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From Thy all-searching, righteous eye
Our deepest heart can nothing hide;
It crieth up to Thee for peace
From eventide to eventide.

Who could endure shouldst Thou, O God,
As we deserve, forever chide !
We, therefore, seek Thy pard'ning grace
From eventide to eventide.

() may we lay to neart how swift
The years of life do onward glide;
So learn to live that we may see
Thy light at our life's eventide.

G. G.



The sun goes down, the shadows rise,

The day of God is near its close ;
The glowing orb now homeward flies

A gentle breeze foretells repose.
Lord, crown our work before the night :
In the eve let there be light.

While still in clouds the sun delays,

Let us soar up, soar up to heaven;
That love may shed its peaceful rays,

New hope unto our souls be given.
O may the parting hour be bright:
In the eve let there be light.

And when our sun of life retreats,

When evening shadows 'round us hover, Our restless heart no longer beats,

And grave-ward sinks our earthly cover, We shall behold a glorious sight: In the eve there shall be light.

G.-M. J.


Loud let the swelling anthems rise,

Let all the nations sing,
To Him who rules above the skies,

Unto the Lord, our King !
The sun, at His command,

Renewed the barren groundRich harvest decks the land,

And plenty smiles around. Praise ye the Lord, proclaim His might,

Who made our fathers free,
Who gave to us a heavenly light,

The sun of liberty.
A prosperous people hails

Its bright and genial ray,
And golden peace prevails

Wide o'er the land to-day.
Then let your hymns of thanks ascend,

To the Almighty's throne,
To whom in gratitude we bend,

Who reigns supreme alone.
Of His great mercies tell,

Whom earth and heaven adore, Let hallelujahs swell

His praise for evermore!

J. K. G.



Oh let us come God's grace with praise ex

pressing With thankfulness, His benefits confessing; Glad is the soul, the heart with joy imbued To God, when bowed in fervent gratitude.


On all our paths we knew Thy kind protec

tion, And plenty crowned the year by Thy direc

tion; Thou didst not for our sins deal punishment, In boundless yearning art Thou o'er us bent.


Rich plenteousness rewarded earnest labor, Freedom and peace encompassed friend and

neighbor; Great harvests waved in splendor o'er our

land, “Twas all the gift, Lord, of Thy gracious

Thee. Hallelujah.

Be Thou exalted for Thy grace and power, Lord, God of hosts, be e'er our strength and

tower: Receive our thanks, though faltering they be, Oh shield and guard and make us worthy

hand.” Hallelujah.

H.-I. S. M.



But as a passing guest,
My God, at Thy behest,
My life below is spent;
Mine is a moving tent,
And heavenward leads the way
O'er earth's fast fleeting day.

When time its course has run,
When tenting days are done,
Life's tabernacle feast
For me on earth has ceased,
I leave, no more to roam,
For my enduring home.

Through all my journey's length,
Oh Father, grant me strength
To live in purity;
That I prepared may be,
Led by Thy hand of love,
To enter home above.

H. I. S. M.



Seared deserts o'er,
Where dragons roar,
And myriad dangers lower;
If God but lead,
No danger heed,
Trust in Him ev'ry hour.

He lives, thy Tower,
Whose mighty power
The fearful terrors tamed;
With childlike mind
Wait thou and find,
Thou shalt not be ashamed.

My shield and stay,
O'er tangled way,
My Father, true and mild,
Reared me a tent,
In sweet content
I dwelt in deserts wild.

Be hall or cot,
My earthly lot,
'Tis as He may design.
My highest bliss,
To know is this,
His guardian care is mine.

H.-1. S. M.



Steadfastly our faith defending,

Ne’er our trust in God disown; While for truth and light contending

None shall rob us of our crown.

As the ancient heroes speeding,

Sang on their victorious way, Singing follow we their leading,

Lord, Thou art our help and stay.

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