cheerful tribute to thy praise;
Our children learn the grateful song,
And theirs the cheerful notes prolong.

CCCLXXIII. Divine Condemnation deprecated, and Instruction de

sired, by the Aflicted." Job x. 2.
"REMENDOUS Judge, before thy bar,

What human creature can be clear?
An arm so strong, an eye so pure,

Who can escape, or who endure?
2 " Do not condemn us, Lord,” we cry,

As trembling in the dust we lie;
But, while with grief our guilt we own,
Let smiling mercy take the throne.

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