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Commonwealth of.
Mississippi Historical Society.


City of.
St. Louis.

Missouri Historical Society.

American Philosophical Society.
Missouri State Historical Society. Congregation Mikve Israel.

Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania. General Association of Congrega- Indian Rights Association. tional Churches.

New England Society of PennsylConcord.

vania. New Hampshire Historical Society. Pennsylvania Historical Society. Exeter.

Union League Club of PhiladelPhillips Exeter Academy.


Ruode Island.
Dartmouth College.

State of.

State of.

Public Library.

Rhode Island Historical Society.
New Jersey Historical Society. South CAROLINA.

Princeton University.

City of.

South Carolina Historical Society.
Vineland Historical and Antiqua- Rock Hill.
rian Society.

Winthrop Normal and Industrial New YORK.

State Library.


Buffalo Historical Society.

Diocese of Vermont.

University of Vermont.
Cornell University.

Mohonk, Lake.

Vermont Historical Society.
Lake Mohonk Conference.

New York.

Commonwealth of.
American Geographical Society. Mount Vernon.
New England Society of New York. Mount Vernon Ladies' Association
New York Genealogical and Bio-

of the Union.
graphical Society.

New York Historical Society.

Virginia Historical Society.
New York Hospital.

New York Public Library.

United States Brewers' Association. Wisconsin Historical Society.

Union College.


North Carolina Historical Com- Dominion of.

Literary and Historical Society of Оно.

Quebec. Cincinnati.

Niagara Historical Society. Historical and Philosophical Soci. Nova Scotia Historical Society. ety of Ohio.

Province of Ontario. Society of Colonial Wars.

GREAT BRITAIN. Sons of the Revolution.

Royal Historical Society. Columbus.

Royal Society of Northern AntiquaOhio State Archæological and His- ries. torical Society.

Society of Antiquaries of London. Oberlin.

Suffolk Institute of Archæology and Oberlin College.

Natural History. OKLAHOMA.

HOLLAND. Oklahoma City.

Commission for Historical PublicaOklahoma Historical Society.


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Samuel Swett Green.
Dominion of

Evarts Boutell Greene.

William Prescott Greenlaw.
Imperial Russian Historical Society. Frank Warren Hackett.

Harper and Brothers.
Società di Storia Patria per la Sicilia Charles Henry Hart.

David Heald,

Almon Danforth Hodges, Jr.
University of Geneva.

Archibald Murray Howe.

Gaillard Hunt.
Republic of

David Russell Jack.
Horace Mortimer Jackson.

John Franklin Jameson.

Mrs. Helen (Lincoln) Jordan.

George Kimball.
William Abbatt.

Lincoln Newton Kinnicutt.
William F. Adams.

Albert Edward Lake.
James Newell Arnold.

Arthur Crawford Lake.
Francis J. Audet.

Miss Caroline Turnbull Lawrence.
Henry Moore Baker.

Arthur H. Lea.
Ray Stannard Baker.

John Thomas Lee.
Simeon Eben Baldwin.

George Emery Littlefield.
Jonathan Franklin Bancroft.

Duc de Loubat.
James Lenox Banks.

Joseph Wheelock Lund.
Everett Hosmer Barney.

R. Burnham Moffat.
William Beer.

James H. Moon.
Robert Bird.

Clarence Bloomfield Moore.
William Keeney Bixby.

J. H. Morse.
Edward William Bok.

William Augustus Mowry.
Charles Borgeaud.

William Nelson.
Samuel Ingersoll Briant.

Alfred Baylies Page.
Edwin Howard Brigham.

Pearl Hildreth Parker.
Addison Brown.

Olcott (). Partridge.
Francis Henry Brown.

Stephen Denison Peet.
Mrs. John ('rosby Brown.

Andrew James Peters.
Henry Lewis Bullen.

J. E. Purdy & Co.
Miss Ellen Mudge Burrill.

Edward Kennard Rand.
Carlos Gilman Calkins.

Sidney Smith Rider.
Charles Carroll Carpenter.

A. Howard Ritter.
Henry W. Cary.

Mrs. Edwin Melville Roberts. Seth C. Cary.

Mrs. William B. Rogers. Herbert Newton Casson.

Charles Winthrop Sawyer. Alfred Dupont Chandler.

Edward Shailer Sears. William Eaton Chandler.

Miss Elizabeth S. Sewall. Charles Augustus Chase.

Miss Henrietta Dana Skinner. Henry Melville Chase.

Frank Smith. John Nelson Cole.

James Alfred Spalding. Henry Winchester Cunningham. Edwin Augustus Start. Miss Elizabeth Ellery Dana.

Anson Phelps Stokes. Charles Edward Davis, Jr.

W. Straley. Gherardi Davis.

Baron Kogoro Takahira. Nicholas Darnell Davis.

Charles Henry Taylor, Jr. Mrs. Robert Weeks De Forest.

Gates Phillips Thruston.
Franklin Bowditch Dexter.

Charles Wesley Tibbetts.
Richard Henry Winslow Dwight. Anson Titus.
Eugene Francis Fay.

Trustees of the George F. Hoar Me Charles Harding Firth.

morial Fund. Lucie Marie Gardner.

John Henry Turner, James Freeman Dana Garfield.

W. G. A. Turner. Nathan Goold.

Julius Herbert Tuttle. William E. Gould.

William Scott Wadsworth. Estate of Mrs. Asa Gray.

Horace Everett Ware.


William Babcock Weeden.
Miss Emma Finney Welch.
Edmund March Wheelwright.
Andrew Dickson White.
Herbert Upham Williams.
Charles Woodberry.
Charles Jeptha Hill Woodbury.
Nicholas Worth.


Edward H. Hall.
Albert B. Hart.
Thomas Wentworth Higginson.
Edward F. Johnson.
William C. Lane.
Thomas L. Livermore.
Henry Cabot Lodge.
John D. Long.
Albert Matthews.
Edwin D. Mead.
Thomas Minns.
Grenville H. Norcross.
Frederic W. Putnam.
James Ford Rhodes.
Franklin B. Sanborn.
Samuel S. Shaw.
George Sheldon.
Charles C. Smith.
Lindsay Swift.
William R. Thayer.
Barrett Wendell.

Charles Francis Adams.
Charles K. Bolton.
Charles P. Bowditch.
Edward Channing.
Andrew McFarland Davis.
William Endicott.
Worthington C. Ford.
George A. Gordon.
Samuel A. Green.
Charles P. Greenough.



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tain Lewis, 237–241. on Dr. Green's fifty years of mem-Adams, Samuel,

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Adams Academy, Quincy, 417, 421.

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