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their best expressions at command; dauger of life should not have re. and he was master of the best words strained? He died ; but he was preand phrases in his language on that pared to die. Assuredly no uneasiness and most other topics. He was natu- assailed him but such as might arise rally irascible, but principle and habit from a necessary consciousness of the had enabled him to subdue the quick- irreparable buss that must be sustained ness of his temper, which served only, by his domestic circle, by his neighin process of time, to give animation bourhood, and by his Christian conto his zeal and exertion in the cause nexion, when he could no longer of benevolence and truth. He was, benefit them by bis substance, by his on this account, calm and collected, example, by his instructions and instanding like a huge column secure fluence. against the tempests that raged around After thus describing the life and him. With such a man in the midst sphere of action of this “friend to our of them, it may be, at least faintly, nation," who has done more than conceived what gladness and triumph“ build us a synagogue," and the reigned amongst his brethren, when manner in which he discharged the they had succeeded in forming them. part he had to act on a theatre of most selves into a religious body, when they extensive usefulness, which it requires saw the first temples expressly devoted sone knowledge of the maumers of to the service of ihe true God erected, his country fully to appreciate, there the first that had any prospect of per- is no need of enlarging on his chamanence; when, for the first time, racter. It was marked by simplicity, they went up to the house of God and modesty, great comprehensiveness of called upon his name. They forgot intellect, the most correct moral purity the hubbub which, for mauy months, and unwearied benevolence. This had resounded through the country. benevolence was exerted towards all, They grasped the hands of one ano- but towards none more than towards ther: they sung praise to the Most ministers, and towards young men Iligh with loud shouts : they looked preparing for the ministry, many of the devotion and gladness that dwelled whom, on reading this account, will in their hearts: they partook of the recollect their own most essential oblitokens of remembrance of Christ, as gations to him for tender interest in if they had known him in the “ days their welfare and for substantial serof his flesh.” The sons of Jacob went vices. They will join with the writer, not up with more unbounded exulta- who takes this opportunity of acknow. tation to the temple of the Lord at ledging services from him more than Jerusalem, where dwelled the glory fraternal

, in bedewing his grave with of the Lord. As long as the blood tears of sincere esteem and affection. shall continue to flow in the veins of “A prince and a great man is this day the present writer, and till the heart fallen in Israel." shall cease to throb, the remembrance No apology is deemed vecessary for of that day will not be effaced. thus dwelling on the excellencies of

No considerable event in the reli- D.J. Rees. He was not an obscure gious life of D. J. Rees seems to have man. Though unambitious of disoccurred in the latter part of his life, tinction, he employed a very high except at the very close of his career. order of talents to the best purposes, Ever prompt to succour distress, for till by doing good " he found it fame." which he had a truly compassionate To the Unitariaus in London he was feeling, vo sooner did a inalignant kpowe by reputation, though I have fever appear among his poor neigh. observed that he has, at times, beci bours, than he flew to their assistance. brought into notice with evident reNot content with supplying them luctance. Let the Unitarians shew from his moderate means, he visited such another man, and he will have them, he spoke to them the words of equal justice done to his memory: consolation, and, alas for them and for. Who would not live as he did, and the world, the haunts of misery con- who would not die bis death? The tained contagion which communicated character of his Unitarianism especially to the good Samaritan himself a mortal deserves imitation. He adopted his disease! Why did distance preclude principles because he considered them the offices of friendship which the as a part of the træk. His zeal was

for the truth, which he promoted understood to be large. Having no from the most benevolent and enlarged children, he employed his substance views, as necessary to the virtue and in doing good, in which his discrimi. happiness of mankind. “ Go ye, and nation was truly admirable, and in do likewise." His age was from fifty which the extent of his largesses was to sixty. His fortune, with great measured by the extent of his ability. opportunities for its increase, is not London, Dee. 9, 1817. C. LL.



Warwick Fellowship Fund. Removals amongst Unitarian
SIR, Warwick, Dec. 12, 1817.

Ministers. I Am desired by the friends of a Fellow- Mr. JOHN PLATTS has removed from ship Fund lately established in our society, Boston, Lincolnsbire, where he was for to request the favour of an insertion of the many years minister over the Unitarian following rules, with a hope that it will congregation which he raised in that town, stimulate others to follow the example. to DONCASTER in Yorkshire. Your obedient servant,

J. ASH. The Unitarian Baptist Congregation, of Warwick Unitarian Fellowship Fund.

Wisbeach, have invited Mr. Neil WALKER, At a meeting of persons friendly to the formerly of Glasgow and Dundee, and establishment of a Fellowship Fund, on

who was a short time in the Unitarian the plan adopted at Birmingham, London, Academy, under the patronage of the Uni. Manchester, Exefer, and other places, belá tarian Fund, to succeed the late Mr. Winin the Vestry Room of the High-Street der, as their pastor.. Chapel, Detober 27th, 1817, The Rev. W. FIELD in the Chair.

Clapton, Dec. 29, 1817. 1. That its object be, besides assisting

I am sorry to be obliged to request your to defray the expense of supporting di leave to inform the subscribers to Dr. vine worship in this place, to furnish' Priestley's Works, that the Third Volume annual subscriptions to the Unitarian aca

cannot possibly be delivered, as proposed, demies, to afford occasional contributions

the 31st instant. It will however be to small and indigent congregations, and ready for delivery, at Mr. Eaton's, No. 187, to promote generally the diffusion of those High-Holborn, on January 15th, great principles of religious truth which,

The disappointment has been occasioned as it appears to us, were taught by Christ by the size to which I bave been obliged and his apostles.

to extend the volume for the purpose of 2. That the Fund be supplied by sub-connecting the subjects in the most conscriptions of one shilling per quarter, to be venient form, and to the much longer paid in advance.

oceupation of time than I expected in as3. That an annual general meeting be certaining the authorities to which the held in the month of October, at which author has referred, and in a careful cortíme a President, Treasurer, Collector, and

rection of the numerous quotations. Committee, shall be chosen.

I cannot help adding my request, that 4. That the Committee shall consist of the subscribers who have not yet received the President, Treasurer, and six other

their volumes, would send for them to Mr. persons, to be chosen at the annual meet

Eaton's, and order payment of their suba ing, of whom five shall be competent to scriptions, as I have before taken the liberact.

ty to suggest. Should any friend to my 5. That the meetings of the Committee design have any letters or information shall be quarterly, and shall be open to

which they may choose to communicate, I every subscriber.

must request their immediate assistance, 6. That in cases that may require it, a

as I purpose, if possible, to deliver the special meeting may be called.

first volume, comprehending the biogra. 7. That the Rey Mr. Field be request. In the earlier part of the ensuing year.

phy and correspondence of Dr Priestley, ed to accept the office of President. 8. That Mr. Brown be appointed Trea

The fourth volume, containing the Dissurer, and Mr. Ash Collector.

cussion with Dr. Price-The letters to 9. That the following persons be chosen various Opponents Dr. Priestley's Col. members of the Committee : viz. Messrs. lins's Enquiry, and the Letters to a PhiloArmstrong, Clarke, Dowler Gill, Holland, ready for delivery at the end of February.

sophical Unbeliever will, I expect, be and Sansome. WILLIAM FIELD, CHAIRMAN.

1. T. RUTT,

On the Death of the Princess Charlotte.

The Lament of the Emerald Isle. By

Sermons. Charles Phillips, Esq. ls.

At the Meeting-House in Monkweli. The authentic Statement of the Case of Street, Nov.9, 1817, being the First SunH. R. H. the late Princess Charlotte of day after lamented Death, &c. Ву Wales, with Prefatory and Concluding James Lindsay, D. D. 8vo. Observations, 2s. 6d.

The Disappointment of Human Hopes: A Wreath for the Urn, an Elegy. By at the New Meeting-House, in Birmingham, Miss Stockdale. Is, 6d.

Wednesday, Nov. 19. By John Kentish. Monody on the Death of H. R. H. In the Cathedral Church of Chester, By Sir Roger Gresley, Bart. Is.

Nov. 23, the Sunday after the Interment The Bridal of the Isles; a Mask. The By G. H. Law, D. D. Lord Bisbop of second edition. To which is added, The Chester. ls. 6d. Blighted Hope, a Monody on the Death of In the Parish Church of St. Mary, H. Ř. H. By Charles Knight. (With a Islington, Nov. 16. By Jerome Alley, A. B. View of Claremont.) 4s.

Curate. 2s. Tributary Lipes to the Memory of H. R. In the Parish Church of St. Mary-leH. By the Author of a Poetical Epistle Bone, on the 19th of Nov. By Bryant to Lord Byron. Is. 6d.

Burgess, M. A. A Biographical View of the Life and Ai Saler's Hall, and Plaistow. By H. Death of our late amiable Princess. From Lacey. Is. 6d. the most authentic sources, accompanied Reasons why Protestant Dissenters lawith undoubted documents. Printed for ment the Death, &c, at Eagle-Street MeetBooth, Duke Street, Portland Place. . 8vo. ing. By Joseph Ivimey. 18. 12s.

The Trophies of Death, at the New Road The Death of our Lady in Child-Bed :'a Chapel, Nov. 16. By Andrew Reed. Ballad Effusion. 60.

1s, 6d. “ I have set God always before me." The Tears of a Nation, at the IndepenA celebrated Anthem, first introduced into dent Chapel, Enfield, Nov. 19. By w. the Public Burial Service, (by the express Thomas. ls. 6d. command of his Majesty,) at the Funeral of At Enfield. By William Brown. Is. the late Princess Amelia, and sung also at By R. Newman, (Fevershamn). the laterment of the Princess Charlotte. Joy turned into Mourning : at Hanover Composed by the Rev. Dr. Blake. ls. Chapel, Peckham and at Salter's Hall,

Another Tear for the Tomb, &c. A London, Nov. 9, by W. B. Collyer, D.D. Scene on Lapland and the Fall of the Leaf, Is. 6d. 1817. By C. F. Bennett.

The Frailty of Human Life illustrated Elegy to the Memory of H. R. H. By and the Providential Agency of God in. Mrs. Cockle. Third edition, 4to. 2s. proved, in two Sermons, at Walworth,

Leopold's Loss, or England's Tears over Nov. 16 and 19. By George Clayton. %. the Urn of ber beloved Princess.

At the Church of All-Hallows Barking, Hone's Memoirs of Prince Leopold, with Great Tower-Street, Nov. 19. By H. G. Anecdotes of the Princess Charlotte, éd. White, A. M. 2s.

Reflections on the Death, &c. By Joba In the Parish Church of Walthamstow, Bird. 4d.

Nov. 19. By George Hughes, Curate. Is. A Critical Inquiry into the Nature and At Chatteris, on Wednesday evening, Treatment of the Case of H. R. H. By Nov. 19. By Å, Chatfield, LL.D. Vicar. Rees Price, Member of the Royal College Is. 60. of Surgeons. 3s. 6d.

At Cheltenham, Nov 19. By Thomas · Hymns occasioned by the Death, &c. Snow, Seceder from the National Establishsung at the Baptist Chapel, St. George's ment. Road, Manchester, with an Acrostic. By The Death of the Princess Improved : William Gadsby. 12mo. 3d.

at the Independent Meeting, St, Neots, Lines addressed to Prince Leopold. By Nov. 19. By T. Morell. Is. a Lady. Is.

In the Parish of Glankeen, by the Hon. Thoughts on our National Calamity: and Rev. Richard Boyle Bernard, A.M. in a Letter to a Friend in Ireland. By a Vicar of Glankeen, in the Diocese of Lady. 2s.

Casbel. ls. 60. Hatt's Epicedium on the Death of the The Warning Voice, at Charlotte-Street amiable and much-lamented Princess. Chapel, Pimlico, Nov. 19, 1817. By Third edition.

Weeden Butler, A. M. Is. 6d.





The Names and Signatures of Correspondents are distinguished by Small
Capitals or Italics : as different Correspondents have often adopted the same signalure,
some ambiguity in the references will unavoidably arise; but this is an inconvenience
necessarily attached to anonymous communications.



of all,


Alexander's Sermon on the progress
A. poetry by, 54, 110, 176, 369. On' of the gospel, extract from,

the political character of the Eng- Alexandrine text, on the, 359, 363, 392
lish Dissenters,

163 Algebra, moral, Franklin's system'of,
Abanzitt, Dr. on the state of the church

at Geneva,

711. Algerine Captive, circular on behalf
4. B.C. on miracles, 95. C, A. E.'s

reply to,

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4. C.'s account of the Southern Uni.


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Affirmation of the Quakers, on the le- pling of, 708.

First peopled by
gality of it, 585,
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Agate, Mr. anecdotes of, 523, 580 AMICUS VERITATIS on Dr. Priestley's
Agriculture, remarks on, from Ar-


mata, 143. On,

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A. L, B.'s menoir of Dr. Estlin, 573 Mr. Brabant,

Albemarle, Countess of, obituary of, Anabaptists, Mr. Robinsou on his

692. Princess Charlotte's letter to,ib. history of, 9. Turner's Triacle
Albemarle, Duchess, of, account of, against,

: 519. Original letter from Bishop Angels, Dr. Chalmers on their occu-
Compton to,
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on, 678,

Annual Monitor, extract from, 218. BAKER, Mr. his account of Mr. Vid-
ANTI-IMPOSITION on an ancient cere-

ler's stipend at Parliament Court, 357
mony on All-souls' day,

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Antiquities in Rome,

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Antiquity, discovery of a curious mo- of,

nument of,

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Anti-Trinitarians, on the early Bri- Abuse of, in the case of infants,

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Appeal for murder, on,

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Appendix to Memoir of the Rev. Jere- reply to Mr. Belsham on, 655. T.
miah Joyce,

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Aquelarre, proceedings of the witches notus Senior on,


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Old Unitarian, 393,

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Arianism, sketch of, in England, 386, at Battle, 66, 129. Kent annual
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Arian Minister's Confessions, review-

the Mennonite,


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Articles, the, on Burnet's Exposition



468 Barry, Mr. the painter, anecdote re-
Assembly, proposed general, of Dis- specting, (note).

senting Ministers,

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the Test and Corporation Acts, 458
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Trinitarian view of, ib. Unitarian Bedford's Computation of Prophetic
doctrine of, 415. Mr. Kenrick 733


Atwood's case, report of,
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Authority, origin of, 399,

402 BBLIBVÉR IN MIRACLES, A, his exami.
Auto de Fé at Logrono, narrative of

nation of Hume's objection to mira.
20 cles,

Autumn, lines on,

687 BBLSHAM, Rev. Mr.his animadversions
AWBRBY'S, Mr. account of the esta- on Dr. Magee, 81, 145. On his
blishment of a Fellowship Fund at

“ Plea for Infant Baptism," 606,

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A. X. on Josephus's account of Epa. T. G.'s reply to, 657. Ignotus Se-
phroditus, 674. Mr. Jones on, 727

Belsham's Evidences, &c. Scepticus


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the Improved Version,

227.' On the nature of,


at, 66,

nior on,


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